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Why Should I Care About My Vibe? Everything You Need To Know About Energy Healing.

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Some of you may be new readers. Some of you have been with me for years. Whether you are well versed my energy lingo or new to the scene, I...

Shine On, Spread The Light

Shine On, Spread The Light
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Winter marks the dark time of year, the longest night at solstice, and a season of deep introspection. It is a time of quiet vision. It is a time to reflect on ourselves as humans, how we experience the world, as well as how we give back to it in our daily lives. Life’s metaphoric soil is now richly fertile. 

Many cultures, religions and traditions celebrate this time of year with various kinds of profound ritual. And many of those rituals share one thing in common: the lighting of candles.

Around this time and in addition to the personal rituals I honor in my home, I like to reflect on a great spirit of unconditional love and peace that lights a flame inside my mind and heart. 

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