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Sound Healing

Sound Frequency Healing Crystal Bowls

What Is Sound Healing?

Sound is tuned electromagnetic waves that interact with energy, water, matter and the eardrum activating the liquid crystals in the cell and can structure water. The sound bowls, an integral element to the Crystal Light Bed, emits a pure holographic template to correct vibrational discrepancies, rebalancing the energy body with seven musical notes. Each musical note corresponds directly to one of the seven major energy centers of the body. Sound therapy happens as each perfect pitch note, tunes and balances each center. Each energy center has a specific anatomical connection to the glands and vital organs. Negative attachments create cords that cause blockages in these centers, resulting in physical ailments.

Sound Bowl Healing

The sound bowls put the mind into an alpha to theta brainwave state. This is the state of mind achieved in meditation and deep relaxation. As each energy center is cleared, energy moves freely releasing denser, negative vibrations. It is the ultimate clearing device. "Music is the bridge between worlds." - Edgar Cayce

Sound Healing Meditation

To experience vibrational sound healing and sound healing instruments, check out Kalisa Augustine's music and meditation collection.

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