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Magnetic Therapy

What Is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy has been used by humans for healing for thousands of years. Since the discovery of Magnetite, it has been used to correct imbalances in "Qi," "prana" and life force energy.

Magnetic Therapy For Pain And Inflammation

Magnetic therapy benefits include an increase in electrical conductivity as increased ions stimulate blood stabilization. Magnetic therapy causes more oxygen to be delivered to the cell tissue, reducing swelling and pain and inducing detox on a cellular level. Magnets can aid new cell growth, as well as decrease inflammation by activating cellular metabolism. It can improve lymphatic circulation as well as provide sound sleep, especially as it offsets the destructive effects of bombarding EMFs, a type of radiation that takes the form of waves.

Magnetic Therapy For Depression

Other benefits include the stabilization of hormones in the body and the balancing of pH levels. Magnetic therapy increases energy levels through the process of "precession." Precession is the electronic transfer of energy, which is why many use magnetic therapy for depression. Magnets increase the velocity of orbiting electrons and protons, stimulating this process, which results in the welcomed benefit of increased energy levels.

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