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YOUR VIBE IS YOUR ESSENCE. It is your mojo. It speaks for you before you even walk into a room. It speaks for you when you are halfway across the world. We live in a world based on the law of attraction, meaning that like vibrations will find each other. 

By curating your vibration internally, you can change your reality externally. 

Everything is energy. And you are made of vibrations. 

A strong, healthy, flowing vibe = an enriching, powerful, glowing life. 

When you vibe high you feel good and attract miracles. 

When your energy is flowing, you feel in tune. 


Energy healing by Kalisa is a deeply transformative method of energy curation. 


Behind all matter is an energetic component. Kalisa works to heal the energetic root blockage behind physical manifestations of disharmony by opening, curating, moving and channeling energy. 

When we understand that all is energy and our highest, expanded existence is influenced by our partnership with the quantum field, we see that the curation of energetic harmony within the body and electromagnetic field enhances one's quality of life in a transparent and palpable way. 

Kalisa believes energetic purity and harmony is an immensely efficient and impactful way to live life with the utmost light, peace and joy. 

When humans have blockages in their energy field, a myriad of physical, emotional, and psychological issues can occur as an ongoing problem; from insomnia, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, weight loss, weight gain, financial issues, relationship issues, to mental disorders and addictions.

Kalisa's intensely keen sensitivities and profound ability to channel highly refined quantum energies, make for an incredibly deep, powerful and transformative healing session.  

This is an impactful way to let go of dense energy that may be holding you back, and to bring in new light. 

This process creates an alignment between the physical and non-physical elements of the body thus creating vibrational flow. 

It was Tesla who said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Kalisa's process opens, cleanses, and balances major energy centers in the electromagnetic field (the chakras). The results and benefits are amazing. It also acts as a profound energetic complement to classic western medicine. 

Kalisa is able to curate an enhanced energetic flow by incorporating reiki and ancient shamanic techniques while the client is relaxing on the crystal light table or in the comforts of their own personal home.

Kalisa also offers consultation before the session, and mentorship for energetic self care moving forward, after each energy healing session. Kalisa's wide range of knowledge in universal law, mysticism, and all things esoteric with a deeply pure connection to Spirit, angels, ascended masters, and the divine realms,  give her a profound ability to hold space for her clients. 

We take showers every day to clean our physical bodies, and yet people will often go a lifetime without cleaning their energy. 


PLEASE NOTE*** At this time Kalisa is offering remote energy sessions via Skype or Facetime. However, she is able to see and work with her client's energy templates using her Crystal Light Bed for each session in her home office. She uses scientifically cut crystals, chromotherapy and sound to transduce energy. In person Crystal Bed Sessions are only available on an exclusive basis for healing pop-ups and special events. Please contact our support team for more information on Crystal Bed Pop-Ups.  




The Crystal Light Bed incorporates different types of vibrational therapies, combined into one healing session. Vibrational therapy operates based on the principle that all matter vibrates, and has a specific frequency. 

 Crystal Bed Therapy combines the vibrational healing benefits of sound, light, colour, magnets, and Vogel cut quartz crystal to achieve electromagnetic balance. These varied therapies partnered with Kalisa's intensely keen sensitivities is like jumping head first into the "cosmic deep-end". Be prepared for transformation. 

Crystal Bed Therapy is a process of using a multi-sensual, multi-dimensional system to download data (healing energies) with the whole body while accessing a different part of your brain through inducement to the theta brainwave state. In this state, we can access wisdom and experience healing. This is an impactful way, utilizing your entire system, to let go of dense energy that may be holding you back, and to bring in new light. 



How does color therapy work? Light has the ability to penetrate deeply into the physical body energizing the skin and blood cells. Pristine LED lights and exacting frequencies that correspond with a specific color, are used to balance the seven major energy centers of the body. These energy centers often becomes corroded and blocked as we traverse the traumas of life. Color, just like sound and light, is a language of the soul, and influences our mood, emotions, flow and amount of energy in our bodies. Combined with other vibrational therapies, the client's frequency (literal rate at which that person vibrates), is raised and energy centers cleared. It has been known for eons of time that color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Color does affect one’s feelings, moods and emotions. Colors are certain wavelengths of electromagnetic energy seen through our eyes. The color we see is the part of the visual spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object. We know that when all colors join the result is white light. Therefore working with white light brings about completeness, oneness, union of all complementary parts.—



Sound is tuned electromagnetic waves that interact with energy, water, matter and the eardrum activating the liquid crystals in the cell, and can structure water. The sound bowls, an integral element to the Crystal Light Bed, emits pure holographic template to correct any vibrational discrepancies, rebalancing the energy body with seven musical notes. Each musical note, corresponds directly to one of the seven major energy centers of the body. Sound therapy happens as each perfect pitch note, tunes, and balances each center. And each energy center has a specific anatomical connection to the glands and vital organs. Negative attachments create cords that cause blockages in these centers, resulting in physical ailments. The sound bowls put the mind into an alpha to theta brainwave state. This is the state of mind achieved in meditation and deep relaxation. As each energy center is cleared, energy moves freely releasing denser, negative vibrations. It is the ultimate clearing device. "Music is the bridge between worlds." - Edgar Cayce.



The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a crystalline state of perfection and balance. When it is precisely cut to the proper geometric form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection in the vibration of love, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power and grasp of the user’s mind. Imagined thought intent is amplified. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this extremely benevolent energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. This I know to be true.

— Dr. Marcel Vogel


Crystal healing is an area of science that has been profoundly impacted by the work of Dr. Marcel Vogel. I cannot begin to describe how profound the healing properties of crystals actually are, especially when cut with specific geometric ratios that direct and amplify energies stored therein. Dr. Marcel Vogel was a leading phosphor chemist, physicist, and spiritual scientist who began conducting experiments in his teens. His work in luminescence eventually lead him to publish, Luminescence in Liquids and Solids and Their Practical Application in collaboration with Chicago University in 1943. He later became the lead research scientist at IBM from 1957 through 1984 and received 32 patents for his inventions. He was given an honorary Ph.D. for his work and research.


Dr. Vogel’s labratory work also lead to groundbreaking discoveries in the treatment of water. These early experiments lead to Dr. Emoto’s more recent study of water and the effects from directing loving thoughts. By using the crystal for the purpose of healing, you are programming the crystal to restructure the water in your body to your specific healing intentions. With these theories in place, you can set an intention for your healing that is stored in the crystal through thought and a process known as ‘igniting the crystal’. Then by making a connection with the physical body, the etheric body and the divine, the healing information is transferred. This creates the restructuring or re-patterning of the water molecules in your bloodstream....The crystals emit energy at a very high frequency and modulate to increase or decrease the life force of a living cell at a quantum energetic level. Crystals and gemstones have un-bonded surface atoms which creates interaction and movement with surrounding electron potentials, which makes them such a powerful healing tool. They electronically resonate and increase frequencies when adding color, so when employed together the energy is amplified with specific purpose relating to the practitioner’s and client’s intentions.

— Russell Forsyth, Crystal Bed Practitioner's Guide


Although they may seem like inert objects, crystals are very much alive. They’re both filled with energy, and are conduits of energy. That’s one reason why crystals are used in watches, radios, computers, and modern medical devices.

— Dr. Doreen Virtue



Magnetic therapy has been used by humans for healing for thousands of years. Since the discovery of Magnetite, it has been used to correct imbalances in "Qi", "prana" or life force energy. The benefits include an increase in electrical conductivity, as increased ions stimulate blood stabilization. Magnetic therapy causes more oxygen to be delivered to the cell tissue, reducing swelling and pain and inducing detox, on a cellular level. Magnets can aid new cell growth, as well as decrease inflammation by activating cellular metabolism. It can improve lymphatic circulation as well as provide sound sleep, especially as it offsets the destructive effects of bombarding EMFs, a type of radiation that takes the form of waves. More benefits include the stabilization of hormones in the body and the balancing of pH levels. Magnetic therapy increases energy levels through the process of "precession". Precession is the electronic transfer of energy.  Magnets increase the velocity of orbiting electrons and protons, stimulating this process, which results in the welcomed benefit increased energy levels. 



  • feeling lighter
  • healthier eating patterns
  • the sense of feeling alive
  • clarity of thought
  • the release of deep seeded emotional blocks
  • sound sleep
  • cellular restructuring of the water molecules in the physical body
  • elevated energy levels
  • decreased depression & anxiety
  • spiritual transformation
  • the falling away of physical ailments
  • the ability to more profoundly intuit one's path and life purpose
  • physical harmony 
  • a state of flow
  • decrease of paranoia
  • lifting away of stress



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