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About Energy Healing

What Is Energy Healing?

We are light beings, born of Spirit, having a brief physical experience. When we are attuned to the original source of light from whence we came, we become enlivened and animated by this brilliance and all things are possible.

The thing is, humans have a memory issue. We've actually forgotten who we are and where we come from, so we've forgotten how to take care of ourselves properly. 

Energy healing, metaphysics and lightwork help us to attune our physical beings to divine flow. We have to create containers that support healthy flowing energy and high vibrations. 

When humans become smaller by giving away personal power, our energy field can contract making us more vulnerable to absorbing energies that are not ours. 

Your energy field is your essence.  It speaks for you before you even walk into a room. It goes before you when you’re halfway across the world. 

We live in a world based on the law of attraction, meaning that like-vibrations will find each other. By curating your vibration internally, you can change your reality externally.

Why? Because everything is energy, and you are made of vibrations. 

A strong, healthy and flowing vibe will bring an enriching, powerful and glowing life. When you vibe high, you feel good and attract miracles. When your energy is flowing, you feel in tune.

Energy Therapy

Behind all matter is an energetic component. Kalisa works to heal the energetic root blockage behind physical manifestations of disharmony by opening, curating, moving and channeling energy. This is a deeply transformative method of energy curation.

When we understand that energy is everywhere and our highest, expanded existence is influenced by our partnership with the quantum field, we see that the curation of energetic harmony within the body and electromagnetic field enhances quality of life in a transparent and palpable way. 

Kalisa believes energetic purity and harmony is an immensely efficient and impactful way to live with the utmost light, peace and joy. We take showers every day to clean our physical bodies, and yet people will often go a lifetime without cleaning their energy. 

When humans have blockages in their energy field, a myriad of physical, emotional and psychological issues can occur as an ongoing problem from insomnia, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, weight loss, weight gain, financial issues, and relationship issues, to even mental disorders and addictions.

Kalisa's intensely keen sensitivities and profound ability to channel highly refined quantum energies, make for an incredibly deep, powerful and transformative healing session. Session work is an impactful way to let go of dense energy that may be holding you back and bring in new light. 

This process creates an alignment between the physical and non-physical elements of the body thus creating vibrational flow. 



Healing Energy Tools

Kalisa's process opens, cleanses and balances major energy centers in the electromagnetic field (the chakras). The results and benefits are amazing. It also acts as a profound energetic complement to classic western medicine. 

Kalisa is able to curate an enhanced energetic flow by incorporating reiki and ancient shamanic techniques while the client is relaxing on the crystal light table or in the comforts of their own personal home. If you find yourself searching for "energy healing near me", look no further than the space that you're already in.

Energy Healing Therapy With Kalisa Augustine

Consultations are offered, along with mentorship for energetic self care after each energy healing session. Kalisa's extensive knowledge in universal law, mysticism and all things esoteric along with her deeply pure connection to Spirit, angels, ascended masters and the divine realms, give her a profound ability to hold space for her clients.

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