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Creative Expansion Program

"Heal like an artist. Create Like A Healer"

- Kalisa Augustine


Artists shape mass perception. Perception shapes behavior. Behavior shows us what we are. Artists must now realize the power they have to influence and shape this world. In order to impact on higher levels, we must first reach those expanded levels of perception within ourselves; and support those higher states through upgraded self care practices and protocols. 


I offer a series of 11 in depth and deeply transformational purification experiences for creatives who want to explore and embody the power of their potential I incorporate brainspotting, vibrational medicine energy healing, as well as adjunctive therapies like Traditional Chinese Medicine counseling for integration support, supplements, and lifestyle choices.


Be prepared for change.  You may experience integration or detox symptoms through this process in the brain, body, energy, emotions and perception, however you will be fully supported in the process. 


This program is not available to the masses, though an initial intake session is available to see if we are a good fit. There will be much benefit in that two hour session despite whether or not you decide to continue working with me. 


We will decide post session, in partnership, if this is the right fit for both of us. 


The Creative Expansion Program removes traumas and unresolved issues in the way of higher inspiration. Higher inspiration comes from a fully embodied connection to Source energy. 


We develop issues with our energy; entities, cords, hooks, stagnant and leaking energy, implanted and explanted energies--- when we are not embodied. 


We do not fully embody, when we have unresolved trauma. Your brain will wire itself around the pain of your life. As the adage goes, you do not see the world the way it is, you see the world the way you are. 


What if the way you saw everything, was different? Indeed that would affect your creations. 


My work invilves trauma therapy, neuro-science, ancient wisdom, mindfulness, energy & shamanic protocols, as well as sound, color, crystal and light therapies. I have been working with and coaching creatives, both in creative industries and other industries, my entire career. I have spent my whole life learning how to move barriers in the way of my creative flow- from a brain, body, spirit, emotion, ancestral, mystical and mental perspective. Please read about the other HEALING THERAPIES to learn more. 


As previously mentioned, the first session is a two hour intake including Q&A, education, mentorship, brainspotting and vibrational medicine energy healing and a quantum purification of any artificial or synthetic external sourcing of energy affecting your clarity. I may ask you to do some homework in between our sessions. And you will have the option to work with a TCM doctor's apprentice of 10 years, and a certified Qi Gong practitioner if desired. 


Please allow for a minimum of two days processing time post-session for your brain to reach a state of coherence. 


After our first initial intake, each following session will last about an hour and a half, and less expensive. 


If we decide we are a good fit, after our first session, we will both commit to ten sessions at regular intervals no more than two weeks apart. Thereafter, clients are welcome to book on-off sessions with me. 


Pure vibration, flow, and powerful energy act as the foundational fabric interwoven into artistic creations made manifest from the realm of imagination, where all ideas are born.  


Not knowing who you really are or the power of your Light, as an artist, is like mixing paint without pigment before the first brush stroke. 


Please contact me for pricing.  


When we open a channel to Source energy, inspiration moves us. We don't have to move it. We create a vibrational space hospitable to visions, higher inspiration, and the power to magnetize a path of higher purpose. 


We are all creators. We were born of creation. We are creative. And to make anything happen, creative inspiration and synthesis of information is required to make healthy choices that support one's divine purpose. 


May THE SOURCE be with you, friend. 



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