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The Expansion Program


The Expansion Program

is a series of trauma healing sessions

designed for personal transformation. 

Brainspotting + Energy Healing + Counsel. 


The Expansion Program includes some of the newest and most innovative therapies on the planet right now for trauma management and personal growth. 


Each session incorporates counseling, brainspotting, and the same vibrational medicine energy healing my clients have been used. It's just now, they get a lot more! 


We often find ourselves trying to manage difficult energetic imbalances when we are not fully embodied into our physical selves. 


Traumatic experiences are the reason we do not fully integrate and embody. In states of inner conflict and disembodiment, it is impossible to harness the full extent of our power. 


Trauma is stored in capsule form and lives in the limbic system, sub-cortex and brain stem. I incorporate brainspotting to support my clients need to remove trauma in the way of true balance and their highest potential. I close each session with a pristine energy healing process formulated over more than a decade. I still use sound healing, crystal therapy, and color therapy in these distance sessions. 


Be prepared for change. 


Anyone can book the initial session, which lasts about 2 hours (375 / BIPOC 300) and is slightly more expensive because of the time and energy required to complete a full client intake and educate each individual on the process. 


Thereafter, if desired, we will commit to working together for a series of 6 or 10 sessions scheduled weekly. New clients must book the initial intake. Returning clients can book a single Expansion Session and decide if they would like to take on the program.  


After our first initial intake, each following session will last an hour and a half and the price is (295 / 235 BIPOC).


If you would like to purchase a package there is an option to pay weekly versus all at once. Please contact me to set up an Expansion Program series paid overtime. 


Please allow for a minimum of two days processing time post-session for your brain to reach a state of coherence and for your energy to fully integrate. 


Please contact me for any further questions about The Expansion Program.





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