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The Expansion Program


The Expansion Program

is a series of powerful healing sessions

designed for personal transformation. 

Brainspotting + Energy Healing + Counsel. 


The Expansion Program includes some of the newest and most innovative therapies on the planet right now for healing, therapy and personal growth. Expansion sessions incorporate a mindfulness and neurophysiological approach to trauma, vibrational medicine, consciousness teaching, counsel, and somatic processing. 


I offer sessions for both teens and adults. Please make sure to read over my terms, conditions, and informed consent agreement prior to booking your session. New clients will have the opportunity to sign agreements upon booking your sessions. 


TEENS: 222 / 60 MIN

ADULTS: 295 / 90 MIN



Each session incorporates counseling, brainspotting, and the same vibrational medicine energy healing my clients have been used to. It's just now, they get a lot more! 


We often find ourselves trying to manage difficult internal imbalances when we are not fully embodied into our physical selves. That means, accumulated life stress can make it difficult to be present here and now, and experience wellbeing at the same time. 


Traumatic experiences and unresolved issues, oftentimes unbeknownst to our conscious intellectual minds, are the reason we do not fully integrate and embody physically. In states of inner conflict and disembodiment, it is impossible to harness the full extent of our power. 


Unprocessed and unresolved issues from life's challenging experiences is stored in capsule form and lives in the limbic system, sub-cortex and brainstem. I incorporate brainspotting to support my clients emotional healing and somatic processing. They call it the "painbody" because pain lives in your body. Whatever is in your body is in your brain. Therefore we can target some of these unresolved issues and support the clearing out the past to meet the present with presence. Presence brings peace.

Sometimes how we store and process what we've been through can get in the way of who we wish to be, or know that we are.


I close each session with a pristine energy healing process  and incorporate vibrational therapies such as sound, color, crystal, light and vibrational resonance to further work with balancing the sensory systems of the body and being. 


Be prepared for change. 


After your first initial session, we will commit to working together until personal growth goals are complete, or a minimum commitment of 10 sessions scheduled weekly or bi-monthly. It is customary to have weekly sessions, though some people choose to have their session every other week. 


Your card is charged on the day of your session. 


Please allow for a minimum of two days processing time post-session for your brain and energy system to reach a state of coherence and body to fully integrate the transformation. 


Please contact us for any further questions about The Expansion Program.





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