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May 2 - 16

Crystal bed therapy energy healing in NYC integrates several kinds of vibrational therapies combined into one session. Kalisa utilizes the healing benefits of crystal bowl sound therapy, chromo-therapy and Vogel cut quartz crystal. These varied therapies partnered with Kalisa's intensely keen sensitivities, coaching style and shamanic energy cleansing process is like jumping into the "cosmic deep-end". Be prepared for transformation. This is an impactful way to let go of dense energy that may be holding you back, bring in new light, attract positivity, and look at life from a higher perspective. These in person sessions are booked through SB Skin where a dedicated room is set aside for Kalisa and her clients. The space is absolutely wonderful and we hope to see you there! 


Remote energy sessions are conducted by phone, Skype or Facetime in the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world. Kalisa moves through her same process, but without the crystal bed installation. Remote sessions combine coaching & shamanic energy cleansing. Prior to the energy work portion of the session, Kalisa will email you recorded music tracks of the crystal sound healing bowls to assist your meditative state. The high quality tones calm and balance the nervous and neurological systems, while she works on your energy from a distance. (Yeah, it's Jedi style). We are working with subtle energies at a quantum state and the process moves beyond Newtonian physics. In this realm, spiritual energies are not bound by time or space, but intention, partnership and connection to Source.


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