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I am so very excited to announce that I am now based in Los Angeles and will be available for in person Crystal Bed Therapy energy healing sessions in Laurel Canyon on a regular basis. 

My healing process integrates several kinds of vibrational therapies combined into one session. I utilize the healing benefits of crystal bowl sound therapy, chromo-therapy and Vogel cut quartz crystal. These varied therapies partnered with an intuitive, straight forward coaching style and Angelic energy cleansing process is like jumping into the "cosmic deep-end". Be prepared for transformation. This is an impactful way to let go of dense energy that may be holding you back, bring in new light, attract positivity, and look at life from a higher perspective.

Want to take your energy clearing to the next level? Book an infared sauna session after! 



Current Openings:

I am in the process of securing future dates and locations for NYC! If you want to be the first to know, sign up for my email newsletter.


Remote energy sessions are conducted by phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime in the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world. Remote energy clearing combines chromotherapy, crystal healing, angelic energy clearing, and intuitive guidance. We will start a by talking via phone or computer. I will send you a high quality recording of the crystal sound bowls to use later in the session. As we begin the energy portion of our work, I ignite and charge the crystal with the chromotherapy machine, directing the energy to you. As you lay down in the listening to the musical healing tones, you will feel shifts and vibrations as I begin to do the energy healing. In this realm, spiritual energies are not bound by time or space, but intention, partnership and connection to Source.


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