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Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters In The Galaxy

Who Are The Ascended Masters?

The Ascended Masters are a collective of highly advanced beings who have reached enlightenment. They have lived lives on Earth and many other realms and were able to reach spiritual realization. They are truly master teachers whose great love and deep continued work it is to support the spiritual evolution of all life. We experience these powerful beings as having both male and female incarnations, for example Jesus of Nazereth or Quan Yin. Kalisa works with Christ Consciousness and the great healer known as Jesus, among many other great teachers, when doing energy healing work. 

How To Contact Ascended Masters

Depending on the person and the context of the healing, different Ascended Masters from beyond our realm will appear to be a support in the healing process. Kalisa works with Jesus, St. Germain, Melchezediek, Mary Magdaline, Mother Mary, El Moyra, Kwan Yin, Hathors, Hilarion, Lady Nada, Kuthumi, Ra, White Buffalo Calf Woman, White Tara and more.

To learn more about contacting ascended masters, book a healing session with Kalisa Augustine.

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