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Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing Angel With Wings Looking At The Sky

Angelic Healing With Kalisa Augustine

Angels are real and an integral part of Kalisa's healing process. We can call upon these guardians any time, pray with them, and allow them into our lives. 

When we engage in a healing intention and combine vibration therapies, cleansing, and archangels-- we are in for serious transformation! 

Angel Therapy Excerpt From - THE ENERGY BOOK:

"YOU ARE NEVER ALONE- AND I MEAN IT! If you knew who walked by your side at all times, you would never be afraid. Angels are messengers of Light. They are not specific to any one religion, nor do they have egos. Angels are a part of a higher spiritual order and act as guardians of humanity. They are co-creators and helpers in any process that leads to your highest good and understanding. You might think of them as your personal spiritual assistants. 

There are many types of angels on different levels or triads of creation, so to speak. Some of you may have some resistance to the word Angel because of a particular religious association, but I would ask you to open your mind to what it actually means. You might instead liken an Angel to an archetype that exists to serve and help us in our becoming. 

From a purely energetic level and without attachment to what really is and what really isn't, let me break it down for you: angels are representative of powerful frequencies. These are very real energies that exist and operate on behalf of humanity beyond time and space as we currently understand it. 

When you invite the angelic realm into your life, you invite the miraculous. Some people experience angels as energetic forms of color and light, while others may experience visions of winged beings with halos. "

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