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Energy Healing is an alternative therapy that not only addresses energetic root blockages behind manifestations of disharmony in your physical reality, but allows one to access their highest self through the shedding and letting go of vibrations acting as a dead weight. Kalisa's process is a curation of the energy field that makes her clients feel lighter, more clear, and experience sense of higher recalibration. For highly sensitive people, visionary thinkers, eccentrics, artists, or anyone who desires to tap into and balance subtler realms of being -- Kalisa's method of energy healing is a doorway to the "more" that you've been looking for. For more about energy healing remotely or in person through Crystal Bed Therapy (she works with energy templates both in person and from afar with the crystal light bed), click here:


Kalisa holds workshops and lectures both online and in person. For more information on upcoming events, classes, and group vibe sessions check out the events page here:


Kalisa works with artists, healers, and aligned brands to create all kinds experiences filled with big magic! For PR requests, wholesale inquiries, or artistic collaborations from film, music, to multi-media installations, please send an inquiry to 

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