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Kalisa is a holistic health practitioner focused on energy healing, soul coaching, workshops, & writing. She combines vibrational therapies (chromo-therapy, crystal bowl sound healing, and therapeutic grade crystal healing), intuitive guidance, and energy healing to offer a multi-sensual, transformative, spiritual experience. 

The pillars of her teachings are expanded depth, empowerment, manifestation as art form, and the evolution of human consciousness. She uses crystal bed therapy as a spiritual technology to detoxify and purify the electromagnetic field with a shamanic approach to healing. 

Kalisa has a grounded & real world tone in her mentorship style as she encourages clients to cultivate life practices that enhance personal power, while bringing forth states of high manifestation and joyful creativity. She teaches workshops and sees individual clients both remotely and in New York City.

Kalisa has been featured in The Untitled Action Bronson Show, Vogue, WMag, New York Times, MindBodyGreen, Vice, Well + Good, Buzzfeed, HBFit, PopSugar, Marie Claire, Domino, The Numinous, Free People Blog, & The Observer. Through her work and lifestyle, Kalisa hopes to replace what is perceived as "mysticism" with knowledge. When mysticism is replaced with knowledge, fear is dispelled, and we are more open to the power of healing.



Clothes and home goods won’t change the world, but the people who buy them will.

A high vibe lifestyle is imbued with magic and energy.

We promote individual and collective empowerment & hope to spark elevated spiritual conversations by encouraging people to be the highest versions of themselves.

We believe authenticity is the new enlightenment.

We strive to highlight empowering archetypes that warrant recognition and embodiment, individually and collectively, at this pinnacle moment in the evolution of humanitarian consciousness.

All inventory is energetically blessed. Whether or not you consciously feel it, the products you purchase are full of mojo and goodness.

We want people wearing positive energy, feeling positive energy, and thinking positive thoughts.

All crystals are hand selected by Kalisa herself and brought back to our sacred holding spaces, straight from the mines. From Gaia to you, our crystals are truly treasures. 

Goods for bold. Ideas for the future.

May your lifestyle reflect your purest essence. 


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