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I am a writer, creative, thought leader and holistic health practitioner with a focus on energy healing. 

My passion is ignited by ideas weaving together creative mediums, narrative around the evolution of consciousness, and multi-sensory experiences as fluid, interrelated fields that will continue to meld in brilliant and unexpected ways in the future.

In my healing practice, one on one sessions combine vibrational medicine, intuitive guidance, and energy healing to offer a multi-sensual, transformative, spiritual experience. 

The pillars of my teachings are expanded depth, empowerment through spiritual awakening, & manifestation as an art form. My process utilizes spiritual technology to purify the electromagnetic field, while leveraging a shamanic approach to healing. I have a grounded, real world tone to my mentorship style encouraging clients to cultivate life practices that enhance personal power. I teach workshops and see individual clients in Los Angeles and New York City. You may have seen me featured in The Untitled Action Bronson Show, Vogue, WMag, The New York Times, MindBodyGreen, Vice, Well + Good, Buzzfeed, HBFit, PopSugar, Marie Claire, Domino, The Numinous, & Free People Blog.


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