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"I've always been a writer and performer in various mediums since I was a small child. One's artistry is not about what creative output looks like on paper. It's not about portfolios, or who you know, who your daddy is, or your list of accomplishments.
In the words of the late artist and songwriter from TX, Daniel Johnson, 'Some would try for fame and glory, other's like to watch the world.' 
Doesn't matter if you're working as an airline attendant, a stay at home mom, or an established performance artist. An artist heart and a philosophers mind is not something one can escape. Oftentimes the highly sensitive nature and attuned sensory intelligence inherent in the creative archetype, requires an upgraded level of self care and support that takes into consideration spiritual biology. I've spent most of my life removing barriers in the way of my true creative potential. And I am confident in my ability to help you do the same."  
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Kalisa Augustine is an experienced energy healer, creative and author offering private sessions and group workshops online. Her healing process brings her clients greater awareness, peacefulness and clarity. She combines metaphysics, art, brain science, mindfulness and energy healing in her private sessions. Kalisa has been supporting creatives, artists, philosophers, politicians, celebrities, scientists and anyone who is ready and willing to dive deep into the more of who they are. 

Releasing trauma in the brain creates spaciousness in the body and energy. This empty space now becomes hospitable to the power of vital life force, or cosmic energy. When harmonized and embodied, this energy acts is the highest form of inspiration; causes expansion through deep transformation. 

Earth needs expanded humans full of creative energy, helping to solve problems and impact the world. Kalisa's work prepares people for their higher purpose.

The foundational intentions behind her work are to elevate, inspire, and awaken the power of the human spirit through energy healing and her creative transformation programAs humanity continues to evolve, Kalisa intends to bring themes of empowerment and expansion into all future works. Her latest venture, The Energy Book, published in August 2020 with Penguin Random House UK.

Kalisa is currently pitching a docu-series, producing music as a performing artist and supporting her daughter's artistic future, as well as finishing a magic realism script for TV. 

Kalisa's work is influenced greatly by:

Dr. David Grand, PHD & developer of Brainspotting. 

Russell Forsyth, Angel Therapist, mystic & teacher in Austin, TX. 

Jean Houston, Philosopher, Scholar and teacher promoting social artistry and the power of the quantum human. 

Harold McCoy, Retired spy and energy healer, now deceased. 


Kalisa is largely self taught and continues to study: Gnostic Theology, Neurology, Psychology, Inter-dimensional Metaphysics, Shamanism, Daoism, Kundalini Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and loves to synthesize a unique amalgamations of across disciplines and bring them together in her own way. 


With professional accolades from notable actors and visual artists to global advisors and entrepreneurs, Kalisa’s soul guidance and energy healing continues to make headlines. She has been featured on television shows including “The Untitled Action Bronson Show” and “F*ck That’s Delicious,” as well as in Vogue, Bustle, The New York Times, Marie Claire, WMagazine, Buzzfeed, MindBodyGreen, Vice, Well + Good, Domino, The Numinous, The Free People Blog, BeautyBets, SportLuxe, Folk Rebellion, The Thinking Cap, HBFit and PopSugar.

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