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Virtual Energy Healing Workshop 2/16


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Join Kalisa virtually in a group healing session to move through the energy healing process live! Tune in, connect and let go! Kalisa is creating these workshops to both teach and heal in mass. The intention is to connect with each other, our higher selves, and the Archangels. Together we will create a powerful circuit assisted by divine energies to cleanse the chakras, remove hooks and cords, release any blockages in the electromagnetic field, ground the energy and bring in new light. When we are in a state of flow within ourselves, we are able to flow with the divine current of the universe. Animate the divine presence within you and know the true power of self-healing. The next level is waiting. 


You will be emailed a link to join the workshop via Zoom by 5 pm Friday 2/15. 

A recording of the workshop will be emailed to you after our session. 

Workshops will be approximately 1 1/2 hours. There is a possibility that we go over in time. This workshop will NOT last longer than 2 hours. 

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