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There is one, universal language that all life speaks. 

We are born understanding this primordial form of communication. 

It is a language so predominant that it transcends race, culture, religion, gender and often enough even species. 

And yet, sadly most are not even aware of it. Many have forgotten. 

Element to breath. Stone to tree. Human to animal. Soul to soul.

It is our first understanding of connectivity. 

No matter who you are... vibration was your first language. 

If we listen to the space between words, we will understand it. 

When we see between the lines and read between worlds, it becomes so simple. 

Peel back the layers of ego, drama, intellectual over-complication, triggers and fears, and you have a simple truth manifesting in an energetic pattern. 

Behaviors, core beliefs, habits, and emotional baggage all formulate energetic patterns in your field. The trick here is, that the energy patterns also strengthen those very same behaviors and beliefs. 

So, what comes first the chicken or the egg?

What science tells us is that energy precedes all physical manifestation. And in my personal and professional experience, when the energy is cleared as much as can be allowed given the individual's unique point in their evolutionary process, it becomes easier to manage and change one's mindset, health behaviors, habits and attitudes. 

In layman's terms, it is a hell of a lot easier to get your life on track when your energy is flowing and glowing. 

If you don't like a pattern that you are stuck in, guess what? You can change it if you're bossy and brave. 

The problem is that half the time we don't even know what our truths are. And we don't know how our energy is organizing itself in alignment with those truths to formulate in patterns that are either enhancing or blocking our lives. 

We don't even pay attention to it! 

The mistake that most people make is that they stay in their heads and try to solve the problems they face in life from the outside in instead of the inside out. 

Sure, it makes sense to "do" this or that to affect change. But it's a lot more, shall we say, masterly and everlasting, to "become" it. You become what you want to be by up-leveling your vibration and matching the frequency of that which you desire to embody. 

Everything is energy. 

Vibration is your first language. 

Energy is the source. 

When you are ready to open new doors, create a new habit, build a new version of yourself, feel the flow and glow that is your birthright, you must go to the source. 

The truth is, your energy speaks for you before you even say a word.  

And energetic patterns are organizing your reality.

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and are either repelled or attracted to people you barely know?

For example, when you see someone and just instantly want to be around them, hear what they have to say and feel you feel so good in their presence?

Why is that? What's the deal?

It is because their energy is communicating how much love and vibrancy they have cultivated in their field.

And people are attracted to light. And the world needs light right now more than ever. 

Glowing energy assist with:
  • Finding the right job. 
  • Attracting solid friendships.
  • Healing financial leaks.
  • Sleeping at night. 
  • Tapping into creativity. 
  • Feeling empowered. 
  • Letting go of toxic people and relationships. 
  • Releasing anxiety. 
  • Opening doors to new life chapters. 
  • Connecting intimately with Source. 
  • Attracting opportunities. 
  • Being a better parent, friend, lover, or boss. 
  • Cultivating compassion. 
  • Speeding physical healing. 

If you are here reading this, you are likely conscious a woman in her prime, on a journey of self-healing who seeks the extraordinary. You want to give your heart and soul to this life. You believe in the best for humanity. You believe in the best for yourself. You are creative, empathic and empowered. 

However, the conscious, modern woman is facing a lot in 2018. We have a lot to do, to stand for, to teach and to embody. 

You have elected to be here at this pinnacle moment in the evolution of human consciousness to aid that shift into what humanity will be. I know you are a warrior. And you are the ones who are meant to hold space for this moment. 

The burden can feel heavy sometimes. Trust me, I understand this more than most. 

And I am here to support you, that is my soul contract. 

Leaders need support. Women need support. And empathic women need a different kind of support not largely offered in our western culture (yet... at least).

And the last thing you need in your way is wack-ass energy causing unnecessary blocks and problems in your life. 

Your energy shall communicate that you are a leader, that you are humble, that you are strong, wise, capable and compassionate; that you are to be respected before you ever say a word. 

So, what is your energy communicating for you in this moment? Do you need some help feeling your glow, light and flow?

If you are feeling blocked, then you probably are. 

If it has been more than 6 weeks since your last session with me, it is time to clear your energy and bring in new light. 

It is time to let the wounds of your childhood be healed. It is time to let go of taking responsibility for other people's problems. It is time to disentangle your energy from that which no longer serves you. 

It is my honor and pleasure to be of service to you, the leaders ushering in a new paradigm. 

Thank you for being.

Hello You!

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