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Wild Wolves: Role Models for the Aquarian Age

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I spent some time a couple years ago writing a proposal for a book called Rewilding the Soul. Unfortunately, the project never landed, but I deeply identified with a lifelong  yearning for something more real, raw, and true. Do you ever feel a little energetically suffocated by metaphorical  plastic, as if there is an increasing lack of life in everything we humans have created? We went from hands-on analogue to a world of synthetic convenience in the span of my adult life. I am 36. It happened fast. 


I welcome warmth. Give me the original, not the copy. I want solid substance, not a hollow holograph. Beauty, or true beauty rather, is a higher octave of Truth. I suppose I always sought truth and beauty, meaning and depth. In the context of a plastic world, while seeing how easily people become seduced by a false versions of beauty and glamour, I look for true beauty and endeavor to surround myself with the energy of it. 


That being said, I have found this concept to be a consistent profundity in my life:


wild pathways lead us to those sacred places where truth becomes beauty. 


What does “wild” mean? For many it may have negative connotations and I won’t get into the “why” behind that historically/anthropologically at this time. However, for me, the word wild is connected to that which is not divorced from its original essence. It evokes a sense of ecstatic awe— organic, natural, alive, true. Untamed. Expressed. Actualized. Emancipated from control or any kind of ownership, domination. Being tame speaks to a lack of autonomy in regards to one’s life force. Wild things, are not conditioned. Wild souls, are not easily condition-able by an external party. They are strongly who and what they are. Profoundly present. Truth alone. Instinct only. Wild things live in accordance with nature’s principles, intuition and knowing.  There is no bullshit in the way of their being or existence, except for the dangerous artifice inherent in human creation.  


If we do not protect wild things, wild animals, wild places— we will have lost Earthly reference points to truth. 


Finding majestic places in nature is a big deal to me. My friends know I tend to take cross country drives alone, or the occasional road trip, with a pen and notebook, finding excuses to get lost in wild places. Frequency free. Noiseless. Willingly abandoned by modern mayhem’s vacuousness. I like to walk wild in my silent truth. Truth is peace and it is freedom. 


So, here is the tie in with wolves… I’ve had an eye on the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone since 1995. I was just a kid, but I remember. Wolves were on the endangered species list and biologists found that Yellowstone ecosystems were dying. As they brought them down from Canada, wildlife began to flourish again and ecosystems recovered. Since then, scientists have been able to track the stories of these wolves’ lives by observing their behavior in the wild for decades now. 


This is why we now have a much deeper understanding of this incredible species. And damn, the narrative is better than reality TV. Move over Kardashians, hello Cinderella wolf. Am I right? Any other wild woman conservation babes out there? Ugh, the refreshing inspiration from their life stories really captivate me.


But how the hell is this connected to energy or trauma therapy? Well, wolves are very altruistic and pack leaders must demonstrate a masterful understanding of energy or alternatively, meet death. I kinda get that in a weird way. Perhaps I align with wolf-like notions. I used to read books on druidic lore as a teen. The druid teachers would always say, “There is learning in everything.” And here, there is great learning in understanding wolf-ness.


I feel, sometimes, that wolves might be more human than we have become. They model certain life lessons that make me think humans should be taking a few notes. The Aquarian Age, or this current epoch of consciousness awakening, is about the whole, transparency, truth, which relates to wolf behavior. I’ve also noticed over the years that my clientele, like myself, tend to honor certain values connected to wolf culture. So, I thought you guys might dig this….


Here are a few reasons wolves are badass and a model species for the Aquarian Age. I’ve divided these qualities into sections: social consciousness & masterful leadership, and closing with a short note on feminine power. 


Social Consciousness: It’s All About The Pack:

Strong familial bonds, soul or blood, are simply necessary for survival and protection. They are also in the human world. We just pretend they don’t matter as much. To thrive, build, survive, and truly live— we need each other, and to belong. All sorts of modern families apply here. Wolves allow for individual growth and exploration, but always protect the pack. 


  • The good life. They seek to live in harmony and balance. 
  • Direct communication. Wolves consistently affirm their affection for one another through rituals and playfulness as a practice, knowing how important it is for their family to feel connected to the group. 
  • Children are honored. Pups are cherished and protected at all times without reservation. Wolves don’t do the “seen and not heard” thing. Pups are not treated as lesser than. Instead, they are taught to be future leaders getting a direct and valuable education from all members of the family. 
  • It takes a village. The entire family cares for children, aunts uncles, friends etc. 
  • The weak are protected. The elderly and the sick are cared for until returned to health, not abandoned. Note that chimpanzee males don’t feed their young or care for the old (closest to human dna).
  • Ride or die. Wolves altruistic nature would have them die for their family, do anything in their power to provide for them and protecting them without question. It is simply biology though it seems almost spiritual. Wolves make sure everyone is fed, safe, together, cared for. And all members of the pack share this attitude. Loyalty. Loyalty. Loyalty. 
  • Unconditional love. Wolves model unconditional love unlike other species. If one pack takes over another, the rival pups are cared for like their own, perhaps to continue on the Wolf species. Perhaps just because that’s the fucking right thing to do. 
  • Timeless values. They prioritize virtues we are losing:  community, simplicity, loyalty, honor, trust, showing up, hard work, dedication, bravery, unconditional love. Faster technology & societal norms accelerate past our biological ability to maintain equilibrium with it, the more we need to balance them with heart centered ideals. 
  • Family rituals keep the pack bonded— howling together by moonlight, a hunt, greeting alphas and parents in daily process, games and play, things like this brings closeness and strengthen solidarity. Not as often do we find modern families that still eat at a dinner table together or intentional engage in other communing rituals. 
  • Badass experiential education style: It's about deep love, but handle your shit. It is freedom, and absolute care. Experience and consequence. No helicopter parenting. No coddling. Straight shooter, no bullshit, firm, neutral, strong boundaries, but so deeply playful and unconditionally loving as well.  The pack is always a united front on discipline. Every pup KNOWS they are loved enough to be protected to the death, and fought for. That doesn’t mean you always live, as we know. But if any of you have mama trama, or daddy issues, imagine never questioning whether you are worth protecting. Wolves don’t have this unnatural willingness to sacrifice their children for the sake of incorrect societal norms or individualistic goals. 
  • Dads don’t dip. Fathers are crazy about their pups in wolf world. Enough said. 
  • Everyone belongs. Every pack member is important, has a place and is needed. Everyone has a purpose through a structure, clear directives and roles. 
  • Clean crime scenes. Wolves being killed by their pack does not happen in reality unless there is an extreme circumstance, severe dysfunction, or a they are held in an unnatural captivity situation. 
  • Strangers welcome. If there is enough food and territory, strangers are accepted into the pack. 
  • Lone wolf BS. There is no such thing as a “lone wolf” life because it is antithetical to their evolutionary biology. We see lone wolves when they are looking for a breeding mate or new territory to start a new family pack. Some individualists go off in search of the great unknown, but unless they eventually find a solid pack, chances of survival are slim. They often will return to their origin pack after their lone wolf journey. 
  • Love is the way. There is no barrier between heart and home. The strong social bonds are so deeply apparent. Wolves emote, feel, have real senses and communicate pain, joy, sorrow, grief, longing, romance, desire and more. They put effort and energy into rituals of affection and bonding. They love deeply and fiercely. Fear of affection or love does not exist. It is a beautiful and inspiring thing to witness, the lack of barrier between heart, home and other. 
MASTERFUL LEADERSHIP: Authentic Power & Energy Mastery
In order to obtain a position as pack leader authentic power must be embodied and demonstrated. In fact, they must become energy masters in their own right. Wolves don’t have the luxury of fucking around with inappropriate allocation of energy resources, or they may die and the survival of their families threatened.


  • Silent authority. Leadership is understood through silent authority and the innate inclination towards assuming responsibility. They just shut up and do it because it needs to be done. Taking responsibility is the right thing to do for these kinds of folks. Leaders don’t need to be told what to do. They see it, do it, and know how to support others in accomplishing goals. No bravado, boasting, domineering or showboating. No “give me credit, look what I did”. It’s all about quiet power and handling shit. And that's hot. 
  • Transparency. Alpha order is assumed and organically decided upon through an automatic understanding of who holds leadership qualities. Animals communicate through energy. When this is standard, intentions and agendas are transparent and communication and understanding is clear. This encourages clarity and truth. Very Aquarian indeed. 
  • Power is positive. Domination and aggression are wasteful expenditures of energy (humans don’t get it) and thus make you appear weak. It would be a sign of weakness to allocate precious energy towards un-necessary battles. It is best to mitigate conflict swiftly and firmly and simply move on without emotional dramatics and holding onto grudges. 
  • Experience required. It takes a wolf a lifetime to learn how to lead. Leadership style and qualities can be unique and individualistic, though very well rounded. Those who have experience are respected. Yes, that means elders. 
  • Alphas are not easily threatened. They don’t feel like they’re losing power or become smaller just because another pack member steps in to temporarily lead in a certain situation.  Shared leadership at times encourages success and efficiency as varied goals are met, saving energy, time and allowing for more play and rest. Love, rest and play are required for success. 
  • Well rounded intelligence. Not only is mental strength required to lead, but also social, intuitive and emotional intelligence in order to survive. Duh, humans, duh. 
  • Kindness supports the whole. High ranking pack leaders are friendly and harmonious as they know this helps everyone feel like a unit. It’s like being a good coach and making sure everyone feels valued. 
  • Authentic, inspired trust. If you naturally radiate energy that displays intelligence, experience, authority, & kindness, — then you don’t have to force anyone to do anything through dominance, manipulation or coercion. Pack members respond to you because they’re inspired by you and trust your decision making. One must have the power to inspire naturally. Like I said, it is an entirely organic authority promoting allegiance and loyalty. Lesson—brash, cocky, dominant, show-boat, one-upper type of people are usually terrified of losing power. And terrified people are not good leaders. 
  • Power boundaries. The alpha wolf sets boundaries through energy. One look of direct, fierce eye contact. One growl. A physical block with ferocious communication. Makes it clear. Enough said feel me? They get the point across with the least amount of their own personal energy expended.
  • Non-attachment and letting things go. They are fully present. Wolves can fiercely growl a power boundary into place, and then nuzzle their children the next moment. They don't hold on to shit, having a mental spin out & ruin their day. Holding onto the past, the dense, the dark, wastes energy. Be here now friends, for life is short, precious and worth protecting. Error is corrected. Indulging in drama? Nah. 
  • Humility preserves energy & has nothing to prove. Alphas have shorter life spans because they deal with the most stress, assuming more responsibility. Their scat (feces) have higher levels of glucocorticoid, which is a hormone released overtime through chronic stress. In the Dao, it says be low and humble like the ocean. All rivers flow into the mouth of the ocean, so powerful and low it can catch all the water. The ocean doesn’t chase the rivers. Humility has nothing to prove. For example, once leaders make the kill, they go lay down to rest and let everyone  else eat first.
  • Happy home happy life. If their environment is less stressful and more harmonious, alphas have the advantage of allocating bandwidth to the work that must be done to survive versus internal chaos management. Therefore learning to managing their emotional impulses preserves energy, and offers longer life. So they handle their inner harmony not only in support of joy, love, and fun, but to maintain health and power. They do this by making the societal structure clear, setting out clear tasks, always having a precise plan of attack, team work, and practicing rituals. 
  • Power couples: leaders operate in pairs.  The alpha pack leaders or breeding pairs handle decisions together and there is zero competition for power. In moments of doubt or indecision, the entire pack takes the lead from the female and males have zero problems with this.
  • They get it from their mama. Leadership is often learned and passed down from one alpha female to the next. Like me and Helena 😄 So when I die young from all y’all’s shit lol, you can go to her (I jest). She is the wisdom keeper for my legacy both creatively and spiritually. In wolf world there are often dynasty’s of female leaders. I have no doubt Helena will be a great leader and teacher to those around her, and her children. 
  • Ride or die. Pack Leaders stay together usually their whole lives, and are replaced by the next most experienced wolf. Alpha couples are trying to ride or die for life. That’s just how they roll for a successful operating system. 
  • Clear Knowing. Alphas know what they want, and what is best for the family. 
  • Generocity. Good leaders are role models. They practice honor by not killing rivals unless necessary. Wolves are conscious enough to make their positions clear, but also demonstrate an abundance of generosity. 
  • It's cool to not be cool. Are alphas always cool, calm and perfect? Fuck no. They’re alpha wolves. They fuck up, growl, attack, get attacked, but in the end they let it go and ultimately value love and family and survival of the pack.



Wolf World is Female.

The highest ranking female makes the decisions ultimately. Mama affirms and has the final word. 

“She is the one who binds one or several males (ummm… ok down) to her with her sexuality (k, got it taking notes…. go on….) so that they will hunt for her and her offspring and protect her against enemies. She is the true center of the family.” - excerpt  (with my personal commentary) from The Wisdom of Wolves


She is the queen. Wolf world is a woman’s world. I believe there is a reason they were almost extinct before being introduced into Yellowstone again. We smashed our wild. We smashed down our women. We smashed down intuition and knowing. When we do this we smash our connection to truth, to ourselves. Kill the mother in all her varied manifestations and you kill all life. Even Life itself, has a mother. 

The honor, love, sense of belonging, practicing what’s best for all, playfulness, discernment, demonstration of quiet power and authentic leadership, appreciation of strategy and operations alongside affection and family time, their freedom and power—- all make me admire the wolf species. 

Lucky for me, there is a wolf sanctuary an hour away from where I live, and a lot of national parks calling my name. I hope to spend more time in this life around them, observing them in nature, and feeling my heart’s call to profound freedom when I hear them howling together. Protect the wolves. Protect the wild things. The wild ones. The wild places. Honor the woman and the mother. And we will start to find our true footing again. 



wild pathways lead us to those sacred places where truth becomes beauty.




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