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Why I Quit Social Media

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Quotes of The Day


“Whosoever delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a God.” - Aristotle


“We are polluted by advice.” - Thoreau


“The richest gifts we can bestow are the least marketable,” said Thoreau in a personal letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson dated February 12, 1843.


“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” - George Bernard Shaw. 



I suppose I am an entirely unreasonable, wild beast ; self emancipated from the pollution of advice. 



Letting Go of Social Media


A few days ago, I slept so soundly and woke up to the mental harmony of benevolent thoughts conspiring the day’s goodness, prior to my eyelids even opening to greet the morning’s light. My notions were of the highest ideal, the gentle mechanisms of my metal body primed for currents of truth to move through the day. 


But, like, who the fuck wakes up like that? It’s been a while since I arose feeling truly rested. I genuinely experienced the Light of my being as a safe etheric blanket, wooing me to take the hand of dawn. 


I have certainly been in the deepest aspects healing work for several years personally and professionally. Transmutation has absolutely occurred. And I am not the same person I was 3 months ago, 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 4 years ago. A tendency to deep dive into the dirty work, an entirely curious and inquisitive mind, coupled with a drive to summon and embody that which, I know in my bones, human beings are cable of experiencing, are just a few reasons that I am really good at what I do. And as previously mentioned, I’ve been “in it”. So therefore, it would be reasonable to deduct that this lovely morning experience was simply the fruit of my healing labor and personal growth work recently.


There is a new Light channel establishing currently,  as me and through me. In laments terms, my access to Source has up-leveled in a new way. It’s like getting a new, state of the art vehicle yet unveiled to the masses, but without a handbook. I am opening my wings again, and raising my antenna. Chinks in the armor have been smoothed. The access I have now is different, but taller and wider and bigger and broader and more anchored and connected, than ever before. 


This new channel has been establishing itself in incremental gradations as I have overtime unloaded density in my own pain body, and trimmed a hell of a lot of fat. Less pain = more light. It’s a comprehensive process but I’ve figured out how to bridge the missing gaps in the awakening game. Happy to share those ideas with my present and future clients. 


Anyways, to all the sudden feel a vastly greater increase of rested beauty in my day, sound sleep, effortless mental harmony, arising to the orchestral etheric light work grids the dawn bespoke, was a lovely little surprise after a shit ton of hard work. I have struggled with insomnia most of my life, so deep sleep is a treasure to me. 


Perhaps many of you can relate that it’s taken a proactive stance of inner authority to manage feeling anchored at this time. 


I didn’t know exactly what was going on, and granted— waking up feeling like a shiny new penny is not a moment lost on me in my life.


But the difference from one day to the next, in terms sleep quality and sense of wellbeing, was somewhat dramatic and a little too immediate, to observe without some further questioning. I thought damn, all this work is paying off (as it does my friends). 


And then, as I was starting my morning routine, I got a text from a friend and client asking what happened to me on social media. And then I got another text from another client I hadn’t talked to in forever, asking the same thing. Then, I got more inquiries about my work; more opportunities coming to me. And I felt more inspiration and energy in my day. I knew exactly what it was!


My social media profiles had finally, PERMANENTLY DELETED. No pause, no disable, no maybe, no half in half out. No worrying about everything I created and said and designed being lost forever. I am not attached to it. Nah— I just simply let it all go. It is said that monks are trained to make meticulous colored sand art taking months and months of effort, only to be instructed to erase it all in the end, as a practice. 


This was a build up. Last year I did a tech cleanse for a month and didn’t want to get back on. I reveled in reading a 900 page book. I got back on to promote my book. A lot of effort went in with little yielding of results. Then the next year, I stopped following everyone to create less noise. And then, I archived past posts while doing a re-brand. I limited usage times. Worked with content planners. But still, I just didn’t like it at all. I considered permanently deleting it for two years and I am proud to be that person who just said, fuck it. 

(Insert cigarette exhale here). 


I didn’t like social media in the beginning. I didn’t like it in the middle. And I didn’t like it even more at the end. I used it as a business tool for some time, which, for a period served my purposes. And when it stopped serving my business through direct income yield, it started draining my energy, creative bandwidth, and sense of self. It always did so, but at least it helped me raise my kiddo and help people. So, I guess you could say there was a trade off. 


I work with energy. I now, am unable to justify a reason substantial enough to keep that beast as a dominant force in my life. I consciously know it drains me without returning any energy. So….. what am I doing? And with everything I understand about mental manipulation, brain science, and the affects of tech on mental health across the globe I simply can’t participate. 


I explained to my clients I was not being caddy and blocking them, but rather I decided to fully let go of social media all together. And it has only made me happier. I’ve got the chi and bandwidth to prove it. My inspiration is back without having to dig or reach. My organs, mind, breath and heart are immediately more at ease. I can’t explain fully, what I feel. It’s still sort of new. 


I’ve just had enough. Period. It is a risky move, I know. Perhaps some would think brazen. But I feel bold. I am willing to take that risk because it has made me feel more like myself for the first time in a good 10 years. 


I will no longer offer over my mind, consciousness, energy and emotions to a substance-less, vacuous and harmful machine introducing subliminally insidious concepts for the purposes of coercion and behavior manipulation and in the interest of control and wealth. We often don’t know who or what is behind the intention.


I understand deeply the power of intention. And the intention behind wanting my attention needs to be transparent and aligned in order for me to offer it to anyone or anything. 


Mic drop….






  • I do not feel more connected when on social media. I feel more alone. 
  • I do not feel smarter. I feel more confused. 
  • I do not have higher self esteem. I feel a less whole sense of self. 
  • I do not learn important things. I become distracted by the cacophony of polemic arguments and opinions of others. 
  • It is engineered addiction removed from truth. 
  • I find meditation, focus, self-awareness, spiritual and emotional connection, artistic inspiration and my level of presence heightened, after deleting social media. 
  • I do not feel that higher level spiritual concepts can be fully expressed and explained in a meme or click-bate, ultimately becoming a reductive caricature of the concept, which we normalize and accept as good enough because it makes people laugh and dumbs things down enough to hit the masses at a good mark. It’s trendy and fun. Fine for most— but not good enough for me. I do not mean to diminish people who genuinely offer truth and support in an effort to help others. I am generalizing what I have seen as a whole- and that is a bastardization of higher ideal so much so that I want nothing to do with the "wellness space".
  • I don’t like labels and boxes. In order to own the beast and make it work for you successfully as a business tool, you have to pick a constricted lane, or niche, and run with it. And it doesn’t feel good to me to highlight only one aspect of my dynamic self/work/impact, offering only a fraction of myself in a public sphere. Why? because then I am simply narrowing self down, becoming smaller, restricting my own offerings by my own hand, for the sake of likes, followers, and the success of my content being re-shared for optimum reach. What is the reach for? Money. Your attention. What else is it for? And I want people who are called to work with me. Truly called. And honestly most of my people now come from word of mouth, or press, or podcasts. I’d rather have deeper conversations here. You guys are the ones actually paying attention through a free subscription to this newsletter. 
  • One puts their life’s work in the hands of capricious tech god algorithms. I’ve talked with a lot of data scientists and people with massive platform properties who experience such immense stress if an algorithm gets tweaked. Their money and life work are now in the hands of something else they cannot control. This is a big issue around the board. And I decided I would rather have less exposure, but more autonomy. That’s just my personal choice for this kind of work. 
  • I would rather offer my creative bandwidth to my own projects, or collaborate with musicians and filmmakers  and dancers and performance artists to tell new kinds of stories, in completely new ways. 
  • I don’t have all the answers, but when you stop engaging with something that doesn’t work, new ideas inspirations and opportunities arise. And for me they have certainly begun to. 
  • I’ve seen social media ruin relationships, trust, and dating apps grate on the human heart’s sense of hope. 
  • I’ve seen children ruined, lost, depressed, and zombies en mass, by the hand of normalized addiction. And then, the parents wonder why in the world their children are depressed or addicted to video games, engaging in destructive behaviors, and self sabotage their own lives. They don’t even know who they are, or how to be in their bodies. Maybe, just maybe, stop giving them iPads before they learn to speak, so for their entire human lives the activity of their neural networks are not formed under the influence by dark, unregulated technologies. How is this not fucking common sense? Damn. It is shocking. 
  • Self esteem and suicide rates among kids destroy my heart. I see it everyday. Helena's friends call me when they’re upset. Their parents call me randomly for advice. I rarely meet children who are not addicted to their phones. If I do- they are usually more balanced, happier, and more successful in life with a deeper appreciation of nature, and others around them. If you are a parent- parent. You are responsible for your child’s container. 
  • Social media does not validate me, my child, any of her friends, any of you reading this, or any human more than another. 5 million followers. 30 followers. You will get the same courtesy and respect from me. Knowing how to work the beast, or having funding or money to work the beast,  does not equate to genuine talent or expertise. It means you are excellent at working the beast, which is indeed impressive in its own right. And ultimately being good at running the beast, is somewhat antithetical to me being good at what I do. The other side of the mystic archetype is hermit. They go together. And for good reason. I will not go into explaining why that is so, here. Being a social media beast and a mystic proper — do not go together. The bandwidth I allocate to social media will be allocated to my craft as is right and aligned for my type of work. 
  • I am vigilant about my container and the energies I consume every day.
  • I know too much about neuroplasticity to stay on social media. 
  • It worsens my sleep. 
  • I find it degrades humanness, even if only slightly for some and without their recognition of the degradation. 
  • Social media captures the mind physiologically, & affects how humans perceive, think and emote without humans even understanding how their systems work. Someone is already driving your car. 
  • I can feel my energy open and vulnerable as it extends out into the networks like extensions of my nervous system. I don't like the way the exposure feels. My nervous system goes into an "alert" state. The opposite of what I want. 
  • Finally and most importantly, I just think it is totally lame, disgusting and boring. (I wanted one bratty line. So what.) 



There is plenty of science on the harmful affects of tech, phones, and social media. I would encourage you to do your own research and also trust your own instincts. There may be a backlash to all this fake, overly deliberate structured activity. I asked a friend who works in tech if she is seeing any backlashes, and she answered unequivocally, yes. People are starting to get off social media. 


When I get on those platforms, my whole system feels the decay and cheap noise surrounding me. My higher knowing said that for me, this is a giant NO.


In no way do I judge anyone who uses it, likes it, has fun, and successfully runs their businesses using it. I understand, and did it for years. I don’t like judging people because it takes away energy from me. And I don’t have any sort of authority on how other people are supposed to live their lives or what they’re supposed to be learning. 


However, I am interested in knowing what is right for me, and encouraging others to know what is right for them. 


A new form of self esteem must arise not from winning, but from being who you are. That’s what we are all learnings right now: how to make life work from actually being who we are. 


Part of my personality’s archetype is disrupter, change maker, pioneer. I am a canary in a coal mind. I will feel it first and be rattled, and then data comes out later to justify my body’s intelligence or the awareness of my higher knowing. This has happened to me a lot in life. 


I know that if everyone in the room is doing the same thing as me—- I’m in the wrong room. And in regards to how I communicate to the world, I think I’ve been in the wrong room for a while. 


So, I walked out. Simple as that. 




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