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What You Should Know About Brainspotting

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I began studying this modality after interviewing founder Dr. David Grand about his work and the role of energy in Brainspotting, for THE ENERGY BOOK. As a trauma survivor and someone who manages ComplexPTSD, I am interested in the most efficient, intelligent and elegant systems to support the body’s natural ability to heal. I started working with energy and vibrational medicine for the same reasons ten years ago. These practices simply work well and make sense to me scientifically, as well as practically, in my body. I have witnessed others and experienced personally, the transformation that can occur.


My energy healing/vibrational therapy system, as well as brainspotting, share some aspects in common. They both bypass the neocortex to hit deeper layers of the emotional body and limbic system to support deeper healing in one sitting. Its sort of a—get out of your head and into your soul, heart and emotions— kind of thing. So, they work on similar parts of the brain at their core, and I use each system to support different aspects of healing, in a two part process. Many of you already know about my energy healing process and what that can do. I offer an energy healing in each EXPANSION SESSION, after the brainspotting process.


Here, I’d like to explain why brainspotting deepens the process I already have in place answering a few common questions…

Q. What is brainspotting?.

A. It is a brain based psychotherapy approach that uses the client’s field of vision to locate any trauma or negative experience in the brain. And whatever is in the brain is in the body. Therefore, we remove pain from the body.


Q. What is a brainspot?

A. It is a specific location in a client’s field of vision that stimulates neural activity around a trauma or negative experience held in deeper part of the brain that stores trauma.


Q. How is it different from other therapy?

A. It is a neuro-physiciologial process that has immense psychological, spiritual, physical and emotional benefits. As I mentioned before, because wounded aspects of self, core negative beliefs, trauma energy, and stored pain DO NOT LIVE IN THE NEO-CORTEX (thinking brain), there is only so much that talking about a problem can do to create to behavioral change stimulating a change in external conditions. This therapy, like energy healing, bypasses the analytical part of the mind to go straight to the sub cortex, emotional body, and deeper recesses of the psyche.

Q. What is the deal with the brain body connection?

A. We now know that all trauma is stored in the body. Western psychiatric boards are dinosaurs and do not acknowledge somatic processes yet as credible for trauma, despite most of the world’s the full awareness that trauma must be moved through the nervous system, because it lives in the body. Again, whatever is in your body, is also in your brain. From a trauma healing perspective, we can address pain stored in the body through locating where that trauma lives in the brain. This is why running when you get upset or triggered— bodywork, breath work, energy movement, shaking, art therapy, dance, vocal work can all be supportive in moving emotional energy out of the body. Emotions run along your nervous system. Your nervous system runs from the brain and spine throughout your body. The somatic sensations you feel in session are neural networks firing and creating alchemy.

Q. Is brainspotting with you different from other therapists?

A. Every practitioner is going to be unique in their offering, beaming out energy that is sum total of their life experiences. Those aspects will vary.  It is so very important to find a therapist you are aligned with, and trust. These are all personal decisions. There are two important aspects to brain spotting: one is the somatic process, the other is the relational attunement between therapist and practitioner. While my client is sitting with their pain, I am holding space for that process energetically, with my full heart and all of my presence sent directly to you. I keep my eyes on you the whole time. Because of my years of energy healing and already working with the brain and nervous systems/limbic systems in silence, holding this sort of space is entirely natural to me. This is the reason I was allowed to do these trainings as a non-licensed practitioner. I am also able to bring in energy work early if I notice it may be beneficial to the healing process. I would say my sessions offer two parts (brain spotting + energy healing)  and aspects of my energy work naturally arise as I am brainspotting. My presence affects my sessions. I am quite schooled in neutrality, being a solid anchor, being un-phased by charged and intense emotions or humans squirming through difficult healing processes and offering rays of light.

Q. How many sessions does it take?

A. A lot can be achieved in one session. And anyone can try out a session with me. Thereafter, a commitment is required to continue the work for the expansion program. I always say this— there is no nirvana in a pill. We live in a trauma based society, and it takes as many session as one needs to reach a state of peace, balance, and harmony. 10 seems to be a magic number. Once we get through a series together, my clients are able to call in for one off support, or a few sessions here and there as needed.


Q. Who is brainspotting for?

A. Anyone with an active nervous system that has had negative experiences in their lives. Anyone who feels held back by past negative experiences. Highly sensitive people. Somatic processors. Creatives. Children. People with PTSD. Some people process more physically, some emotionally, verbally, silently, etc. Everyone can benefit from brain spotting.


Q. Is it intense?

A. For most people, hell yeah. Some people feel the affects in more subtle ways. People who tend to disassociate might need to give it a few tries to notice changes. Processing time takes a minimum of 48 hours up to a 14 days. Intensity depends on my clients life experiences, connection to their emotions and body, ability to access deeper layers of the self, and willingness to be consistent, and honestly just how their system processes. The more time and energy you invest in your healing the more you get out of it. Your body will only give you what you can handle. We can always trust that.


Q. How often do people do it once they get going?

A. I ask my clients to maintain a rhythm of maximum two weeks between sessions to create a healthy continuum of cumulative healing experiences.


Now, let me give you an example to help you understand these processes I am talking about. When someone is talking about something difficult, they will look in different directions. To the left it might be easier for them to talk, looking up they may start to cry, looking straight forward they may feel anger, looking to the other side they may feel something calmer. This is why detectives study psychology and body cues when getting to the truth. 


When brainspotting, we focus in on an activated issue, and then find where it is most charged in your brain/body via eye movements, and then we let the body processes it out safely. The brain/nervous system can organically and intelligently process out the pain of the past negative experiences or trauma affecting the way you see the world, rewiring neural network circuitry as the trauma flushes out. This changes perception. Perception shapes consciousness.


I hope some of this information helped! Sending goodness and blessings your way.

With Love,

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