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As we enter a new spring season, a rebirth of soul-- no matter the tradition you ascribe to--it is time for new life. In this new chapter, I invite you to examine not only your beliefs but how your behavior aligns with your beliefs. Are you in conflict with yourself? Are your truths practically embodied in your everyday life? My sweet child of the light, your time is precious.Trim the fat.

As I grow, I tolerate less and less. There is a greater level of embodied focus upon that which I would like to manifest and vibrate with. 

I no longer tolerate...

Voices making noises without a foundation of substance. Engaging or responding to those who will not broaden the scope of my soul's horizons. I do not judge, but there is no longer time or tolerance for any force that is not aligned with utmost purity. I count on my hand those who truly feed my soul. I no longer engage if it feels forced or like work.

Yes. Oh yes, I understand what I will do for you. But what will you add to my vibration? This is the question around equal energy exchange in our relationships, personal or work related. Friends, it is unreasonable for others to expect to have access to your light if they are not on a level that nourishes you. Do not tolerate anything less. 

I do not care to play superficial games in my personal life, or for the sake of work or marketing.

I do not ascribe to the belief that one must be an influencer, win a popularity contest or have large Instagram following to get a book deal, sell the painting, be an artist or have legitimacy or credibility.

This is the death of craft and art. If we continue to move in this vein we will lose as a humanity. The false power is now comical. Leave it behind. There will be a backlash.

I no longer have time or patience to compare myself to others, friends, family, strangers on the internet or people in my industry. This is pointless, weak and you miss your life doing this. Moreover, it is exhausting and sucks your energy clean. 

Every breath I take is precious. My time on this Earth is precious. I will only breath in beauty and divinity. I no longer tolerate anything that distracts me from this gratitude.

I am obligated to no one, to nothing but Spirit. God. And what is God but creative energy? 

If you've outgrown people, let them go with love. If you've outgrown context, jobs, cities, or the illusory gridwork of materiality created out of a past paradigm structure, by God let it shatter. Your evolving greatness will always shatter paradigms.

I no longer tolerate distractions, staying busy for the sake thereof or over-toil. We are all worthy of rest, integration and self care.

I no longer tolerate media mind-programming.

I no longer care about the internet or what is happening on it.

A leaf blowing in the wind will speak more wisdom unto me than any content you can send me.

I no longer tolerate the savagery, racism, poverty, war, strife and ignorance of this world nor will I sink down into vibrations of despair. No amount of your suffering will heal this world. It is law. Your joy will heal this world. I contribute to the collective elevation the more I hold my light strong and lead by example.

There is nothing outside of me, that fills me in a more powerful way than I fill myself. I am pure, vibrating creative energy. I just am. I deeply trust my instincts. People will always be looking for ways to get to you, to get in with you. You must ask yourself to whom you are available and why? Who is worthy of your availability. You are under no obligation to answer all the people who want to connect with you. I've personally always had conflict dealing with the modern world and people always having access to you through technology. If I do not have one day a week where I can limit access to people, I would go insane. Every night I shut off my wifi, devices and put my phone on airplane mode. Everyday I so look forward to the appropriate moment to take this action not because I dislike people, but because the truth is, the space and solitude to vibrate with myself is communion with Source and my soul craves this more than anything.

My silence is more powerful than any word. No words will be spoken without intention or thoughtfulness. As my vision, wisdom and sensory instinct expands, I follow suit. I watch. I observe. I am neither afraid of silence or the power of my own voice. 

It is a happy place when you are no longer triggered by bullshit, nor are you engaging with it, nor are you judging or condemning others for being false, superficial or if ignorant. Be what you will! You cannot affect me. If you don't like something, there is no reason to call it a name or act petty. This reflects where you are, not them. How neutral can you be? This is the place of the master. If there is something that does not align with you, take away its only power over you and that is your attention. This action can be wordless. 

It is a happy place when you are neither the victim or vengeful, but the master on the mountain watching. It is a happy place to accept all while knowing full well who you are and what is allowed in your sphere.

It is a happy place when you are your own guru. My outer world reflects the purity and grace of my inner world and I will not tolerate anything less than this. Why would you give your energy to people, places, things that do not bring you light? Why create a world or life you don't believe in? This is insane. The regular and standard operating systems of beliefs and action to which most of the world ascribes is insane to me. 

I am self-contained joy and neutrality. So are you. It's just that perhaps you do not realize this yet.

I look outside myself and see your beauty, but you don't see it, so you distract with drama and pain, trifles and nonsense.

I look outside and realize how beautiful I am. My gentle grace. And I am humbled to be of the same strain of light as you. I am humbled to have the vision and perspective that I do. I am grateful for all the experiences that gave me this moment and breath. There is a new world upon us. Will you choose to cultivate the not only the vision and perspective to see it, but the maturity and power to actualize it's blessings in your daily life?

I look up and say, my goodness- look at who you've become! My sweet child, well done indeed! As if I am a master speaking to my human self. My human self is a small child in a dress, bowing with a smile and curtsy in this sweet game of dancing in the material while hearing the guidance and whispers of my master guides, light forces and beings since I was small and strange, whispering child truth in the woods while my teachers asked what I was doing. Are you sad? Why do you sit there and stare into space? Why aren't you running around like the other children? I would tell them I was fine and happy to sit silently because there is so much to see. This game no one knew about or understood. 

This dance of purity, that showed nothing materially, all these years, and yet now I have everything to show for it now. How long I spent chastising myself for not fitting into this normal grid work. Not fitting in. Not being like them. Not having the same beliefs or values. Being completely incapable of molding myself into something I am not. And I thank God every day I never did. I have everything to show for it and yet glory spoils are intangible. I understand now. How many years I spent thinking if I worked hard enough I would create the material security I wanted.

It's silly now. Isn't that funny, how all of the sudden one day a half belief can seem silly? Anyone who knows me knows I have a strong work ethic, but it's not about that and what you can yield from those efforts though I respect it. The whole point is cultivating the wisdom that would call for transcendence of material concerns, you see. The golden chalice is nothing you can hold! It will not peak for you in gold or bank accounts. Glory's spoil's is my own natural energy yield, it is who I have become, it is who you become. It is unspoken and nameless. 

You must have eyes to see it. No money, no home, no car, no credit or fame or popularity or security could ever compare to what you can cultivate within. 

Give me a small trailer and the sweet, crystal river. Give me silence and nature, and I am bliss. Give me the jungle and oceans, my journal and a pen, and I am in heaven. Give me the buoyant grin of a child laughing. Give me the gaze of the wrinkled elderly, who hold more wisdom and energy than your pinky. I need for nothing. And in truth, you need nothing either. 

What is there to prove, sweet child? Who are you trying to prove it to and why? What do you toil to protect? What do you need to show off? Why are you not living in your highest high?

What will you teach your children? What would you teach your peers?

There is only beauty and bounty before us. There is a new Earth before us, can you keep up? Keeping up means staying ahead and not falling into false power, false security, false love. That which is false will shake and tremble, fading away like dust before what is true. It is nothing. Wake up. 

My friends, what you tolerate is what will continue. Do what you can to catch glimpses of truth and bliss, it will inspire you to tolerate nothing less than this. And life becomes what it was intended to be. It becomes divine will. Then, nothing will scare you. You realize that the false security you've desperately built around you your whole life means nothing. You will be free to move how you choose. You will transcend a limitations.

Most people believe in these limitations. And it's a boring existence. What is this story you keep playing? Over and over again? You are boring me. You are boring God. You are boring yourself. 

There are others who only believe in higher ideals with their minds, but not with their bodies and emotions and with their damn souls.

But when you believe in this higher world with the purity of your essence you can smell it a mile away. "You cannot fake a frequency," as my dear friend and soul sister, Erin Telford would say. You cannot fake this place of being.

Can you see? Can you feel the vibration of my words? Can you sense this transmission that I speak to you through the crown of my head that comes through my fingertips? You must wake up. You must begin to see. Do you understand that the world's becoming, is your becoming?

Embodied purity, power and humility is home.

I will only tolerate exchanging with souls who have come home. Come home, and you are for me. Come home, an we can exchange. Come home, this is where I am. 

I do not care what the world's rules are, if they are not my truths. I've never been a fan of rules, or stepping into playing games with "how the world works." By these lower rules, the world is indeed fucked up. Why would I play by these rules when there are higher and more rewarding ones?

My entire life there was deep conflict around this. I had to grow into my power through following the beat of my soul. Why would I play a false game? There is only one dance, and that is with yourself and the light. 

Come home. Come home. Come home. They say, these Masters. If you knew who walked with you through this life you would never be alone. You would never be afraid. You would not be scared to do the things you really want to do. You would not believe for a second in untruth. You would not throw around your precious energy like cheap cotton candy. 

God is benevolent, creative energy. Angels are frequency, vibrational, psychic vortexes of specific light that comes from the one source. We can tap into these light sources here to help us. Gods and deities are nothing other than frequency. Humans have a deep need to anthropomorphize energies that they cannot understand. 

I do not take offense to this. I like it. In fact, what I am is a story teller. In most lifetimes I incarnate as the priestess, the warrior, the poet/storyteller/artist, or the healer. Do not be offended so easily by semantics. All is energy. All is creative. All is beautiful. Everything else is illusion. 

There is help all around you. Do not dumb yourself down, making up excuses for the reasons you cannot do or you cannot win. There is powerful energy here to assist you. Study the laws of the universe, these are the true laws. There is wisdom abound on this planet but it is your choice to seek it out or not. It is your choice to embody it or not. 

Artistry, takes bravery.

I don't care what you are trying to create. Authentic living is for the bold. The highest form of artistry is crafting the life of your dreams. Be bold, dear heart. Be brave and true. You are a divine artist despite form, craft or your type of mind. You hold the wisdom of the stars in your bones and yet you play games with dirt. There is no reason for this. 

Come home, they say. Shed it all. They say. Let go. They say, and doors open. Do not fight. Accept what is and your transformation begins that very moment. 

"Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." 

"The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where two worlds touch, the door is round an open. Don't go back to sleep." -Rumi

Come home. They say. This is the place of everything you seek. This is when your swagger becomes sacred, this is that space that no one can take away from you. This is that energy that attracts. It is confidence. People use the term boss babe all the time, without any real understanding of what it means, to actualize being a boss.

It is something untouchable. Being a boss is coming home. It is clarity and acuity. It is untouchable. 

It is your birthright. 

Bless you. 

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