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And to the blue moon I said my piece. Last night, after many long days and nights, exhausted and weary, I wrote my highest intentions by hand, stood to face her lunar beauty, and recited, "May my life experience be the highest manifestation of my creative capacity as a human. Let's go there. I'm ready." I spoke this aloud, among other more personal intentions, and then I lit my poetic, paper prayer on fire and silently watched the smoke and flames whisper my words unto the ethers. And it was done. The universal energies heard me.

Perhaps when I was younger, I was afraid of my power. I was still growing, vigilantly peeling back the beautiful layers, both dark and light, that made me who I am. That process never ends, but I am now ready to take myself on. Maybe that's just becoming a woman, or maybe it's becoming a leader who is ready to teach by example. Either way, my declaration on this full blue moon, is that I am ready.

We live in an epic time of great change, on the brink of something truly beautiful and at the same token, a time of great destruction and devastation. The balance is delicate. The veil is thinning. The only option is to keep up. Rise. It is time. The evolution of humanitarian conscious is dependent upon your awakening to the to the divine spark of light, ever present and always burning, inside you. I promise you, when you are down on the ground and you think there is nothing left, you think you’ve died, there is that light. There is always just a little it more. There is always enough to get back up and stand again to face the sun. That light, is your true potential. It is your birthright. That light unites us, and it is the collective road map to peace. If ever there will be balance on Earth again, it will start with the recognition of your inner light. So let it be. 


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