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Types of Energy Blocks

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Types of Energy Blocks

Working with me to clear your energy field is complex and involved on many levels. I often have people look at me with a dazed, quizzical expression after a session and say, “What was THAT?”

But why does it work? And what am I actually clearing?

The truth is, higher levels of the healing process are to be discussed in personal sessions and when appropriate. But the nutshell version is: I put you in a vortex and assist your higher self in releasing anything that acts as a barrier between you and Spirit. Denser energy is absorbed into the light and released from your field.

This is important to your general well-being because energy precedes all physical manifestation. We work from the inside out. If there are disharmonious energy patterns in the body, you will likely see resulting disharmonious patterns in your external reality.  So goes the saying, “As above so below.”

It is much easier to manage the stresses of life and personal growth when the field is clear, perception is up-leveled through coaching, and tools and practices are practically applied moving forward.

First, let’s talk about the vibrational therapies…

  • Chromotherapy works on balancing the emotional body and has been used since ancient Egyptian times for healing.
  • Therapeutic grade, scientifically cut crystals harmonize the molecular structure of water in your physical body. The crystal also directs an intention into body and amplifies that energy in your system.
  • Crystal sound bowls are my tools to open and cleanse the chakras, calm the nervous system, and get your brain waves to an alpha-theta state, also known as the healing state.

These varied therapies assist me in raising your vibration to access the realms of subtle energy necessary for the kind of shamanic cleansing and psychic surgery so to speak, that happens in our sessions.

Heavy energy is gone.

What that denser energy is, can get tricky. Each one of you comes in with different issues and unique, energetic functioning patterns. As I mentioned before, it goes quite deep into realms of what some would consider metaphysical (what I consider vibrational science with a spiritual context we have not yet learned to qualify scientifically as a species.)

However, in each and every session, no matter what is going on, I always move through a process to clear these types of energy blocks in the preliminary stages of a healing session.

Listed below are the basics. I’ve got this process on autopilot now and generally move into more sophisticated aspects of the work quite quickly. But for the purposes of explaining how I can help you function at optimal levels, let’s talk about types of energy blocks. What exactly are we clearing?


We Clear External Sources of Energy

Anytime we are in positions of giving away personal power, our electromagnetic field shrinks and becomes vulnerable to taking on energy that doesn't belong to us. It's sort of like how when our immune systems are weakened, we take on germs that make us sick. Well, the same thing can happen energetically. Foreign energy bodies can plug into our own fields and become stuck. This. Does. Not. Feel. Good. These blockages can cause leaks, tears, sluggish energy and shut down the chakras. It can block our own connection to Spirit and cause anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, addiction and all sorts of disharmonies.


We Remove Hooks

Hooks are created when we play power games with people and they disrupt our field by causing tears and leaks. It's like walking around having someone's hand in your energy, unnecessarily. Um... bye. No thanks. 


We Cut Cords

Negative Cords of Attachment: When we sink into lower vibrations of anger, fear, resentment, negativity etc., and the emotion is connected to another person, a cord of energy stems from the corresponding chakra associated with the negative emotion and attaches to the other person's energy field, creating an open high way between two fields. This is not ideal. Cutting cords frees up your energy.


We Open and Clear Chakras

All of them. That's right, every damn one. There are 189 total chakras. And just like taking a shower, it is important to clean up these energy centers that correspond to certain life areas, organs and glands. Clean chakras = Happy vibe.


We Ground Fragmented Energy

In moments of trauma or high stress, a part of your spirit, called the etheric body, can shoot up and out through the crown chakra (top of the head) as a defense mechanism to compartmentalize pain. It is the energetic parallel to dissociative behavior in western psychology.  To be your best, you need all of your energy grounded in the physical, not floating outside of your physical body. To manifest on Earth, you have to be here now. You can’t swim if you don’t get in the water. Feel me?

Beyond the above described…soul attachments, spirit attachments, implants, explants, past life blockages, inner child wounds, upgrading your grid system, working with spirit guides, angels and masters, light work to balance your multidimensional bodies, karmic clearing, ancestral clearings, opening the heart, balancing masculine and feminine energies and aligning with your highest self are all aspects of what we get can into in a session as well.

But if you are curious about that stuff, ask me in our session together…
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