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Tips From The Healing Mafia: Support Your Immune System Through Global Health Crisis

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Over the last couple of months I’ve taken measures to strengthen my immune system as I’ve been struggling with autoimmune issues for most of my life. I finally had the bandwidth and a little extra cash - so I went all in. And frankly my body would not allow me to keep going if I did not support it with greater priority. 

Then - BAM, the global health crisis hits. I guess I'm psychic. Anyways, I wanted to give you guys a list of what I am taking, and what I plan on taking to support my physical body as well as give you some general reminders about how to exist gracefully during a global health emergency. 

Most of you are super sensitive. That’s why you’re drawn to my work. That means you likely have a very sensitive physical system and emotional/stress related immune system responses. The people in this tribe and community need to take extremely good care of their physical bodies. 

Keep in mind that there are simple things you can do to stay strong:

  • Walk 20 minutes 2x daily
  • Meditate for 11 minutes minimum 2x daily
  • Have a home energy practice that supports life force (kundalini yoga, tai chi, chi gong, breath work or try my archangel energy clearing, peace meditation or get with me in a remote energy healing session.)
  • Eat organic, local, plant forward meals
  • Take supplements!!! 
  • And the obvious: wash your hands, clean your home, minimal contact with others.


But friends, don’t forget to reach out for support and keep your hearts open.  

Keep your body strong. Keep yourself centered and neutral. 

Life force energy or spiritual energy will ABSOLUTELY STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Being angry, frustrated, sick, tired, blaming and fearful are not ideal for physical defenses. Feel your feels, of course. But staying low affects your immune system. Viruses feed on the stress hormones produced in fight of flight response...

For help feeling calm and centered, download my guided meditations or sound therapy music FOR FREE. 

use discount code:


at check out.

Feel free to share it with your audiences and friends. They work. I want people to use them and have them as needed. 

I get crazy feedback on this stuff, today I received this message from someone who did the PEACE MEDITATION.


“THANK YOU, I just finished the peace meditation and when you called in the angel of peace I started crying and shaking. I have done angelic reiki before, and they always seem to overwhelm my system in the same, good way. I just did the meditation on a whim and wasn’t really expecting anything!”


I said HELL YEAH GIRL, I’M NOT FUCKIN’ AROUND OVER HERE. Archangels are real and totally, completely badass. I was channeling them when I created the work. And the frequencies of that recording session extend out into the music and affect the listener. 


A super solid Spotify artist I love for meditative music can be found here.


Don’t know which mantra to start with? Try this one.


Get a subscription to and do some yoga, studying, meditating from home. I know, I know, they need to level-up the production quality (I've considered pitching them a million times), but the content is great, especially if you're tripping out and stuck at home. (And once you get into the alien conspiracy theory stuff, call me. I can talk about it all night looooooong, y’all.)


Read. Educate yourself. Take tech free, wifi free, mini vacations in your downtime. Find out who offers virtual experiences and classes. 

Also, I’ve been talking to badasses. Some out in the mainstream. Some underground. The kind of people that you have to get to by knowing someone who knows someone, who also happens to know the secret handshake and specific raven call to get to these people to talk to you. 


Luckily, I’m in the HEALING MAFIA. But the first rule about the healing mafia, is we don’t talk about the healing mafia. (shit — I’m out.) Oh well, I do it for you guys…


Below is a list of herbs and supplements to support your immune system and protect it from viruses specifically, with Amazon links for purchase. This list was compiled by Sathari Khalsa. If the brands are sold out, choose alternatives that are organic. These specific brands were chosen because, well, they are the best. 





Mullein leaf:








Elderberry Syrup:






Olive leaf:




Vitamin D 10000 iu


Samahan tea:


Also, GET RAW VITAMIN C, and take a shit ton daily. (Can you tell I’m not a doctor?) And take a good probiotic. 


I am personally also taking an adrenal support, a supplement for sleep, and thyroid support, from THE HALL CENTER. // Sweet sleep, Super Adrenal, Thyroid Shield // You can order supplements here


The last thing I wanted to share is a supplement that that re-educates your immune system for optimal responses. 4Life, a supplement company, has created Transfer Factor. I take it daily with other protocols from the same company like BioEFA (essential fatty acids) and Glutamine Prime, which helps optimize immune cell functioning.

“Unlike common supplements you find in every health food store, transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals or herbs (substances that add nutrients to your body). Instead, they’re molecules that transfer immune memory and knowledge from one entity to another and are part of a ground-breaking approach to immune system support.”  


Do your own research. If you need help getting orders with 4Life, shoot me an email. I’ll send you my contact. 


And by the way, this too shall pass. We are dealing with the chaos of the Kali Yuga, the onset of the Aquarian Age and the great shift in human consciousness. For more on that, check out my previous post about THE GREAT SHIFT.

Once we move past anxiety, fear and anger, highly pressurized times cause us to reevaluate the foundations upon which our lives are built. We fine tune ideas about how we want to exist. When shit gets fucked up, we can ask ourselves, "Well, was it really working in full alignment anyways?"

Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with? Where are those people? How can we repair cracks in our foundation? What are you working so hard for? Why? For who? 

We have to slow down. We have to care for our bodies. We have to reclaim autonomy in big ways and small ones. We have to understand deeply our core motives driving us forward. Maybe we need to pivot and redirect.

I really love this excerpt from The Power Path School of Shamanism newsletter: “Always taking the position of “we create our own reality,” we have to trust that this virus has its purpose and its medicine. We will probably not see the positive results of whatever change it brings until some time in the future. It is definitely getting our attention and making us focus on beefing up our immune systems and our general health which is a good thing. And the better practices being adopted in public areas will also help reduce the spread of all flus and other diseases. It is also bringing to our attention in very physical way that we are indeed a global society and all connected if we did not realize this before. This virus affects the lungs. This is a good time to clear and support the lungs, not only physically but emotionally and energetically as well. This virus has everyone’s instinctive centers (First chakra) blasted open. When the instinctive center is opened up, all the material carried in the first chakra related to physical vitality, fear, survival, past life karma, grief, loss and suffering becomes available for clearing."

As this issue progresses, stay tuned. I will be sending out further meditations, yogic asanas and virtual group and individual healing options for everyone stuck at home. 

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