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Dear Friends,

This morning I sat down to write. I asked the wiser aspect of myself what might be useful to remember right now. What clarities have been refined by chaos? What truths can I stand on?  And this is what came through for me... Maybe it will help you refine your own truth at this time. 


1. I’ve never had anything badass happen to me without going through a form of metaphorical death.


2. Death is simply the artificial parts of the soul falling away.


3. If I am truly intimidated to start a project, to move forward, to handle what is coming my way — it's indication to me that I am on a growth path. Being challenged builds character. I suppose it is refreshing to feel intimidated again. 


4. Realizing how flimsy our institutions are makes me very clear that in the future, learning to be more autonomous in how I live is a personal requirement and goal: sustainably, close to the earth, studying how to build and live off grid.


5. Who the fuck cares anymore about not fitting in, not aligning with dominant systems or being "other." When we are born into worlds we don’t fit into, it is because we are bringing something new to up level the paradigm.


6. You are not what you see. What you see isn’t necessarily truth. It is a collective out-picturing of a lot of dysfunctional thought processes from the past. Everything is constantly in a state of flux and mutation. Do not fixate on perceived permanence. Permanence is not real. You are real. Your divinity is real. What you feel, see and think can change and as it does, the collective does. As the collective does, our world does change. Do not despair too long when you see harm. Come back to your center, your inner strength. Let the world spin in whatever way it will while you stay firmly held by God in your center. It’s like meditating in the eye of a tornado. That’s the game.




7. I have to move, even indoors. Energy will get stagnant and stuck in the body. Breathing, moving, allowing a physical outlet for spring chi building up in the body will help create flow. Take walk or workout in doors. Drink dandelion tea for your liver at night.



8. A couple times a day, call in Spirit. Ask your higher self to place an X on the body anywhere you are holding energy that is not yours. When you notice how much energy you’ve collected, ask God / Archangel Michael to lift it away. Ask for help in processing and clearing what is yours. If you need help with this, full and half sessions are available. Moving energy SERIOUSLY helps me right now. Book your session here.



9. Whoever is on your mind right now, matters. Whatever, whoever, is in your world and does not move or inspire you - probably does not have enough amps to play a big role in your life. You love someone, tell them. You have a burning desire you’ve buried for decades - look at it. Life is precious. You're worth the effort. 


10. The consciousness of scarcity and the density born from so many millions of people fearful about when they will eat next or how they will survive and pay their bills has to soften for the higher vibration of the world. We are being asked to let go. There is nothing else we can do. We are all trying, I know. At the end of the day we have to just look at that giant question mark and invite it to tea. Chill out and say, "year, I don’t fucking know - but it is OK." Nothing is permanent. Everything can change in an instant. It truly does just take one moment to change a life.


11. Read. Keep reading. Don’t become too addicted to tech and your phones because you are afraid and need to distract yourself. Be aware that smart phone addiction has been slowly rewriting your brain for the past decade and changing the way you learn, think and perceive. Take time to shut off your modems, shut off your phones, and truly be in glory of a silence on Earth unseen for a long, long time. Be smart. Take time to sharpen your mind.

12. Imagination is the gateway to manifestation. What do you want? What do you really want? What do you see for yourself in this life? Do you give yourself permission to dream? Or do you say, “well that could never happen because this and this and this, so I don’t even go there.” I will ask you again, what do you really want? You don’t have to tell anyone. See it. In detail. See how the flower petals hanging from vines stretching down from the roof on your dream porch allow fractals of sunlight through pale, sheer veils of color to dance on the delicate skin of your cheeks in the early morning sun. Details. Feel me?

What do you really want? What do you see when you close your eyes and imagine a dissolution of harm on this Earth. When all is safe and free, what do you see? Who is by your side? How do you feel when you wake up? Where are you? How do you spend your day? Your nights? Write about it. See it in your mind’s eye. Then put light into it.

You know how in sessions I lead you to breathe in light? We do visualizations and breathing exercises where you bring light to the body and your energy? Okay — well, I want you to do that, but instead of bringing it to your body and energy, I want you to send that same God light to your detailed dreams. Paint a picture with your imagination, and imbue it with the light of Spirit.


I promise it works.


We are entering the 5th dimension. Manifestation is easier, so be careful what you dream up. ;)

13. It is your right to take time to yourself. You don’t have to be calling and texting people frantically all day to be a good person. The point is slowing down to feel. To see. Tap in for quality connections. Be present with your people. But do so slowly and with plenty of allowance for your own down time. Everyone has a different requirement for this.


It is my hope these small remembrances serve you well. Whatever happens, do not lose hope. Hope is the way. Let that spark in the heart guide you. May the soul carry the torch. 


Big Love,




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  • Susie Sills: April 22, 2020

    Thank you for the reminder
    Are you still homing Friday night meditation?

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