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There is a space within the soul, an inner realm, often called a divine castle by mystics through the ages, thank you, Teresa of Avila. This is the place of knowing. This is a place where light expands unto itself, reigning with laws of truth. This state of enlightened embodiment shatters the falsified, glass house rules of the human world, which bear few jewels. Humans are asleep. Understand this. Most humans are asleep and have forgotten their origins. It does sound silly when I put it like this, doesn’t it? It is like having amnesia. Can you imagine having no idea where you were born, who your parents were, what you’re doing here or why you are here at all? And then, never attempt to discover those secrets? Most accept their limited existence without a deeper search for the profoundness surrounding the breath of life and all it holds. 


We are all seekers in some way. The confused are those who do not know that they are seeking, nor do they know what it is they seek. If we do not consciously effort to reunite ourselves with an understanding which has been cut off from us, there will be a part of us still searching for something, always. We are designed to move toward light and continually expand. To do so, we must lean on something, a person, a teaching, God, a practice, nature, an art form, etc. If we are not leaning on a genuine power source that is qualified to hold space for us, we may start to inappropriately lean on someone or something that will never quench our seeking thirst. 


Deep down, we seek our spiritual homes. We seek those connections and ways of being that bring us back to the thrones of our divine castles. It is not a physical thing, or an earthly location. You can't sex your way to it, buy it, smoke it, snort it, workout enough to get it. That which you seek is beyond this world and the path back to it is not through the seductive, illusory temptations we think will make it all better. This castle is too brilliant to see with physical eyes. The intelligent knowing guiding us to the castle is entirely intuitive in nature, requiring our depths, souls and hearts to even primitively qualify its meaning to our individual consciousness. 


I explain this preface, so to help you re-direct your distracted mind to that which actually matters. We need reminders, all of us, that the hard and dark parts of this world are temporary and have as much power as we give them. Your perception holds the key to how you live. Often we are so inundated with other people, their ideas, their ways, their looks, their money, their talent, or fame or idolized greatness, it can feel like there isn’t enough room for us to even try. The digital revolution brings us a light side and a dark side. As this revolution has become more of a neurological mutation affecting global consciousness en mass, we have to transcend comparison culture in order to expand in the actualized design of our highest selves. 


Why should I say anything? Everyone and their moms are already saying it and saying it well. Why should I bother?

They look so beautiful, why should I even try to be a woman? I can’t be like them. 

Oh there are too many people in the industry I want to go into, I’ll never make it. I should just do something safe. 

I wish I had that kind of money, the kind I see on that show or that Instagram page. I don’t have big connections, so I can’t start that business. 


Sometimes we don't try because we believe ourselves to be so small that if someone else is already doing it and experiencing joy and success, that it takes away from our pot and lot. That's not how it works. We are conditioned to believe in finite resources. When you live in the castle resources are unlimited. Every genuinely successful being you see is God expressing itself through the branches stemming from her trunk.

There is enough for everyone. Someone else's experience, good or bad, cannot take away from your potential. You are not a victim. You are a victor. You were born so. Though it takes some effort and willpower to move all the shit out of the way to discover that truth for yourself. It is so loud out there, I often find my greatest contribution is silence. I do truly feel that way, sometimes. And in those times, I choose quiet. And yet, it’s not always about what others need, is it? It’s not always about how successful the end result is predicted to be. 


Stop thinking about product and think about process. Your process is the key. 


Sometimes it's about doing something because it gifts you a feeling of freedom. There is room for you to try. To gift yourself something special because the part of you that seeks the castle is entitled to the freedom life brings simply because you are a child of Spirit. Period. 


We cannot look to lower consciousness Earth rules to direct the choices we make. This is your life. Dig deeper. Seek out those courageous souls who are willing to push life to the edge and fall willingly and freely into the mystery. That’s where the juice is, the amps baby. This is where your soul mates live, the partner you seek, the family and community you want. This is where the path of heart resides, beyond the edge and into the mystery. 


I started taking improv classes. Well, I am creatively expanding in different areas, going back to old art forms and projects I had to put in a box many years ago. Oh what a joy (but that's another newsletter). I find improv to be zen and joy in action. One must have a clear channel to be good at it, and I’ll be damned if I haven’t been clearing channels for years. It’s a blast. I am doing it with my friend Jacque. She received a Steve Martin Masterclass from her boyfriend as a gift because she wanted to try out comedy. She told me that the first thing Steve says in the class, the thing that everyone has to understand, is that:


It struck me because it's such a simple concept, but one of those foundational ones that can change the way everything looks in your life. It is a concept that builds the frame and sets the base. There is room for you. 

You don’t have to be the best. You don’t have to claim notoriety. You don’t even have to be that good. Just start doing the “it” that you want to do because you are meant to. You are designed to engage with the brilliance of life and your heart and soul will guide to the the things and places and people which hold brilliance for you. 

But, you have to try. You have to release judgement of yourself and of others. Know that they too, are seeking. There is room for you to expand. Yes the world is over populated. Yes the Earth may be dying. Yes there are disasters, wars and injustice. People dominate and try to control. But why should all this darkness have any bearing on your soul’s God-driven, pulsing desire to expand. Do you see that your individual joy, freedom and lightness brings more of the same to this world? It heals. When we let ideas of the ego or fears born of darkness, walls, material strife limit our experience, darkness wins. Nah, we don't play like that around here. When we look to social media, or trash TV, false gods and unworthy icons for ideas on how to live, we are in appropriately seeking that which will never fill our cups. 

There is room for you. There is spaciousness within the interior castle and the way is on the other side of the fears holding you back. You are a seeker. You are an energy being. You are casting spells with your thoughts and feelings every second of every day. You can choose to do so consciously, or you can choose to do so on autopilot, constantly reacting to what you perceive as completely out of your control. So, what kind of energy do you want to run? Where do you want to live?

I want to sit on my throne. I choose Queendom. I choose the glory of God’s mystery. I choose to lean on my brothers and sisters who can hold my hand as I try my best in this life. I choose to be awake. I choose to transcend. I choose to see beyond the bullshit that has infected humanity like a virus. I choose faith. I choose life. Because I know better. I have knowing. And so I remind you. Deep down, you know too. My brother. My sister. You know too. There is room for you. There is room for you. There is room for you to shine, on your thrown, in the castle. 


May your light reign. 

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