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The one who hold the pen shapes history through the evolution of thought. The one who causes thought to evolve, molds consciousness en masse. Ideas have immense power. 

The power of thought creates.

The thoughts you think either have creative power (positive intentions), magnetic power (silence) or destructive power (being a bratty asshole). You are doing energy work every second of your life, you just may not know it. 

The ideas you become through intentional beholding, create the new world. 

Take the pen. 

In the early stages of my career it was required that I demonstrate what is possible, through alchemy and vibrational science; offering the experience itself and beneficial results as my credentials. I did so in a manner that was digestible (as much as I could) to folks in this particular culture and time in history. 

Now, you may have noticed, that more is being asked from you. And perhaps more is being asked of you in all areas of life. 

A shedding occurs. Contraction; inevitably leading to expansion. Prior to that expansion, you might be hit with an onslaught of overwhelming circumstances, requiring the more of who you are to successfully manage them. I like to say that your “demons” are guardians at the gateway of the next level. Before you level up, you will be tested. If you’re the type of person who wants to jump out the window when you hear words like: responsibility or accountability…. just, notice that.

This is not a barrage of pain designed to destroy you, but a wake up call to rise. An opportunity to create more constructively once you let go of everything that isn’t working. All the primordial wounding. The deepest core issues causing you to believe you are, less than. 

Falling deep however, opens into a deeper, more powerful flow if you let it. 

In this iteration of my career, not only am I demonstrating what pure energy feels like, but I am teaching WHY it is possible, and WHAT is actually happening with your energy, emotions, and brain when you are facing your fears. Because you experientially show up to process, see, shed, understand, clear, visualize and have your own revelations, a more substantive and more powerful expansion occurs. 

Weird, super cool stuff happens during the brainspotting, vibrational, and energetic processes. You are all starting to ask questions, and I have answers. I love my work. Socratic ascension studies, would be analogous to the part of the teaching aspect supportive of the Expansion Sessions. Again, this new therapeutic model incorporates counseling, brainspotting, crystal, light, sound, and energy work. 

When you are present to and take ownership of your process with a support system, the healing is more powerful. 

I invite those who want to work in partnership with me to face their fears, rewire the brain, balance energy + learn how to do it yourself eventually, make sense of your experiences, learn how to feel and easily identify what you are feeling, and to organically shift into states of alignment and wisdom that open doors in ways you couldn’t imagine. 

I am seeing this happen as a regularity in my practice. I find it surprising if I hear of someone who doesn’t get a promotion. Data suggests that people who sign up for Expansion Sessions, change their lives and perspectives. 

Expansion sessions connect the dots between interpersonal neurobiology, developmental trauma, behavioral psychology, the human energy field, multidimensional reality, metaphysics, emotional health, and past/parallel life experiences where energy is frozen.

It is unnecessary to delve deeply into metaphysics during this process, for phenomena will reveal itself in divine timing to the ripened seeker. Nevertheless, these teachings do occur. They are occurring more regularly because this practice is not just about healing, trauma, therapy, energy, systems and charts. It is about awakening. There are realms of experience in my practice I would not begin to describe, lest I diminish the sacred, reverent energy of the revelations themselves. 

I know, that sounds like a lot. But it’s actually quite simple. Facing your emotional pain, and your own attachments, will unlock freedom in ways you do not yet understand. 

You have the power to change your life experience. No one is controlling you. But in order to do that, it requires the ability to take responsibility for your life. 

And it takes a great deal of bravery to walk towards the demons that live within your greatest fears, and then ask yourself the question, “Who is really the boss here? My highest self or these things that happened to me, these dark forces fucking with me, in this lifetime and beyond, disrupting my unconscious programming and distorting my energy field? Who wins?”

I hope your answer is the Life inside you. You have to be the kind of person willing to meet these existentially propelling threshold moments of inner experience, prior to manifesting opportunities to summon such bravery and conviction. And make no doubt of it, hellish things that happen are opportunities to show up and become the virtue or energy that will vanquish the issue into the Light. 

Keep digging. 

Summon the conviction and truth of your Highest Self to empower your answer with feeling, with substance, with amplitude. 

I am asking you now to be brave enough to learn what it means to command your own field, because you can. Your health demands it. Your health is an expression of energy fields. Through cumulative and consistent expansion work and teaching of ascension sciences, and if one is quite ready, that person will develop the ability to command their own field. 

This means you have the ability to purify, re-balance, and maintain a gold standard of clear powerful, brilliant, sun-like energy despite anything happening that happens. It means you naturally choose to make healthy lifestyle choices that would support authentic power because you are a responsible person, or at least attempting.

We fall, but we all get back on the horse. No one is perfect at all times. Self healing is part of the practice. It's what makes you good. Sometimes we go through years of shadow work, making it difficult to find consistently perfect balance. Many are traversing dark nights of the soul right now. However, knowing how to restore your own balance is simply self-reliance and autonomy. 

Cultivating the the art of self study and self reliance is a universal teaching around themes of sovereignty for all of humanity, during this time. You are free. Your energy is free to express its highest self. It wants to. It is designed to do so through the human temple. 

At this time, the sum total of: your energy systems, light-bodies, pain-bodies, quantum fluidity, emotional maturity, mental plane content and neurophysiology, is poised and primed to explode through the mire and experience illumination. You can choose to dismantle that which keeps you fettering and fumbling about the karmic wheel. Same people keep incarnating, that’s why history keeps repeating itself! Ha! Oh what a beautiful shit show.

I cannot tell you anymore. You have to experience it for yourself.
There is no nirvana in a pill. There is no way out but in and through. 

The insatiable quest for instant gratification deludes the mind en masse to what a growth path actually is. 

Energy masters are great healers. They have given up attack energy and train the body to avoid the fight. They train the energy and mind to transmute and alchemize dark forces and re-activate the original seed with living light. They purify as they walk through the world. They can't help it. Their systems have been erased by a higher design. They distinguish easily between truth and appearance and always empower. 


Prophets of doom, enough. 
Competitive sufferers, enough. 

Come back with something more empowering. 


“Think beyond the limitation of your life.” - The Energy Book


You will have to become the art of becoming itself. A living prayer. A walking poem. 

“The Truth needs no believers, said the Elephant to the butterfly…”
This is the first line of a poem I esteem. 

This means, Truth is complete on its own and wants nothing. 
The Elephant is the wise master. 
The Butterfly is in mutation, she is becoming. 

Do not stop while you’re half way. Do not give up before you reach meeting your true self. You were not born to give up on yourself. You are already home. 

Whatever is inside of you, waiting to be born and birthed, wants to be mothered by your highest self, not your pain body. This is what I call conscious creativity. It has taken me two years to finish 3 songs. It’s taken me 4 years to become the woman and writer who can finish something I would consider a great work in this lifetime. 

Why? Everything you experience and create will be affected by your consciousness and how you make sense of things. Therefore, balancing the heart and mind is of great import in imbuing your creations with intention. 

Trends, waves of ideology and "isms"— these all pass, mutate and change as humanity does. The truth behind it does not. Truth does not change through the ages. Worlds are always changing. Manifested physicality is always in evolution. But the Truth, this does not change. It is the seed around which life blooms and dies, becoming dark and blooming again. This is why you can read something from thousands of years ago and feel it in your depths. The Truth always speaks to the soul. Your body knows what is true. 

Honor your body. 

This is the Temple. 

If you want to change your life, my friends you will have to change your life.

When it comes to your soul, emotion, ascension— many are afraid to step into the Light or to ask for help. It is terrorizing to know what actually happened to you, or why you think the way you do, or how you got into this or that situation, or rather, how to even begin to make sense of your life and become the living lesson learned from experiencing it. 

The thing is, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to try doing that. You wouldn’t have incarnated right now and you certainly wouldn’t be reading this. 
Law of attraction is at play in this newsletter community. 

There is only so much you can learn online. Or from a clip. Or a video. Or by yourself. From a newsletter. I can guide you to the gate. I can hold your hand through the portal and lead you out of hell. My heart is with you. However, I cannot be your voice. I cannot be your will or conviction. I cannot be your passion or devotion. I cannot be your intent. 

It is your work to summon your voice, conviction, passion, devotion and intention. This is YOUR authentic power to claim, not mine. 

And you are strong enough to do this. I know you are.
I watch them change over and over. I watch people go from suicidal depression to awakened healers. I watch the abused and beaten and raped and molested become the most compassionate and wise teachers. I watch the poor, the vanquished, the war torn, the veterans, the homeless reach for more with SINCERITY. And when they do reach for more, with sincerity, it comes. 

Sincerity is a very important attribute to have on the path. 
It comes down this sincerity, will and choice. It comes down to one’s quest for freedom. It comes down to bravery and accountability. 

You are a pattern of energy fields. You are an energy being here to master yourself. So what will this cost? The safety of your illusions, blanketing you. Are you willing to become what you are at the cost of the false self that you were?

I am taking on consistent sessions with clients who hold time slots weekly, or every other week. It is an anchored support system that again combines, energy healing, trauma therapy, emotional & somatic processing, quantum healing, interpersonal neurobiological rewiring, spiritual teaching, karmic alchemy, metaphysics, atomic restructuring, and vibrational medicine. 
I encourage you to continually have an understanding of your etheric biology the myriad portals within the microcosm of the universe that is YOU.

Beyond what you see. 
Beyond what you perceive. 
Beyond your childhood. 
There is a multidimensional world and self that calls your conscious presence. 
Can you see this? Can you feel this? 

Awaken, for you are a Seed of Light. You are the Origin. In the Temple of your Holy House. You are the Creator. You are the Way. 

Please send an email to to get started with the Expansion Program. 

Thank You. 

Hello You!

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