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We are all born with spiritual powers inherent to the infinite self, but often it is difficult to whole heartedly understand what this means and how to practically apply this concept in our lives. How do we move from a faraway, intellectual understanding to an actualized and embodied wisdom? Does everyone have spiritual powers? Why can some people perform miraculous healings or have profound visions and other people seem to be stuck without a clue? 

I think there is a misconception about what it means to harness the divine self. It isn't going to look exactly like another person's embodiment. 


I often ask people to look at this through a more commonly understood analogy like athleticism. We are all born with bodies. ALL of our bodies are meant to move, stretch, sweat, strengthen and are capable of ingenious physiological orchestrations that manifest in profound ways. ALL of our bodies house our infinite selves as extraordinary physical temples. Some people like to go for long walks a couple times a week. Some people need to workout more intensely 5 times a week to to maintain a positive state of mental health. And some people become Kobe.


We all have unique genius and we all have the capability to realize that unique genius here and now in this life. Whether or not you have the desire, talent, social landscape, divine plan, drive, discipline and genetic makeup to become a professional athlete has to do with higher law and personal will. But none of us need to be superstars to have healthy, powerful bodies that support the divine plan of our lives. Just because I am not a professional athlete with a perfect body doesn’t mean I’m not going to workout regularly and fully enjoy it!


So, what I am saying is— who the F cares about being some profound visionary mystical being. These powers are not untouchable or reserved for the perceived gifted. Realization of the infinite self, the GOD self that exists within you, is a required pathway to becoming the pure potential you already are; to actualizing the divine plan.


So, how do we get there? Let’s start by understanding some key concepts…



1. All divine powers share one Source.


Honestly, talking about energy work, metaphysics, spiritual powers can be hard to talk to explain without talking about God. I am so tired of trying not to offend people because they have fucked up perceptions of God due to their upbringing, corruption, abusive politics of religion. God is not corrupt. Humans corrupt and distort ideas around God. When I say GOD, I am not discussing human mis-creation. Anything that brings pain and suffering is the opposite of God.


God is real. And I am not afraid to say that word. God is not a man in the clouds. God is not even a personality! Humans have a deep need to personify what we cannot understand, but this can lead to misconceptions without the consciousness to allow for varied interpretation. The mystics through time understand that the source of all power is God. Spirit. God is not a personality loving you, or not loving you.


God IS the love within you.


“God is love; man becomes loving by permitting that which God is to find expression in word and act.” - Charles Fillmore


God is faith, understanding, imagination. God is the principle within us that is absolutely divine and it is our decision whether or not to activate those qualities.  All the powers and beauty that you are, come from this Oneness, The Field, God substance. And this substance is not only in you it is everywhere. The world is chaotic because of the denial of divinity within us and within the world. We do not see clearly, therefore we act without clarity and cause much harm,



2. All divine powers are inherent.


You were born with it. Period. Honey you come fully loaded. Divine desire stems from the nexus of destined expression within you. Our divine or spiritual powers are not acquired, rather they are native. They are vibratory, non-physical energies that can be perceived and then activated. I would always say and write that real power is invisible. The shamans could give a shit about your money, status, titles, ego, who you trained with, who your daddy is, etc. A beetle can have more light activated than a king. If so, the beetle is more powerful. You have divinity within you. You are not a servant to the Light. You are a child of the Light. You are a HEIR to the Light. Therefore you have been gifted coding and DNA born of God Substance. Just as your parents give you your hair and eye color, tendencies and constitution, so does God gift you your divine powers.




3. All divine powers are latent.


Isn’t it a bummer to see wasted potential? For example, the wiz kid mathematical genius may end up working as a clerk. There’s nothing wrong with being a clerk! But something is off in life when we are given a clear direction and choose instead to make ourselves smaller by not using what we have to express the divinity within us. All life seeks to expand itself. All gifts within you WANT to be expressed. Our divine powers have to be first recognized,  and then activated and then developed. If the wiz kid didn’t have the drive or discipline to do well in school, didn’t have the self esteem to participate in class, or the will to harness their gift into an expression that could help the world— well, that is their choice. And we have free will!  Our abilities must mature under the governance of the Soul/Infinite Self, not the personality or the ego.




4. All divine powers must be directed.


Love, faith, will, power, wisdom, strength, stability, vision and other abilities have to be held and harnessed under a higher intelligence. Love becomes unhealthy obsession when the person who is in love does not understand that love exists within themselves (a spiritual understanding). This is limited consciousness attempting to direct love by perceiving that the other person is the only source of love available (un-truth) will inevitably end in dysfunction. Love itself may be used to harm or elevate depending on who is using it and how they use it.



5. Expanded consciousness is required.



How can you direct your spiritual life (which is essentially just life— I’ll take out the word ‘spiritual’ because, if you have a pulse you are a spiritual being. We need to stop looking at spirituality as a singular aspect we put on a shelf and take down when appropriate like nirvana in a pill you can just pop in a second)…. So back to my question, how can you direct your life without an expanded perception? You are always a spiritual being. You are not always aware of it because of a limited consciousness.


Gosh, I have some incredibly intelligent in my world people that just can’t understand why the things I say are possible, or how they are possible. Spiritual awareness is counterintuitive to the development of a sharp, mental plane intellect. Very different rules my friends. You can be smart as fuck and choose not to expand your sense of awareness. This is where we get technology and medicine gone haywire and destructive. We have people in power with primitive understandings of human life and existence in all areas, making very serious decisions on behalf of humanity. It’s a big fuckin’ problem.


How can you explain blue to someone who is color blind? How can you explain Shubert to the deaf? How can you explain what a meditative state of bliss and oneness feels like to someone who chooses to be cut off from the mystical?


You develop higher senses, you develop perceptive ability. You perceive more you are aware of more. You are aware of more your consciousness expands. 


The previous statement is NOT discriminating against anyone with a disability. There are reasons we all chose to incarnate with certain conditions to learn life lessons. This is meant to be analogous in portraying that without expanded senses of awareness, without a higher consciousness driving the boat, is becomes difficult to harness the power within us or tell someone what divine reality is without them making the effort to test the waters themselves.


In the immortal worlds of good ole’ Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”



If we can’t see it.  We can’t touch it. We can’t perceive it or sense the effects or echoes of that which is divine within us there will be a barrier between you and your purest potential. So if you want it, work towards expanding your consciousness.


Your entire universe changes, expands, alchemizes, and operates in higher laws of physics as you step into expanded consciousness. Colors you’ve never seen before. Feelings you’ve never felt. Magic becomes normal. Powers in the palm of your hand. To use them wisely one must be spiritually responsible. (PSA —Beware fools who develop powers for power’s sake. They will be lost, in the end.)



6. Realizing the infinite self takes sustained effort. 



Evidence or proof of realizing the infinite self should not be measured by visions, or which alien you can talk to. Oh man, everybody thinks they’re gurus channeling this or that. Don’t care. Not interested. Not seduced or intrigued like some spiritual adolescent just because someone can tap into the chaos of the lower 4th. There is just as much ego and nonsense in the mainstream spiritual worlds as there are in any other life area. Realization of the infinite self can be measured by the effects of your inner world. Don’t worry if you don’t see colors or apparitions of angels. It’s ok! Humility and subtlety are profound. Your spiritual powers are still at play and working for you! Are you at peace? Do you experience joy? Is there stability? Balanced relationships of giving and receiving? There is beauty in the small things, in the foundational simplicity that is the grace of life. The littlest things are the most magical to me. You can feel ALL of your human emotions, even contemplation of life and death (we will discuss the psych-spiritual symbolism of suicidal ideation in another post) and be spiritually evolving. Your infinite self wastes absolutely no cares on survival or advancement in the material world. Not one. Your infinite self wants to express virtue,  naturally.  Your God self doesn’t care about getting ahead, that next gold metal, more money, being accepted by wealthy or famous people club, how skinny you are, how many followers you have, what kind of car you drive. These are all conditioned values born of a false reality.



“The infinite self pours out its powers overall, like rain that drenches everything in its path. Love unites. Life animates. Strength holds to the truth. Power acts with authority. Release eases. Imagination convinces…. Whenever we feel tension between where we are and where we want to be, we are on the threshold of the infinite self. Whenever we feel torn between extending mercy and teaching someone a lesson, whenever we feel eager for change and yet are daunted by the idea of it, whenever we feel angry towards another person while sensing our own part in the drama, let this tension be our signal to choose a response from the infinite self.” — Linda Martella Whissett.




Meditation helps us realize, remember and actualize our infinite self because of the neurological and physiological changes it births, like a glass house covered in soot washed clean by the process. Now the dweller can see the sun. The sun is the divine self.



To realize inner divinity, we move from human doing to a human being. Non-efforting, paradoxically, becomes the counterintuitive methodology. Be. Sit. Allow. Non-resistance. It takes effort to de-program our minds into effortlessness, to understand the perfection that we already are.



Another understanding that may help you on the path towards relation is the power of the word. We have so many limiting words commonly used in our vocabulary. Be mindful of what you say.



You realize it. You vibrate it. You direct it. And you speak it in evocation through the power of the world to make divinity manifest on the physical plane. Your voice is sacred.


Your word is a wand or a weapon. Intentionally craft power affirmations to use throughout the day as vehicles for the nonphysical powers, the invisible divinity within you to ride on out into he world. Light travels on breath. Power ride the waves of words. Use them well.




My friends, we are born. Told what to do. When to speak. When we are allowed to pee. What to read and study. When to stand and sit. What to say or not. Learn this to get here. Do this to get to the next level. Does the next level ever end? We are programed to fit into small boxes to keep playing an infinite and vacuous video game, a broken record looping, boasting no rewards but material psychosis—- unless or until we have the consciousness to step out of the matrix and begin to live intentionally, gracefully, in harmony, in self reverence. Self reverence is spiritual reverence.



Because you are God. God is in you.





I bow to that God with in you.

Hello You!

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