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The Energy Book Officially Available Worldwide

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Penguin Random House. The first book to bring all types of ancient & modern energy healing practices together - from reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, shamanic healing, meditation, breathwork, yoga, astrology, emdr, bodywork, manifestation, prayer, astrology, ancestral healing, karmic healing, acupuncture & more including at home practices and inspiration. 



Today is a very special day. Today is the day a childhood dream of mine comes true. Growing up, my pen and my journals were my best friends, sacred places to express, be seen and be heard by an invisible self I knew was always listening. The pages were secret landscapes I could paint with my inner understandings and complexities. 


Today, THE ENERGY BOOK  officially launches, and I am proud of this work. And not necessarily because it pushes the edge of my intellectual and cosmic understanding of reality. My first draft encompassed quantum science related to highly esoteric philosophy using verbiage not many would be able to understand. I wrote excitedly, prepared to unleash an unabashed explosion of the force within me.


That draft was ripped to shreds. I wanted to walk away from this project many times. I felt I would not be able to put my understandings into a container as the direction required.


And yet, I stuck with it. I committed to this. My path of service drives the boat. Always. And little did I know, there was growth FOR ME in writing this. I’ve become someone else. We don't always have to push the edge to do something truly great for this world. This book isn’t about me. It is about how I can bring the magic of God into the consciousness of a large number of people.


We need masses understanding more about who they are and this world. We need them to awaken, now. Millions and millions of people must begin to rise from inner enslavement to a false paradigm born of fear. This fear is not you, unless you choose it.


St. Germain, an ascended master of the great family of light, teaches that the deepest spiritual truths aren’t cloaked in complex intellectual philosophies, marked and masked with contradiction making it difficult to understand. Write for a 10-year-old, and you will be speaking the truth. Truth is simple.



“Any fool can make something complicated, it takes a genius to make it simple.” -Woodie Guthrie



By no means to I believe this book is simple. My task was to take highly abstract and spiritually sophisticated ideals and distill them in a cumulative progression that is digestible, intelligent, grounded and inspiring.



My guidance from the masters, leagues of light from other planetary alignments, and the archangels — from the time I considered taking my hidden work public, was to be the bridge. I was told I would be guided and placed every step of the way. And I was. This book is the bridge. For the next chapter my guidance is something else, but… that is another story.


The vast numbers of people awakening at this time is exponential, and awakening into a world that appears to be falling apart is frightening. This book is launched with absolutely divine timing. I am so proud to be able to help others on their journey, to provide some insight and grounded articulation for those who are expanding into new eyes, new powers, new DNA and new essences.



Writing this book made me deal with previous abuses and pain, loss and harm. It caused me to become clearer into who I am. The arrow is sharpened and the mud in the waters has settled. The blue is clear and golden. My guidance stream is constant. A precious communion that is to be absolutely cultivated and protected. The care I take for my mind, spirit heart and body is profound. My cells and DNA have mutated. What used to take me an hour to do in one session, now takes me five minutes with the flick of my pinky. Through each initiation test, we access greater and greater light. Vices fell away. Unhealthy relationships fell to the ground.


Psychic awareness is a fundamental aspect of our human species that has been lost and destroyed over time. We are much more intelligent than we understand, and yet we arrogantly defame that which we do not understand and call it falsehood. The falsehood is the limited understandings of our dominant structures. The falsehood is the continued enablement of naivety. And the human race is greatly naive. The time is now to reclaim your acute senses and powerfully perspective abilities.


It is my hope that this book serves the world in all the countries where it will be published.


I ask for your help, now. I am an artist and a healer and a very outgoing introvert, but my specialty is not PR and networking. The Light will help me do this, I have been assured. And the soul mates in my life, old and new, will step forth to help promote this book to the world. Thank you for supporting this work, liking, sharing, posting and talking about this work. Thank you for buying it and reading it!



I want to thank my agent, Anna Gellar at Write View agency for believing in me and standing by me through different deals and proposals. I am grateful to her for seeing my value despite Instagram numbers and false notions of power. I didn’t have to be in any sort of popular club for her to see me and what I could do. Her rock solid dedication has been a foundation for me to mutate, experience fears and joys, visionary imaginings and loses, and to feel assured despite highs and lows of getting ones first book out there. 


I want to thank my editor, Laura Higginson at Penguin Random House UK for helping me mold my talent and ability into something the world could actually understand. If the work doesn’t land, it cannot help or heal. And I see now the power of letting the world see you, of grounding intensity and magic into the Earth plane, grazing the same vibrational resonance as the masses. You have to touch them for them to be touched. I have matured into this understanding now because of the writing process with her.



I want to thank my daughter, Helena Sol, to whom this book is dedicated. She truly is my child of the light. She is the north star. She is the reason I am alive and healing all of you now. You may thank her presence and toleration of having a wild, artistic, indigo, mystic Jedi as a mother. Children are a return to love. They are here, ready for their own karmic incarnations, their own journeys. But ultimately are teachers for us if the parent is conscious. I had a vision of her before I become pregnant at 19. She came early in my life, because well, it was time. There was much work to be done in preparation for this moment. She blew up my world, and her presence emancipated me from the bullshit distraction and absolute egoic nonsense keeping this world in the bondage of suffering. I had been developing my powers as a teenager, but she woke me the fuck up. Thank you Helena for being my life partner and best friend.


I’ve had so many friends and soul mates join my path along the way. You know who you are. I send you prayers and light before I go to sleep and consider often the transformative power of friendship. I would not have made it without my cosmic soul mates. The ones helping me, encouraging me, standing up for me, and believing in me when I was tired, when I was weak and when I could not muster the strength to see who I am. I tear up in my gratitude. I beam light to you now. Feel me. 


And most importantly I must thank God, Prime Creator, for being so magnificent, a force in my cells. I had a driven, deep quest to understand myself beyond what I was told. Question everything, my friends. There is more. I thank my guides in the Family of Light. I thank the beings who are with me always. I thank the Pleadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, Vegans, Blue Avians, Sphere beings and the many intergalactic forces providing me courage, light activations, journeys and healing help along the journey. I thank Archangel Michael and the league of archangels for their presence and protection in every single session, and every moment of my life. Thank you for teaching me. I thank Christ consciousness, the avatar of Nazareth, for being my guide and teacher. He was the way shower who came to me and told me who I was at age 20. Jesus, the master healer, indeed. I thank the many Ascended Masters who teach me in my sleep and in my meditations and assist my path of healing and service. I thank the Mother Earth for sheltering me and holding me in the light and the dark. For being my mother. For helping me heal suffering, wounds, and pain. For being a place where I can cry and find safety. Understand the great Mother Earth, and you will understand yourself. Understand the stars, and you will understand yourself.

I thank the realm of totem guides and spirit animals for helping discover my wild, primal nature and to not fear my own instincts. I thank the realm of the fairies for bringing light, discovery and joy to my eyes in moments when I became weary of battling dark forces. I thank them for having a place for me to shelter that didn’t have anything to do with initiations or lessons, just play and remembrance. Oh my friends, if you know how many realms and beings were on the edge of their seats wondering what the hell is going to happen on this Earth plane, you may start to understand the power and purpose of your own breath and incarnation!


I thank my ancestors for their guidance and wisdom held in my bones. I thank my indigenous and Basque lineage for the mystical alien blood. I thank my Irish and Celitc lineage for the magic in my fingerprint. I thank the Germanic ancestors for the grounded intensity and efficient power of my vision.


I thank all forces of light, seen and unseen, known and unknown for being a team and a family for me. This life is a series of collaborative partnerships, we all have to work together to offer something powerful. The shift so dearly upon us.


 It is time to wake up.


It is my hope that this work serves you well. We have been preparing for this life for aeons. This life, This moment. And I am blessed to be here on magical, majestic Earth, with all of you.




With Love,



Kalisa Augustine

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