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The Darkest Night, The Greatest Light

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What is creative power?






Life Force.


Some call it the the Holy Spirit.










Amps (really that’s just something I say. “Ohhhhhhssshhhhit, so and so got some aaaaaamps.…)


Dynamic right action. 


Dynamic Energy.


The sun inside of you. 


A strong will. 




Life Force. 


The Force. 




Creative power is the Living Light within, which propels and guides one through the thrones and hells of what is known as the experience of human evolution. This Original Seed of Living Light is to be raised up unto its highest potential by the human Heart blessed to hold it. And it is to be done, consciously. 


This Life Force cannot help but have the constructive desire to express itself in all divine glory; manifesting potentiality in the material. It’s the reason we are here, indeed - to practice the loving and constructive use of this authentic, innate power. 



If you take any seed, and put it in a petrie dish to study, the environmental conditions of the petrie dish will affect whether or not that seed rots or flourishes. 


It certainly won’t stay the same, for a stagnant void is not demonstrative of Life with a capital L. 


It will either decay from the start or have the opportunity to actualize and flourish, prior to the natural process of decay. 


Seeds must be nourished and attended in order to bloom. All living things, must be nourished and attended, in order to bloom. 


We can choose to create conditions which support our life force and creative power.


But how can we learn how to do that? 


Well, knowing the birthplace of that creative power might help in understanding how to care for it. 


What, then, is the Mother of this creative power? What can we learn from this Mother as to how to nurture it? Where does this power anchor itself within the human body and being? How can the human become like the Mother who guides and births this Living Light?


The Source of the Seed of Life itself is the Great Mother of Mystery residing in Silence and Darkness*. 


The mother of summer, is winter. 


The Source of your creative seeds, ideas, constructive desires, highest potentials, noble and valiant virtues, is Silence herself. 


It is The Mystery. She is Unknown. 


When we face the unknown in Silence, listening to the All That Is, we beckon our great friend, Knowing. 


When Knowing knocks on your door, you know what to do and how to harness the Light that you are, effortlessly and without sacrifice or burden. 


Today is Solstice. It is the darkest day of the year, lending itself to great Mystery, Silence and Stillness. It is a time of reflection and knowing. May the ancient Crone within, peek her untamed head from the Wisdom of the Heart showing you exactly who you are. 


May you remember. 


May you become the Silent Knower on this Winter Solstice. 


The one who knows, has the gift of clarity. This precision of the mind’s clarity married to the Seed of Life within, becomes an unstoppable force when held and nourished with appreciation and love. 


May Love mother your intentions. 


May your intentions be birthed from the Truth. 


May you have the discernment to understand Truth from Falsehood and act upon that Truth. 


May you have the Wisdom to understand that Truth comes from the dark, silent mystery, which reveals herself in divine timing. 


Restlessness comes when we resist what we actually are. 


You have all had years to be compressed; like coal turning to diamonds. You’ve had time to witness all of it and look inside. 


Have you done so in sincerity, and in Truth?


If so, the revelation from your inner Silent Knower can only support the path forward. The Living Light gets excited, animating itself into action of its own divine volition, when the Mother Knower sees the plan with her All Seeing Eye. 


One foot in front of the other. From the Darkness into the Light. This is the way. 


You cannot understand the presence of Light without walking alone in the Night. When I speak here of darkness and night, I speak not of evil or antievolutionary forces that cause harm. I speak of universal patterns on this planet which are elemental and cyclical, stemming not only from Nature herself but the biological patterns of life. 


There are days. 


There are nights. 


There are long summers. 


There are long winters. 


There are hard years. 


There are hard decades. 




One cannot see or know Great Mother Mystery truly — not yet, not in this human body. But we can feel her Love. You know she is there. She is the Dao. She is the Great Silence. Righteous Queen. Mother. God. 


The Seed stems from the Silent Stillness, which expands as creative power and can be used by all of us to co-create lives and societies based in harmony. 



The quality of the Greatest Night gives birth to the Quality of the Greatest Light. This is your marriage and balance. This is the circle of life. 


“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” Mark 10:9


I would invite you to be intentional on this day. Allow your body, mind and spirit to become hospitable to the Silent Knower within you. 


This is NOT any external force outside of you. This is the Epoch in Time where you understand the Power that Is You, without any need for external validation or permission. There is none. It is noise and nonsense. All spiritual power comes from within you and all spiritual power comes back to the Heart. 


May this Darkest Night, guide you in deep Faith through the Mystery to the Sacred Seed of Living Light residing in the center of the Heart. 




With Love, 



Kalisa Augustine



(* Author’s note : I chose to intuitively capitalize where it felt appropriate. This was done from knowing, not intellectual or strategic choice.)

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