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“Healers have to know and understand darkness because that’s what sickness is. It’s just darkness.” –M Runa

It is in total darkness that we can most easily see the light. 'Tis true.

As a healer and artist with a bit of a dark storm myself (muahhahaha), I’ve lately been attracting into my clientele as a crystal bed therapist and energy healer, beautiful, artistic beings with high sensitivities as intuitives and empaths with a story of sharp edges. They are justice seekers carrying swords of iron will, of great purpose. They walk the Earth with wisdom of the constellations and cosmic understanding buried deep in their bones. A constant passion burns wildly through their hearts, so brightly it can often burn the bearer and those who stand by if the bearer’s mind is not disciplined enough to handle the sharp tool it’s been given.

There is no state of middle ground natively known to the creative genius, and part of their work is to find a higher point of transcendence, grounding themselves into the mountain of this vantage point. With this perspective, they can look upon both light and dark equally, offering artistic insight from this strange and uniquely beautiful place for the well being of humanity. Their drive and constant life pulse charges forward at all times. Without clear direction, when attention is misplaced upon egoic distraction or addictions instead of creation and the higher realities, it becomes easy to self-sabotage and fall prey unto the deep well of their innate darkness.

And others look upon this and call it crazy, strange or weird and cannot understand why this type of person is tormented so. Yet the torment of the artist is learning how to master darkness and reconcile the vast gap between the innate wisdom ingrained in their DNA, and harsher Earth realities they face. This is the work, the gift and the curse. And by the Goddess let us not call it torment, but a fun game!

Learning to manage power with mastery is part of the artist’s journey. All that explosive power housed in one human body can snowball into destruction or one’s kingdom come, the fullest manifestation of dreams, and total inspiration to those around them. There is choice here. But without understanding who they are and the power they have, abuse, tragedy, addictions, unhealthy relationships and depression can become the norm. And when the momentum of darkness and struggle as the norm sets itself as a path, a great warrior spirit is required to change the tide. But lucky, they have this too. Then they must choose what truth they will believe. The truth in their soul or the struggle and strife that seems to run rampant everywhere you turn. Will you be the game changer or the victim? Would you dare hide your gift to the world because of shame or fear from the ego?

These people are visionaries and must choose their truth wisely. There is great need to look upon this world, interpret what they see around them and express it back to humanity in a meaningful way. Their art is their gift. This gift is their healing. The artist and the healer are one and the same. These are the warriors of the light, who must, undoubtedly know darkness. This is the catch of creative genius: to understand, traverse, and accept and then master the dark storm that accompanies this type of powerhouse.

This dark storm can be viewed as a magical force allowing us to access a full range of human emotion, if we do so with detachment and without clinging in indulgence to lower vibrations. When we understand that dark storm within, we have more compassion for others and are able to tell the tale of our heart song, and truly make creations that speak to the human condition, that speak to the soul. The dark storm allows us to see what others cannot, and serves as a teacher to empower us by challenge. When we choose to use it as a tool for growth, we inspire others. For the creative genius there is a great dedication and commitment to artistry and life’s passionate journey at all costs. And unfortunately many artists become slaves to their own darkness instead of finding peace within their powerhouse. They fall behind, are labeled with mental disorders and act out in madness because they are simply lack the mental discipline and education in energetic self-care, required to handle their own energy.

There is no need to fear that power. It is greater than any darkness one could summon. All that is required is an attitude shift in one’s relationship to darkness, to become empowered by it. When we shift our relationship to darkness it becomes much easier to play in the light. Firstly, denial of our shadow doesn’t work. You are bullshitting yourself and everyone around you in arrogance when you ignore parts of your whole. So stop right there. Secondly, the darkness does not hold your neck in a chain, like a silky reptile and say, “See I am here and I always have been, so I must be your Master.”

No friends, this is not the healthy way to hold the hand of midnight. Darkness cannot disempower you. And you cannot destroy it. There the two of you stand, so how will you sit in this relationship? It is your teacher. You are neither the victim, nor the rebel. When you are in total acceptance of all aspects of yourself, shadow and light, there is no need to rebel against anything, because you accept your power. In that acceptance there is nothing anyone could ever do to harm you.

The moment we are able to look at our demons, within and without, and invite them for tea to share their terrible tragedy, then smile kindly saying thank you for this lesson but I am ready to evolve… We have become the master. But to do this we must acknowledge our path, and the shadow side of our nature. For awareness is always accompanied by transmutation. Bring light to the dark and its current version is dissolved. Then you are an alchemist, transforming dark energy into art of the light. Then you have learned to own your dark storm. 

Here are a few tips for dealing with your dark storm:

1. Stay Grounded--You are too damn sensitive to be running around all the time, hanging with "whoever" because you will undoubtedly pick up their energy and without awareness take it on as your own. You've got people, environmental toxins, radiation, emf, energies specific to locations, etc. Then you are dealing with your shit and other people's shit and the world's shit. Your energy flies all over the place trying to download and assimilate everything it is taking in so you MUST GROUND YOURSELF. Use grounding meditations. Run. Pound the earth with your feet. Eat grounding foods like root vegetables or meat if that's your thing. 

2. Meditate--Your mind is too powerful for your own good. If out of control, it will create a wild mess. When in control, it will be your servant. Make your mind your servant and the world is yours. This requires training. Training requires discipline. Meditate with mantra or breath work daily to find stillness. 

3. Act Upon Intuition-  This is the voice of your higher self. When we are grounded with still minds our hunches and feelings are obvious. When we do not follow them, we disempower ourselves by our own hand. 

4. Constant Creativity-- Make art. Create. Write daily. Start a group of people who like to hang, vibe and make things. Find an outlet and place for that energetic storm. When we create, we are less likely to destroy ourselves. 

5. Exercise--Physical exhaustion relieves mental over-activity. We all know this. There must be a place physically for all your energy to go. Release it and build physical strength, enhancing the strength of your mind and spirit. 

6. Choose People Wisely-- Everything is vibration. You have a powerful vibration and you are extremely sensitive to other people's vibration. Call in those who understand your soul, your purpose, and support it. Take a good look at the relationships in your life and notice where you are giving your energy away. Are there relationships that drain you? Make you feel small? Are they petty? Or are they life enhancing soul mate friendships of the highest caliber? Because you deserve nothing less. Quality over quantity. 

7. Love Your Solitude-- If you can't be alone, you are hiding from yourself. For highly sensitive and creative people, spending hours of time decompressing is required daily in order to process the multitude of energies picked up all day. From your brain's ideas and insights. From your drive. From other people. Take time to do nothing. In these moments, horizontal is your best angle. Make alone time poetic. Don't apologize for needing alone time. It is your right to create space for yourself. 

8. Remember to Play--- You are one intense cat. With high purpose, drive and caliber. Remember to offset that mission with time spent playing, not thinking or working. Just having straight fun. Remembering joy in the simple things, silly things. Be goofy. Be the magical child. 

9. Slow Down-- You can bend time by slowing down. When you feel rushed, anxious because you are out of time, impatient because your mind is 10 steps ahead of everyone around you, and you have ten different ideas an strategies you are juggling, you are anxious to achieve your goals and save the world and feel a sense of pressure to make it all happen, etc. SLOW. THE. FUCK. DOWN. You are the master. Time is relative. When it speeds up, you slow down. 

10. Trust--Trust that you are here for a reason, you were created perfectly and have all the gifts necessary to achieve greatness. Trust that whatever happened on your path is part of your soul's growth process and once you master the lesson you can be the teacher to another. When you don't feel at home on this strange planet, trust that despite what it seems, this is your home and the world needs you. When you are impatient, trust the process. When you are alone trust your solitude. When you are creating trust the beauty that comes through you as meaningful. Trust, and you will not doubt yourself. Trust because you haven't tried it before, and it could be a new thing. Trust, because you have no other choice if you want to survive this world. Trust. 


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