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The very breath we all share is precious. More often than not lately, we are experiencing individually and collectively a deeper meaning through loss. The year 2016 was the end of a 9-year cycle, according to numerology. It was a year of endings accompanied by the experience of completions. It was a time to culminate transitions, let go, take in and let it rest. End scene.

Any time we experience a death, symbolically or literally, rebirth and regeneration awaits the other side, if we are ready to cultivate a healthy perspective. Maybe parts of your personality that at one time secured your survival but are no longer necessary to sustain your life force, are dying; or perhaps loved ones or family members are transitioning to the other side leaving blank space in your lives or hearts; or a true love has slipped through your fingertips like lost water.

For some of you it is socio-political hope that is gone. Many sensitive souls can no longer handle the denser vibrations rising to the surface as energetically toxic and oppressive. It is time to take charge of what is working and what is not, claim the power of your breath and co-create with higher energies what you want to see and feel everyday. Just live life the way you desire. That is all.

Go sober, stop saying yes to shit you hate, don't hang out with assholes, meditate, make an exit strategy for the soul sucking career, take vacation. You don’t need to go out looking for some epic force, searching for some spiritual experience to change your life. The essence of the universe is in all things. When we see this, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Study the Tao. Notice how it feels to flip the pages of an old book with your finger tips. Notice how the flower bloomed more today than yesterday, and how sunlight is diffused through translucent petals creating a language of the soul that knows no words. Let us be of service in this world, leave legacy and contribution. Let us be grateful every day that we are alive that we get to experience the human condition. You are not above it. You are it. It is okay to feel sad, lost and confused in this transition. It is healthy to acknowledge what you are experiencing, but know that you are not alone in this world.

You never walk alone. Even when you forget, disbelieve there is a higher order, feel betrayed or forgotten… No, sweet love you are completely supported. Parts of you are regenerating, understanding, building up, learning who is in your tribe, who is important, what is important and how to be the type of person who honors what is most valuable.
There are worlds upon worlds that exist in other dimensions and realities connected to this 3D Earth world plane. When I say you are not alone, I mean it. Angels are messengers of Spirit. They are not specific to any one religion. They do not have egos but are part of a higher order in a spiritual realm. They are co-creators and helpers in any process that leads to your highest good and understanding. You might think of them as personal spiritual assistants. There are many types of angels in different levels, or triads of creation, so to speak.

Some of you may have resistance to the word Angel because of the religious association. But I would ask you to open your mind to what this actually means. You might liken an angel to an archetype that exists to serve and help us in our becoming. The Greeks used deities as archetypes and there is nothing wrong with personifying values into a way that serves deeper meaning. From a purely energetic level and without any attachment to what really is and what really isn’t, let me break it down for you: Angels are representative of psychic vortexes. These are very real energies. Whether or not you believe they have feathers, wings or halos… I really couldn’t care less.

I see what I see and feel, and if you want to know more about my personal experience, feel free ask me in your next session. Some people see them as energetic forms of color and light. They have a specific frequency that is absolutely undeniable. I could not do the work that I do, without aid of these energetic vortexes of divinity. Period. It ain't just the crystals. What you feel and experience on the crystal light bed has to do with our ability to use these powerful vibrational therapies to tap into higher realities and powers that help release and cleanse your field.

Whoa, I know... 
Angels have specific duties that may lend themselves to certain life areas with unique expertise. By calling on these assistants, we call upon illumination, energetic support and love to helps us find our way, as well as aids the manifestation process. Without them, I know I would still be lost, afraid, alone, stuck in trauma patterns and unable to see my purity. They may be personified as having genders, but ultimately they are genderless.
You have to ask. They will not intervene without your permission. Ask the light and the light will come. Set an intention to receive wisdom that is from your highest good. Nourish the relationship.

What you appreciate, appreciates.

How can you expect light to serve if you do not serve it?
Here is a list of Archangels to call upon in times of need. Remember, these are powerful energies. Do not get hung up on the name and your own resistance to a mental concept muddied with preconceived notions. Open your mind and go deeper into the spiritual energy that these powerful beings represent. They are guardians of humanity, nature, nations, the earth, romance, karmic balancing, protectors against darkness and so on and on.

As always it is my hope that this information serves you well. These angel descriptions is paraphrased from the IEL Institute Training Manuel from my teacher and friend Russell Forsyth. If you would like more information about the IEL Institute and how you can learn more, send me a personal email. I am taking on a master trainer role within this program and am excited to teach this work to those of you ready learn. 

Big Love,


Archangel Ariel: Lioness of God, bravery, focus, courage, elegant movements, boost confidence, divine magic, manifestation, animals. 

Archangel Azriel: "Whom God Helps," animals, environmental concerns, grief, death. 

Archangel Samuel: " God Sees," finder of lost items, helps when lost, find career, love, global peace. 

Archangel Gabriel: "Messenger of God," writing, speaking, communication to teachers, throat chakra, the arts, mothers, children, parenting. 

Archangel Haniel: "Glory of God," uses moon energy to aid with miraculous shifts, helps live highest potential, polish your skills, magical, nurturing. 

Archangel Jeremiel: "Mercy of God," in difficult times call him to delivery mercy to all involved, develop more merciful outlook, respect for self and others, assists life review when we cross over. 

Archangel Jophiel: "Beauty of God," beauty in all forms, spring cleaning, feng shui angel, helps beautify relationships, environments, or life itself. 

Archangel Metatron: Chief angel to Tree of Life, Enoch, overseer of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children (more on that in another newsletter), time bender, shape shifter, sacred geometry. 

Archangel Michael: "He Who Is Like God", cuts negativity, courage, protection, warrior energy with sword of light cutting through blocks, love, power, strength, faith. 

Archangel Raguel: "Friend of God," healing relationships, softens heart with forgiveness, harmony, order, cooperation, kindness, wisdom, fairness. 

Archangel Raphael: "Heals with God," supreme healer in the angelic realm, personal healing, healing careers, divine guidance. 

Archangel Raziel: "Secrets of God," delivers esoteric wisdom of Spirit, ancient secrets, alchemy, works with spiritual l teachers and students. You could liken him to the archetype Merlin. 

Archangel Sandalphon: "Together with God," helps children, artists, musicians, actors, writers, anyone in the arts, prophecy, healing, manifestation, awakening. 

Archangel Saraqael: "Prayer of God," helps people connect to Spirit through prayer, helps those who need focus and concentration, motivates people to share their truth with Universe. 

Archangel Uriel: "Light of God," fire or flame of God, healing life through the mental planes, psychic release, negative thought forms, ability to enlighten mind.

Archangel Zadkiel: "Righteousness of God," helps transitions from one aspect to another, spiritual professor, helps human memory function, release forgiveness, heals in dreams. 

Archangel Aniel: "Grace of God," Stars, moon, helps us return to our natural state of grace and integrity to essential self. 

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