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The Age Of Aquarius

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Approximately every 2,150 years, a new astrological age begins that is named according to which constellation is visible behind the vernal equinox sunrise. The Age of Aquarius relates to our current astrological era, the energy of these times and how humanity’s collective energy is being activated by the cyclical planetary patterns at play. According to Sikh masters, we entered the Age of Aquarius officially as of 11 November 2011.

However, we have been on the cusp of this global, energetic shift since 1991. (I’ve personally been hearing about this shift in songs and from healers, writers and spiritual teachers, and in my own personal meditations since my teenage years. When I attended Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Golden Bridge NYC in the early 2000s, we got into it a bit more deeply.) There are many other schools of thought relating to when the astrological Aquarian age officially started and what is happening because of that shift, so my explanation here will be broad but brief.

An astronomer will affirm that Earth rotates on an axis that is not perfectly stable. A little, circular, pulsating quiver affects the axis line in a cycle lasting about 24,000 years, which results in the procession of the equinoxes. In astrology, this period has been divided into 12 ‘months’ of approximately 2,160 years each, which are in turn associated with the 12 astrological signs.

Each astrological sign has its own character, attributes and overarching archetypal theme.

Each of the 12-part ‘months’ or ‘ages’ are named for the constellation or astrological sign towards which the axis moves, with the center of the Earth vibrating towards a different sign every 2000 years or so.

For example, 2000 BCE to 0 CE marked the Age of Aries; whereas from 0 CE until very recently, we’ve been in the Age of Pisces, which was dominated by machines, dogma and hierarchies.

At the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, we can expect greater awareness, open communication, sharing, transparency and information.

Rapid technological advancements and globalization mean we are constantly inundated with information and moving pieces, which really affect our nervous systems. It can feel totally overwhelming! But all we need to do is to upgrade our self-care practices to help us to keep centered and open during this transition in human history. When you learn to hold space for yourself, you can do so for others too.

How can you improve your personal self care practices to meet the demands of the time? I have some ideas...

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