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SAFE SEEKING: The Art Of Intuitive Discernment

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I would love to talk to you about some very important points not often mentioned in the high-vibe, spiritually seeking world of energetic understandings and it has to do with how we engage with energy across the veil. I guess it all started by seeing very sensitive and empathetic clients come into the work with me on the crystal light bed. This client had very intense and deep attachments plugged into the electromagnetic field, causing extreme fear, disharmony and misalignment.

Having a bit of foreign-body energetic debris is quite common due normal wear and tear of being a human, and working through the pain-body and shadow self. We all are opening up to higher frequencies of light. We all need a regular scrub down sometimes. In fact, it's more rare to see clean energy than not, especially at this time.

I want to offer some comfort here, that the past few months, from around Thanksgiving unto now, have been extremely trying for many people. As Earth moves into receiving more and more light, it’s as if not only Gaia, but also humans beings themselves are pushing out their darkness to be cleansed and transmuted through ego work and deeper self-reflection. It’s been intense, and I hope you are all giving yourselves a break, being kind and practicing loving self-talk. With confusing sentiments, shifting energies, and lack of information can come doubt and a low-grade anxiety. For the spiritually seeking, the answer might be to spend more time in meditation, prayer, study and working with higher energy.
We are taught to open up, but not necessarily how to protect. 
I know that my work is energetic, spiritual and metaphysical. It would seem that I am for lack of better words, "out there, man." However, believe it or not, I am a bit of a pragmatist. I am direct. And I am interested in energetic efficiency and being a high functioning human being to make the world a better place. That goal, lead me to my work.

To me, it makes absolutely no sense to go playing in the realms without a grounded sense of discernment, auric strength and a goal that is of value to your human life in the here and now. Going into prayer or meditation without shielding your energy is like walking about the door without an umbrella in a rainstorm. Is taking the umbrella a fear based decision? Absolutely not. It is practical and efficient. I encourage all of my clients to develop their own direct link to source energy. You are your own guru. However, please do so with knowledge and safety.

Unwanted external sourcings of energy can enter through cuts and holes in a person’s electromagnetic field, called energetic openings. These openings are essentially caused by weak emotions and loss of personal power and can be temporary or permanent. Temporary ruptures may be caused by traumas, stress, drug or alcohol abuse (and yes, marijuana is included in that), or anytime you give your personal power away to another person or cause. Permanent holes are caused by deeper wounds of soul loss or fragmentation.

To be frank, most people are walking about with weakened electromagnetic fields (auras) containing many cuts and holes, and then to top it off, do not even think about carrying an umbrella while accessing multi-dimensional reality. This can be disastrous.
That being said, here are a few tips for Safe Seeking:

  1. DO. NOT. CHANNEL. – Under no circumstance do I condone this type of communication. Do you let strangers drive your car? Your physical body, your energy, your space is yours. Holding this space for yourself is your power. There are many teachers and guides who promote channeling; I do not, following years of experience with it in my early 20s. I would say 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, it was safer to connect with higher guides through this method. However at this time, it is unwise. You can use claircognizance, clairvoyance, clairempathy (if it is not too disruptive to your physical body) or any of the clair-senses to communicate without allowing another energy to take up residence within your field.

  2. CLOSE THE GAPS: Would you leave your house unlocked with all the doors opened overnight with the lights on and grandmothers jewels sitting on the hearth? As mentioned above, weak thinking, lower emotions and loss of personal power for prolonged periods cause a weakening of the field. I know, you're rolling your eyes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, thoughts create your reality, I get it, but... No. You don't get it, not yet. We are all still learning. If you got it, you wouldn't be coming to see me. Depressive mental attitudes are a luxury of the past. We can no longer afford to believe in our own disempowerment or we become subject to energetic malady and physical dysfunction. Those of you with an emotional immune system know exactly what I am talking about. Yes, process and feel, but don’t stay there. Indulgence is not required to process. If you feel exhausted and beaten down, stop playing the old stories over and over. I caught myself doing this just the other day. The human mind will play whatever programming it is fed. You are the computer as well as the programmer. Focus on the here and now. De-clutter. Slowly and deliberately clean your room. Get to the gym. Watch a comedy show. Don’t worry about going higher. Just stop going lower because this will cause those openings in the field. Get with me on the crystal bed to repair ruptures or extract foreign energy bodies. If you have a feeling there is a tear in your field, disengage from all esoteric work, meditation, prayer etc. Let good thoughts be your prayer. Let organization be your meditation. Let physical movement be your spiritual work. Come back to being a human.

  3. GET GROUNDED: I am of the opinion that spiritual work means nothing if you are not grounded. What good is it to fly so high above the clouds you cannot connect to your Earth life or help others through Earthly issues? You’ve heard me say it in session. You’ve heard me say it in meditation: activate your grounding cord. We all have one, and to ignite it, simply bring awareness to it. Mentally connect an energetic, golden cord of light (about as thick as a rope) from your tail bone directly to Earth’s core, every morning and come back to this visualization throughout the day. Another option would be to place your non-dominant hand on the trunk of a tree with your dominant hand over the heart. Allow the grounding energy of the trees work with your energy. If it’s warm enough in your part of the country to have bear feet, this will only strengthen the connection.

  4. SHIELD YOUR ENERGY: You can call on any energy, light, Gods, Goddesses, masters, guides, angels, Buddha-consciousness, Christ-consciousness, Source-consciousness, any consciousness at all that you feel personally comfortable with. Oh, people get so easily offended by semantics. You take it all too literally! You use personification in your spiritual practice! I believe in all of it and none of it. Do what works for you; ultimately it is all light and energy. Ask Joy to wrap you up. I don’t care what or who you call on, so long as it feels warm, safe, nurturing, protective. Ask your guides or team on the other side to cocoon you in a protective shield of light every morning. I like to use the visualization of my beautifully cut crystal closing each facet around my field as if I am guarded in crystal armor.

  5. CLOSE THE DOOR: When you are done with the tarot, the meditation, prayer, chanting, runes, pranayama, yoga, etc., close the door to the spiritual world. You can use the visualization of literally closing a door to the upper ethers. Or perhaps use a neon light sign that says either open, or closed. I like that one. I use this neon, Austin 1970's flickering motel light. Get creative with your visuals! It's fun. Remember to use the “closed” sign after every session across the veil.

  6. DISCERNMENT: Anytime you come across an energy that feels uncomfortable, pushy, loud, heavy or dark, cease all spiritual activity immediately. Take salt baths and get back to basics for several weeks until you again feel aligned and comfortable. You can always contact me for help in these types of matters. I always offer the deeper metaphysical material to those of you who are esoterically inclined. It can be the damn Wild West out there, and I'm you're cowgirl. K?

My main point is that we stay grounded in the here and now through all of this. If you are someone who is connected all throughout the day, make sure you have a level of spiritual maturity keen enough to maintain strength through that continued connection. Sensitivity, ability, psychic power doesn't mean much without practical application. Make sure you have a genuine reason that helps you or another person. I don’t even stay connected all day when I am not working. I have learned to have very specific “on” and “off” times. I have even trained myself to forget most of my sessions so I do not carry around the memory of specifics from my clients.

If you are staying connected all the time, I would invite you to ask yourself why. Make sure there is no spiritual by-pass, (using spiritual practices or ideas as an excuse to avoid dealing with your issues) associated with your spiritual time, or that you are not getting “high” off spiritual energy and that your ego didn't sneak in any dissociative denial tactics or justifications.
It is my wish that this information serves you well. As always stay true. Remember authenticity is the new enlightenment. Honesty, kindness, joy and goodness is all you need to focus upon.

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