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Despite my ingrained resistance to trusting that the universe has my back, what I’ve realized as an adult is that the idea of partnership and trust is simply a part of the co-creation game. Want to manifest? Want to create something new? Move towards a calling? Well, trust is required. And I speak to all the hustlers out there. Partnership, is a life theme. But hey, I’m not saying it’s easy. Little by little, I’ve learned that all these seemingly separated areas of my life: money, sex, body, work, love, relationships, spirituality etc., are actually very interconnected. And our relationship to each of these areas of our lives, when given a deeper look, become patterns that parallel each other with a common root belief, reflecting the way in which we approach the world.

That whole trust thing comes up a lot for me. And as I’ve decided to move into my practice in energy medicine as a crystal bed practitioner to New York City, I’ve come face to face with a piece of truth, the real beliefs I carry with me about how the universe is going to support me while I take the risks and action steps required to change my life and help the world. There is a relationship there, can you see it? The universe supports me, I move into a deeper experience of joy as I move towards that path, my joy makes my vibe higher and affects people around me. My creativity is heightened. Crystal bed therapy is available to a larger demographic of people. Everyone wins. High-five world. 

When we step into our highest, most passionate path we will inevitably come face to face with major life decisions requiring an element of faith. We can calculate all we want, run as many conservative or opportunistic projections, but at the end of the day, moving closer towards a heart calling requires a bit of gusto. And you know what? It makes life fun and caters to an element of magic.

I always remember a quote when faced with the choice of staying safe, or stepping into my daring side: Fortes fortuna adiuvat. Fortune favors the bold. When I have a hard time remembering how bold I am, if I am strong enough to take that next step, if it is safe to trust the world, I simply look at my life path thus far. I then see that trust has been absolutely inherent in every step of the process leading me to this moment. There is a partnership there. It’s me and the universe, creating this magical life. So why wouldn’t that trust continue on? Strengthen, even? The universe will always have your back, so long as you can look in the mirror and tell the deepest part of your soul, “Hey, I got you. It’s you and me. Let’s do this.” Then you smile, give yourself a wink and go about your day, knowing, that it’s all good.

Because the truth is, real Gs are bold enough to trust. 

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