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PERCEPTION, VISION + A Daily Empowerment Practice

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The caliber of one’s vision is discovered with eyes closed. Having less to do with what is near or far, its components are knowledge created through perception. The question is what do you perceive? How is it affecting your vision? How can you clean your lens? 


Clean Perception = Clean Vision


Once, when I was 22, I was in a meditative vision. Spirit gave me a lecture, so to speak, on the idea of projection. 


The wisdom download was basically, “Stop getting so caught up in your own movie. It’s just a movie. You can learn from it without indulging in the pain of it.” 


They showed me an old movie theater. My mind was the projector. The screen was the world. My 22-year-old mind was blown. 


A common narrative in conscious communities has to do with thinking positively. I think a deeper understanding of how these mechanisms actually work, cater to a more profound embodiment and practical application of the idea. 


It’s not just about thinking positively. You must understand the intrinsic connection between the inner and outer worlds so that you understand, in all realms of your intelligence, something unquestionably vital to your state of neutrality and compassion:


You are not a victim of the world you see.


By balancing, alchemising, seeing and questioning where you hold fear and how it is expressed through you—you can gradually or instantly change everything in your life. 


I was a traumatized, PTSD stricken, broke single mother working through deep harm from my past with no degree, career background or anything to stand on while estranged from family. Friends turned their backs on me. I was lost and alone. I remember a moment on the floor crying in the shower, shaking in a panic attack. I didn’t know how I was going to feed my daughter. I didn’t know where to turn. I was down to one meal a day. And there were certain people out to make my life a living hell. I know now, those people had a role to play in my becoming. And I honor them. They made me strong. 


The only power I had in that moment, was to hold light around them. I didn’t let the shaking panic suppress my willingness to live in light. I blessed each and every being that hurt me, helped me, any and all future beings that may come to my aid. I put light around those who were lost enough to act in darkness.

There was simply nothing else to do but pray, hold light and fight for faith. From that moment I made a decision to use my mind and energy to heal my body, vision, money, relationships— my entire life. 


Overtime and with patience, due diligence, a strong work ethic, and doing the right thing without concern for return, I went from that broken young woman, to being an empowered role model for my daughter, spiritual leader, creative being, and courageous soul with a single focused mission to serve.

I am now at the beginning of a beautiful career with as many varied branches on this tree of service and art to keep me curious, occupied and enriched for lifetimes.

I actively called in a healthy relationship with my divine partner.
(For assistance in how to do this, check out this meditation

I have a lovely, warm home life. I’ve called in my soul tribe; those true friends who are kindred spirits from beyond this incarnation. I’ve healed familial relationships,  balanced an insane amount of karma, healed past wounds, helped others and now look forward to numerous opportunities for growth, travel, and most importantly, out is my time for joyful creativity. It is now, my turn. 


With childlike eyes, the path of wonder never ceases. 


Every so often, we are humbled by the innocent, fumbling hands brought forth from the novelty of the next level. Every so often, I am a child again, learning the ropes, learning a new language, becoming a new me… just when you think you’ve mastered something! Ha! You are a toddler…


Oh, how Spirit loves a playmate. 


What I did have, when all was lost, was Source. What I had, was my inner world. And I chose to make it strong; unbreakable, in fact.

I am not afraid to look at myself, my faults, my fears. I am not afraid.

Fearlessness can be learned, my sweet friends. Just practice it, even when terrified. Just keep practicing it. 

Sometimes, the universe takes it all away: money, opportunity, friends, family, health--so that you know who you are when stripped down to nothing; so you know what real power is when all is lost in the material world. 


I thank God everyday for my spiritual curriculum, because I learned the hard lessons very quickly and at a young age. 


The guidance went something like this, “Well kid, you’ve got a lot of work to do, so let’s get through the hard lessons first. Chop chop!”


I know, personally, what it takes to change your life. 


Victimhood has no place in the path of empowerment. Darkness must be found, seen and healed. Courage and bravery is required. And faith is your ultimate power. Hope is your cane. Love is the way. Joy is the reward. 


You are not a victim of the world that you see. You are the creator of the world that you see.

And I know, those of you who are reading this, are strong enough to become who you truly are.

I know this with full confidence.

And if you have doubt, lean on my surety. 













Mantra : “I am not a victim of the world that I see.”


  • Close your eyes for 3-5 minutes in the morning and evening. Repeat this mantra while watching whatever thoughts pop into your mind. Do not invest energy into one thought or idea being more important than another. Watch them with neutrality. There is no hierarchy. 


  • First, use this mantra while meditating on your outer world. Work, friends, political affairs, the economy, the environment, etc. 


  • Then, use this mantra while meditating on your inner world: fears, insecurities, shame, ego etc. 


  • Repeat this mantra throughout the day as needed. 


  • You will begin to understand that your inner world creates your outer world. There is no veil. The deeper you reach into uplifting that which lives inside you, the more you uplift this entire planet. 



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