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Non-resistance, Non-attachment & Manifestation

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I remember reading about monks who would spend months and months making very delicate and intricate works of art out of colored sand. Tedious tasks requiring full presence and concentration to complete. Once the works were done, the master would ask the monks to wipe their slates clean, erasing all evidence of the work that they put into these masterful displays of art and love.


They were being taught non-attachment and non-resistance, both spiritual laws.


These are profound lessons to remember. We are not our creations, we are the divine creators of them. And anytime we to try to force build a desperate dam in a river already moving with motivation, we are going against the current of life. We may not understand where this current is taking us, but letting go and surrendering to life’s natural flow displays deep faith. When we zoom out with an attempt to stay in the flow of understanding, we see that creations are as endless as the infinite steam of spirit.



We are divine. And we are human. Dancing on that bridge is life’s greatest art form. There are so many people having to let go of businesses, careers, people, personas, identities from the past. A lot of these identities are ideas about ourselves that we have become attached to.


“This is who I am, so if this goes, then I go. I am dead. If this dies, who am I? “ This is the subconscious question many face as we look at the pain of death, both literal and symbolic.


In my experience, aspects of our lives dying or falling away helps us to recognize the unfailing beauty and uniqueness that we are always, without attachment to form. We don’t need the person, the money, the status, the operating system to validate who we are.



That which we cling to we imprison, thus imprisoning ourselves.


Through the practice of non-attachment we demonstrate our full embodied understanding of the law of spiritual supply. How much loss will it take for you to realize you’ve lost absolutely nothing? In fact, often in the process of material loss, we gain more spiritual substance than we ever would have in comfortable conditions.


We have to give up our personal attachments in full faith before we are able to receive a broader, whole, complete supply from a higher power. Our attachments come from fractured understanding. Attachments to the outer realms and personal outcomes block your demonstration of a complete understanding of what is real and what is false. Non-attachment is a required teaching in the practice of manifestation as it smoothes the pathway to demonstrating your wisdom.


And yes, we are tested. Earth is school. We did not incarnate for everything to be perfect, easy, blissful and without challenge. If you didn’t want challenge, you wouldn’t be here.


Deny your attachments to the outer world needing to be a certain way in order for you to be functionally operating and thriving. Clear, cancel and delete those thought forms and affirm your oneness with divine ideas, divine mind, divine inspiration, and divine, unfailing supply.



“The greatest disintegrating element in the human consciousness is resistance. Beware of every form of fighting and all thoughts of destructive character. By the law of Mind Action these will workin your mind and body in an adverse way and tear down the good you desire to build up.” (Establishing Spiritual Consciousness, 1922)



“In non-resistance there is no misuse of power through combativeness or though defensive tactics. The strength of all your gifts an be turned into the creation of harmonies.”
(Imelda Shanklim, What Are You?)



Fighting, resisting and opposing unwanted experiences, thoughts and displays in life hinder demonstration because whatever you fight, you strengthen.


Whatever you fight, you strengthen.



Whatever you fight, you strengthen.



Please understand this. It is law. Nonresistance can eliminate an oppositional attitude which dissolves inner conflict within. Resistance and fighting are the opposition of oneness. It is from a unity consciousness that the highest demonstrations of understanding are performed.



Let me be clear that nonresistance does not mean apathy or non action. However, instead of focusing on what you don’t want through nonresistance, or fighting what is— accept what is and begin to focus on what you do want. Amplify what good you see in your imagination through thought, word and deed. It is usually acceptance that gives us a clear head, a stable center, and an ability to be less emotionally attached to outcome so we can move through necessary trials with grace.



Truth be told, the practice of nonresistance mainly deals with your mind. It is an internal journey.



I’ve tried with great might, to express a deep truth to you, over the years. There was a time in my life when I had no money, family, friends, medical help, a life serious of deep chaos, mountains of trauma, no degree, no where to go, and a lot of pain and destruction around me.


There was a flame that flickered in my heart. Only I could see it, other than my child.  I knew that the only way to rise again was to focus on this flame and light it up. Year after year that is what I did. That flame expanded to become physically manifested possibility. That flame never goes out, not when you are sick, poor, lost or even when you die. That flame is the truth of who you are.


There is a lot in my life that I now have to let go of, completely. The end of a great and epic chapter of my life, and I am here in final exams mastering lessons I set out to master. I understand now, how far I’ve come. How much less fear exists in my body when faced with loss, mystery, unknown, insecurity and the responsibility of being a provider.



When all is lost, come back to the flame. This is ultimate reality and deep truth. There is always something greater. And if you can learn to trust that, you will be met with the greatness that divine life on earth has to offer.


Your greatest gifts, both given and received in this life, are not measurable. They are not marketable. There may be no physical proof of the richness of experience and understanding of life with which you may become deeply intimate.

This is a time to re-evaluate our value system. This is a time to let go of operating systems that don’t really align with the more of who we are.



You get to decide what fits and what does not. Letting go, non-resistance, and non-attachment demonstrate your understanding of a higher value system. It demonstrates great courage. It takes courage to evolve on this planet.



My friends, turn inward and trust what is inside. Leap forward unto the unknown and let the ether catch you. Does this mean there will be sparkling, dancing unicorns there delivering cotton candy to a magical fairy house that instantaneously manifests in thin air? No, being a human and facing fear is not easy. Initiation is never meant to be. But it is entirely fucking rewarding.


There is the path of heart, and there is the path that external authorities and institutions have laid out for you. No one else can do it for you.


Self inquiry, life inquiry, existential query and quest, is an art form.



The most wildly profound moments of my life experience and vision, have been quiet and solitary. Intimate moments between me and the great mystery. I don’t think I would trade those moments for anything in the world. And you don’t get to sit in those moments of sacred poetry without putting effort into the expansion of your humanness, being, and expanding, as light here on Earth.


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