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Mysticism Explained + A Message From Spirit

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When I work in NYC during these intensive residencies, I often enter what I might describe as a higher-dimensional-healing-zone. I work, integrate and rest. Not much else is going on in terms of a social life or seeing the city. Instead, inner worlds reveal themselves to me. As a mystic, staying in the space required to do this kind of purification, offers many gifts and insights from Spirit. Maintaining certain states of consciousness while adhering to a lifestyle conducive to those higher states, is part of my work, training and evolution as a healer.


There is a lot I keep to myself, as I would encourage those of you who are exploring your mystical depths to do.


On the flip side, sometimes I receive profundities that I know are meant to be shared with you all.


But before I share the message that came to me during a session, bringing me to tears of awe, let me backtrack a little bit.



Do you guys understand what I mean when I say mysticism?


If you are new here - let me expand…


Towards the end of his life, Albert Einstein was asked if he had any regrets. He responded by saying, “I wish I had read more of the mystics earlier in my life.”


Your mystical brain exists in the right hemisphere. Mysticism is the silent doorway to the adventure, enchantment and inner exploration for which your soul desperately yearns. This is the place where we, “launch out into the deep,” as St. John of the cross described. Mysticism is the art of bravely delving into the wild, divine, oceanic abyss underneath our conscious minds, connecting us to everything in the universe and to the intelligent Light that created us. This sea holds the unknown, our expanded, creative, actualized selves and our deepest truth. This sea links all traditions and religions. It is a bridge made of common waters uniting us in shared truth.


Mystics throughout history drank from this well and then turned to the masses speaking words of wisdom. Religions were formed, deformed, built back up and fought over, but the Source of all deeper wisdom is found in the heart of the mystic. Many great and powerful creatives, artists, scientists, politicians, orators, philosophers, religious and spiritual leaders were true-blue, straight up, mf%cking mystics.


We are all mystics deep down inside. Because you are a human. All humans hold the keys to the universe within us. When your inner mystic gets starved, life becomes dreary and doomed. What is a human without enchantment and hope? We lose life force. And now more than ever do we need to remember that spark. When a society ceases to embrace mysticism, the blood of the communal body is drained. And that is what happened recently. As we developed science and reason in the west, we threw mystical truths out the window along with ideas of political and religious corruption as a reactive, evolutionary step to advance inner autonomy and our scientific understanding of the world.


We just took it a little too far and ceased to believe in the miracles of the human spirit.


When we zoom out and take a step back, looking at earth, life, the cosmos, Spirit, history and evolutionary trends — it's much easier to hold space for the immense tension that arises during great shifts.


With all that is going on in our world, and likely your personal psyche, I would encourage you to look to a higher place to find inspiration. And then bring that inspiration back down here to Earth. We draw from Spirit to bestow upon Earth. A great spiritual philosopher once said, “The purpose of life is to help other people get through it.” And if nothing else, we can all do that for one another by tapping into the beyond just past our silent space. From there, bring back a gentle smile. Bring back some peace. Bring back a sense of centeredness. Bring back an idea. And share it.


Jung said, “Only the mystics bring what is creative to religion itself.”


It brings the spark of life to the tangible, invigorating our senses and opening our vision. Your mystical world offers a sense of peace, protection and childlike delight in the most difficult times.


I hope this understanding offers some clarity.



Now, back to the mass message…


As I am completely engrossed in my mystical sensibilities during healing residencies in NYC, I often meet parts of myself that I do not encounter in ordinary states of consciousness. And, as I mentioned before, I often receive messages from Source.



Toward the end of my week, I became very tired. I was working on a dear friend, and I have a Virgo moon, so I felt called to energetically to check my facts, cross my t’s and dot my i’s, making sure I was doing all I could to be supportive. (And for those of you who care to know: I am a Leo sun, Libra rising, Virgo moon, with lots of Venus and Mars in my chart. ;)


I was stricken with imposter syndrome all of a sudden, questioning my ability and purpose. (This is a normal part of growth and even the best of the best experience this sometimes- but that’s another newsletter). I came back to neutrality, focusing on the access and pristine process without attaching my ego’s story to the divine work that moves through me.


I was still a little shaky with aspects of my being expanded out into many dimensions, when all of a sudden, in the middle of that dark room filled with swirling lights and cosmic sound vibrations, I felt a warmth come over my body. I became a tranquil lake. Golden. The room faded as my inner awareness heightened to hear but one, clear voice.


The voice was like an oak tree. Strong and solid. Warm. The epitome of safety, inspiration and unconditional love. The voice was the home we all long to embrace here on Earth. It was the kind of powerful that makes your eyes widen with tears, and makes your body bow. Home. That voice is home.


The message was so simple. So simple it seemed almost too mundane to discuss in a newsletter.


The voice said to me,



“We cannot do this without you.”



I was stunned, and so deeply touched. And I knew exactly what this meant.



Sometimes we want to give something else or someone else all the credit - it was Spirit, it was my amazing mentor, inspiration struck me, it just happened, right place at the right time. My parents were able to pay for the right school. Damn, it's my network! We all have supportive agents that help us along the way.


But we also have to remember that the good that you have called into your life, you manifested through the quality of your being. We embody what we behold and we manifest on par with who we become.


I often say this in regards to my healing work: it’s not me, it is God light moving through me that does the work. And that is absolutely true!


You know what is also true? I prepared my vessel to do it.


I was discussing this concept with my friend Tina over the phone a few weeks ago. Some people are really great at calling things in, but cannot keep what they call, because they’re not prepared to be a match who can hold space for the “it.” Whatever it is.


Great manifestations are the product of partnership. Your partnership with Spirit.


And that is what the voice reminded me.


I know that this message is universal, and not just for me.


Spirit cannot do the work it would like to, the work that impacts humanity, inspires masses, heals lost souls, creates harmony, peace, flow, evolution, expansion - without a human vessel. And there is no human vessel prepared to hold space for the unique work that the Light has designated for your purpose at this time on Earth, without your cooperation.


We have free will and choice. Spirit will never interfere with this.


But your willingness to tap into your mystical depths and uncover mysteries that lead you to purpose is required for the divine to co-create beauty in partnership.


You have a unique soul signature, an etheric imprint that is completely specific to your frequency makeup.


You are a beautifully designed stained glass window. Spirit is the Sun.


Together, you create color and light and design and grace and beauty for this world.


“We cannot do this without you.”


I have sincere compassion for the many who are troubled or lost in insecurities, or are perhaps hesitant in their step with so much fear based messaging inundating our beings.


I truly understand.


And this is why I mean to remind you, that you elected to be here at this time. You are uniquely important to Earth. You are very important to your family and friends and coworkers because, guess what? They can’t learn their karmic lessons without you.


“We cannot do this without you.”


You are asked to open, embody, and to follow the path of heart. If you have a burning desire deep down, it is there for a reason.


“We cannot do this without you.”


There are so many people who are afraid and need to feel the energy of inner strength, which is calm, has nothing to prove, and makes others feel at home.


You don’t even have to say a word. Close your eyes on the subway and know that the higher powers that be cannot assist this material plane without you. Say it to yourself changing diapers. In between meetings. Stuck in traffic.


You are here for a reason. That reason doesn’t have to be loud. You don’t have to prove your worth with trophies, money, fame, degrees, accomplishments, fancy clothes or a perfect body. We have been conditioned to believe success is based in absurd, insane, illusion. Absurd. Insane. It is a mental sickness that has become normative. Don’t believe the hype. Come back to your heart. Look at the world, zoom out. Look at yourself. Zoom in. Take some time to reassess your value system and what success looks like for you, before you decide you are unworthy of attempting to create it for yourself.


Right now, my dear friends, the world needs a different kind of success. We need minds willing to let go of limiting beliefs holding them back.


No one else can do it, how you do it.



“We cannot do this without you.”



Bless you on your path. Bless you in your peace. Bless you in your pain. Bless you in your confusion. Bless you in your epiphany. Bless you in your grief. Bless you in your love. Bless you in your perfection of all that simply is. 


  • Vérane : March 13, 2020

    Very touching. Kind. Of rememberance. Thank you for sharing. Big big hugs

  • Regina Kay: March 13, 2020

    Just this morning I said to my fiance, “I never worry about myself, I know God is keeping me strong and healthy so I can take care of others.” I’ve always felt this, I have always felt like a beacon. Thank you for sharing this. Source needs us to take care of our universe.

  • Bree Brouillet: March 13, 2020

    ….that moved me to tears….thank you Kalisa. Your worlds often bring hyper-clarity to things I’m feeling. I’m so grateful for the wisdom you share.

  • Shelly Hubal: March 13, 2020

    Wow. I am literally left bawling. Thank you for speaking these truths today — it was exactly the message I needed to hear. Also, you are a very skilled and powerful writer. Thank you for your gifts and presence, and being a willing and cooperative vessel. Much love! <3

  • Kaila : March 13, 2020

    Wow. I’m moved to tears. This resonated with me so much and felt like it was exactly what I needed to read and know right now.

    Thank you. 💖

  • Laura Dunworth: March 13, 2020

    Beautiful! I needed this reminder today! Thank you so very much!

    I had a vision from my Guides not long ago. I was a small, garden path light with a solar panel on top. The message was the same, “We cannot do this without you.” Spirit fills up our vessel and we shine our Lights on the path for ourselves and others.

    Thank you for the stained glass window imagery. Beautiful, I will carry that with me.

    Blessings and Love, Laura

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