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"Music is the bridge between worlds."  -Edgar Cayce

I am a natural healer in Brooklyn, NY. My idea of “natural” largely refers to vibration, as it is the essence and the substance behind all physical manifestation. Vibration is everything. We are made of it, we create it, we are constantly vibrating. And in my practice as an energy healer, I use a combination of vibrational therapies (using modalities that work on your vibe—literally the rate at which you vibrate) to restore the chakras and cleanse the multidimensional energy body.

There are healing benefits of sound, which is one element of my practice in Crystal Bed Therapy. It is absolutely exponential. Music heals. This is why: sound is tuned electromagnetic waves that interact with energy, water, matter and the eardrum activating the liquid crystals in the cell, restructuring the water molecules in the body.

The sound bowls, an integral element to the Crystal Light Bed, emits a pure holographic template to correct any vibrational discrepancies, rebalancing the energy body with seven musical notes. Each musical note, corresponds directly to one of the seven major energy centers of the body. Sound therapy happens as each perfect pitch note, tunes and balances each center. And each energy center, or chakra, has a specific anatomical connection to the glands and vital organs.

The sound bowls put the mind into an alpha to theta brainwave state. This is the state of mind achieved in meditation and deep relaxation, and where deep vibrational healing takes place. As each chakra is restored, energy moves freely, releasing denser, negative vibrations. It is the ultimate clearing device. Music makes the spirit dance, literally vibrating one's energy as it moves in circular, bowl-like, undulating waves patterns, washing over the body. This is why certain types of music makes your heart open, can make you cry, assists in concentrate and also focus. Music makes you feel, because it is literally affecting your specific vibration.

And now we've come full circle. Vibration is everything. And so, it becomes very powerful to use perfect pitch vibrations, with awareness and intelligence, that attune to each energy center for the purpose of healing. This is how music heals. 

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