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The Pleasure of Condemnation

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“The Master does his job and then stops. 

He understands that the universe is forever out of control 

and that trying to dominate events goes against 

the current of the Tao. Because he believes 

in himself, he doesn’t try to convince others. 

Because he is content with himself, 

he doesn’t need others approval. 

Because he accepts himself, 

the world accepts him.” - Lao Tzu 




The human being has been at war for 92% of recorded history, according to the late Dr. David R. Hawkins MD., Phd., may he rest in peace. 


Just let that set in. 

Billions of years of evolution. 

We warred the entire time. 


You don’t war against another unless you are at war with yourself in some way. We have chosen to place our attention upon attack energy instead of the beauty that holds the whole damn show together. And STILL it holds, despite our immaturity and destruction. And people doubt a higher dimension of Life itself, still? The Source of power that holds it all together is more intelligent, sentient, conscious and aware than your ego self. This is the ALL, that is your heritage of the great I AM within you, the spark of infinity. You have a central sun within that is a part of the All That Is. This higher self operates in a completely different dimension with completely different perceptions. Ideally we strive to embody and operate from this higher self. This is the actuality of your potentiality. Laws of physics are different when you turn on this channel. When people refuse to see the gift of life that we have, and choose to focus on condemnation of the other, attack energy & destruction reigns dominant. 


92% of recorded history. 



Luckily we have just enough bodies holding just enough Light on the planet so we don’t vibrationally crash and burn. But again, we are in mutation. 


Worlds are always changing. 


You may think, it is everyone else who needs to change. It is very easy to believe so. However, this perspective becomes exhausting, anxiety inducing, limiting and causes you to leak energy. Keep on, if you like. It’s up to you. And frankly, not my problem. It’s just that, it’s quite a lot to take on, considering everything you already have to do. Luckily, for those who are ready, this burden can be dissolved immediately. You are allowed to let it all go. When you free your villains, you free yourself. And you are entrapped to that which you cannot stand until you learn to see through the illusion and demonstrate love, anyways. 



The reason it makes more practical sense to let go of blame and judgement, is because it not your role to force others to change. This is not the purpose of your life. It is an inappropriate allocation of energy that turns your power into force. All force invokes counter force. Therefore to spend your time and energy focused on how terrible people are and why they are doing what they do, and how awful they are making the world, they did that, blah blah bla… you give your life force to that which you do not love. You lend yourself to it. Do you see you become energetically that which you dislike with your continued effort and attention upon it? Don’t like something? Take away its only power over you. Your attention. 


I have found staying close to your purpose yields benevolence. We can often lead by example, inspire, give to those who ask for help. But to control and condemn skews the Truth of your being. Your purpose here is around your own growth path. Even those of you who believe you are so enlightened you don’t need help, or to grow anymore. I’m sorry to say, but if you have a physical body you are growing through experience in Earth school. Here is a tip, you’ll know an expert because they pray on their knees daily in full self-honesty and sincerity. Cicero used to say that the more highly we are placed the more humbly we should walk. You would not be incarnated in a body were it not for a need to experience more lessons on this planet. 


It is inappropriate to insert yourself in someone else’s divinely inherited free will choice as your responsibility, burden, or mission through dominance, bullying, slander, gossip, blaming or misuse of the Word. We are given speech to create and direct our divine will. Understand with every thought, word, breath and deed you are directing your will (divinely or through mis-creation) and deciding what you are in every moment. Condemnation usually comes from a place of insecurity, fear and shame. Those who feel threatened, dominate. Those who do not trust, are afraid of the future. Those who are insecure falsify that which is unlike itself so the ego feels comfortable in its world view. Eh, its just how humans are programmed on Earth right now. So it takes some effort and persistence to get out of these mind traps. 


It is possible to live in alignment, demonstrate dynamic right action, make progress, impact, and be kind as well. 



I promise you that Life takes care of itself. Every action has a consequence. Every force a counter force, as I mentioned. And every manifestation; an unseen universe of inverted causality. You don’t have to condemn, blame, or judge the other for acting in a way you deem as incorrect, or perhaps even in a way you don’t understand. 


Fear not—the laws of the universe will assist the other in whatever correction is necessary and might likely do so with more impact, and from a higher perspective than you can offer at this time on your journey. 


Present it if asked (for unsolicited advice is the mark of an amateur), demonstrate, and support the Truth of your being. But it is a fools errand to expend precious God energy going around judging everyone.


You are not superior. You are not inferior. This is ego. If you're starting to feel like you're better than everyone else, you're missing the mark. 


I know it is a pleasure at times to condemn. There is a force inside of you that loves it. It is funny. It may make you seem popular, sophisticated, or the like the one who actually "gets it".  But I would invite you to give up it up, anyways. You become that which you condemn. You strengthen that which you attack. And there is likely room for you to become more fulfilled with a higher quality of Light in your own right, on this path. 


Fill yourself with Light, that is the way. It is palpable and real. It is more real than anything you will ever touch in the material. 


All of this is here for you to learn and grow. 



Those who need you will find you. Those who are meant to stay, will stay. Those who are different, offer perspective and diversity. 



What we can do is choose how we respond, think, say, do in every moment of this life. Observe thoughtfully. You can only offer out what you have cultivated within. That is law. What do you have inside? What do you wish to grow and cultivate? What are you seeing reflected back to you? How can you learn from it? 


Pray and affirm to be divinely directed everyday from the Godself within. That is your anchor, supply, great love, home and safety. 


Every challenge presents resistance. Every force of resistance presents opportunity to overcome it through our own correct choices. Without challenge and resistance there is no opportunity of choice to grow, become, or create. And this is what we are, creative beings learning how to share our spark of Infinity from a place of Truth to offer Compassion and Benevolence to those who may be struggling along this Earth school as we make our way home. We can do it in fun, unique and individual ways.


You must distinguish between essence and appearance. 


You must learn what gives life and what takes away life, despite your comforts and sensual pleasures. This is the first thing protoplasmic life learns. 



Take a step back. Zoom out. Breathe. 



You are becoming. 



You are uncoiled and new. Be like the little children, said the Master. Let go of your conditioned anchors and ways of thinking and commune with the Truth of Life. 



There is no change without your inner revelation. Whether or not you understand this, you and everyone you know are on a higher spiritual journey home, to Truth. Taking the path of heart is a choice no one can make but you. Once you start…. There is only one way out and that is in and through. Two big mistakes are never starting, and deciding not to finish. 


Stay in Earth school as long as you like. Choose, my dear friend, as you wish. I honor it. The funny thing is that, once you kinda get it and see it Earth for all her beautiful and righteous glory, you might never want to leave this unique planet, awakening herself. That is the mark of your inner peace. Making peace with all your see. I simply offer some short cuts I have learned on the way. 


There is an unseen balance and perfection lending itself to continued evolution. 


You cannot change without transforming consciousness. A conscious brain is physiologically different in structure, neural network and form. You cannot raise consciousness without opening the heart. If you struggle to open the heart, there is pain to move, fear to work through. When you face it straight on, it simply drains out. Any fear based emotion. This is why it is most efficient to surrender to the emotion and let it run its course through your courage to face your fears. 


When there is a final merging of head and the heart, the light and the dark, a higher union transforms the being into the authentic power that is one with Source. It cannot help but affect all of creation, in all universes throughout time an space. 


Your becoming is this world's too, where one is erased by a higher design. 



Wherever you are, keep going. 



You may think, it is everyone else who needs to change. 

But this world is here for you. So what will you do with your time?

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