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Manifest Like A Mofo: 5 Daily Rituals That Will Make You A Pro

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You Are The Creator of Your Reality: Manifestation In Practice

Manifesting is the art of creating your reality by calling in what you want with focus, clarity, energy and actions steps that help you vibrationally align with the conditions you'd like to produce. We live in a Universe based on the Law Of Attraction where like attracts like. It's important to have an intention and set the tone for your day when calling in a newly desired outcome. But how do you do that exactly? Well, we want to share five morning rituals that will help you become a manifesting badass! 

  1. Gratitude Practice - First 17 Seconds Upon Waking: It takes 17 seconds to activate the law of attraction. As you first wake up, take a moment to scan sensory pleasures and express your thanks to the Universe. "I love the soft sheets on my skin. Thank you. I am blessed. How pleasant is this morning light. I love how healthy I am. Thank you Spirit for my breath, my brain..." Hold Gratitude for 17 seconds at least, and for the first 10 minutes that you transition from sleeping to waking. Don't wake up so late that you have to pop out of bed in a rush, distressing your nervous system. The soul doesn't rush, neither does nature. Easy, Tiger.

  2. Book Of Positive Aspects-Journal Exercise: Take 21 minutes to write about everything that is going right in your world. I don't care if your life has been blown to hell, find something positive and milk it, baby. Keep it rolling. Write like you are writing the script of your life movie. Energy goes where attention flows. Focus on the goods and universal energy is drawn to the goods. 

  3. Meditation - Stop the mind. Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening. A state of quiet receptivity is required to receive miracles. The Universe cannot give you gifts unless you create an energetic space that welcomes them. Find time for stillness every day. You are not visualizing, thinking, writing, doing-- this is purity of being. This is a state of no-mind. 

  4. Emotional Visualization Technique: Now that you've held gratitude, focused on positivity and found stillness, it is time to get clear on what you really want. We do this through a process of refining, visualizing and feeling. Imagine what it is you want. The Universe responds to decisiveness. See it in your mind: the money, the lover, the new job, the vacation. See the details: the screen when you log onto your bank account, what your lover's hands feel like on your back, what you will wear on the first day of this awesome job, the way the leaves sway in the wind on the beach of your dream vacation. See the details. Get specific. Once you see it, feel the details in your emotional body and align with the vibration behind the form your desired outcome takes. For example, as you imagine yourself sitting on the beach in Bali, the underlying soul desire is the relief that comes from peace and nature away from work. As you see the details in your mind, feel the relief and ease in your body. Spend at least five minutes focused on each scene. As you visualize, feel it on conjunction. 

  5. GodBox Affirmations: Keep a small box that is used for manifesting and affirmations only. After you finish your emotional visualizations, write down  thank you notes to the Universe on small pieces of paper. Use short "I Am" statement where you are acknowledging that this thing you so deeply want has already happened, while embodying the dominant vibration from your emotional visualization. For example, "Dear Universe, thank you giving me for this relaxing trip to Bali. I am relief. I am peace. I am rested." Once it is in the GodBox, let it go in total faith that the Universe is handling it for you. Keep your GodBox clean! Do not leave affirmations you no longer desire in there. Keep a few crystals in the box. Put as many gratitude affirmations in the box as you would like. 

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