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You are not a small cog on a wheel. You are not a hamster stuck and trapped in a moving maze. The mounting obligations on your back are perceived and self-imposed. The trap you feel, the grid-cage of fear around your circumstance is of your own making.

We are all capable of changing our lives for the better. You are meant to align with what you really want, with who you really are. This is the Creator’s greatest wish, that you actualize the pure potential of your highest self, your quantum blueprint. All else is false. All else is illusion. And it is up to you to see that, reprioritize, let go of perceived safety nets or comfort zones holding you back. Take a leap.

There is a simple answer to the question, “What does it really take to change your life?” The answer is guts and faith. 

It is not necessarily all about money. It is not the right circumstances. It is not the right partner who will agree and do it with you. It is not the next job lined up perfectly for you. It is not. Enough. Stop. Inherent in having guts, is a pure faith that life is meant to be expansive, rich, adventurous, joyful and playful. We are free. We are meant to be free. I am someone who evolves so quickly that my external world changes to match what is happening inside of me. And I love this. It has to. It feels so ghastly awful, misaligned and wrong, to be off the path of my soul’s pulse. I don’t allow for it. And that is a choice. Others may have more security. Others would not make the choices I make and will continue to make because they are afraid and hide behind their own mental constructs, limitations and fears. Most would not be willing, in faith, to sacrifice earthly safety nets for the wild unknown, just because it feels right. Oh dear me, I’ve had Earth security taken away so many damn times that part of my soul curriculum was to learn that earthly security isn't the point. And I thank God for that.

Nothing on Earth is secure. Not your partner. Not your job. Not your bank account. Of course you can generally rely on the security you’ve built and people close to you, but we must understand that there is no real permanence. The material security blankets you so dearly cling to are nothing. It is false. the only real security in this word is your connection to Source. This is the ultimate freedom. It is permission. It is the most powerful safety net. These are your wings and your way out and through. You cannot go wrong when you listen to your inner urges, intuitions, your body, your heart and your blood.

A healed mind does not plan. A healed mind enacts the plan given by God. 

I told someone very close to me I was going to put an application down on a country home and restructure my business to move towards remote work, my writing, creative collaborations and offering a wider variety of retail products such as charged crystals and sound healing meditations in addition to the clothing, meditation pillows, meditation pyramids and my healing services. I thought, it might be nice to start a podcast, sing the blues, make short films. My point was, I am choosing to relieve the stress of intense overhead so I can be more present with my incredible daughter and have time and space for my creativity and offerings.

My goal for many years was to get the point where I can work remotely. I don’t know if it’s going to work. I never know if anything is going to work or what the outcome will be. I just do what I see and feel is right given the context of the moment. If a notion stays with me for a couple months and becomes very clear, I take that path. When I told this person what I was doing, I could tell she was jealous. Her energy contracted and felt rigid. She said, “Well, that’s so awesome you can do that. That’s what I want.” She said it with a slight tone that felt, annoyed with me. Her jealously made me feel a little sad. I thought, does this person not understand the work and bravery it takes to be free? And then I realized it wasn’t about me, it was her stuff. I am triggering her own judgments, issues and insecurities.

This person has had a much better career than me, much more security, dual income from a supportive partner, probably has a higher IQ or let’s just say a different kind of intelligence that the world deeply needs. She is more educated. Her body is more fit. She is incredibly well read. She has more savings. She has no children. She has a much better resume. A fancy apartment with a guest bedroom. There is no reason, on paper, that she could not change her life if she really wanted it. But I guess, she not so accustomed to taking leaps. I thought to myself, “You could do that. You could do anything. My gosh you are one of the most amazing thinkers I know!” But, I didn't say anything. I knew she wouldn't want to hear it or have that conversation. Wisdom is knowing when to speak and when to listen. 

I believe everything is figure-out-able. Maybe her partner is not on board, but she is unwilling to work out a different, more evolved, new paradigm dynamic that allows for more space and freedom. I don't know what the case is, but let's say for the purposes of teaching, that it is. Wouldn't you want a partner who gives you range and freedom? People stay in relationships even though they know they are being held back, because the comfort is too great to release. There is no right or wrong here, it’s just choice, priorities and values. She has no children to worry about. No school districts or constraints there. And yet, she won’t stand up for her self and proclaim: THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. I AM CHANGING IT. I AM WILLING TO TAKE ON THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING MYSELF IN THIS WORLD. You see my friends, this is what we must all do. The Bhagavad Gita says, “ Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself.” And I couldn’t agree more. I see people in all the time relationships that are good. And with relationship comes compromise. But the truth is I would never choose to be with someone with whom I could not actualize my fullest and greatest potential. Oh, so what if it’s good. Good isn’t good enough for me. 

You must understand who you truly are before locking in, my sweet loves. Attract when you are at that point. Otherwise it is likely you may compromise a part of yourself. And no I do not believe we are meant to compromise our true nature for the sake of relationship. I think that's very old-paradigm bullshit and the world is changing. Keep up. Go be your greatest self!  Go be your freest! Go actualize and become and flow. And then attract someone who aligns with that person. And if you choose safe and good, that's wonderful. Just have an understanding about the choices you make based on your values. Many people do not want to be single for however long it takes to become that person. It’s too scary and lonely. Ahh, and yet, it is also freedom. Do not be afraid of yourself. Do not be afraid of solitude. Do not be afraid to voice your needs and who you truly are to your partners. They may surprise you when you walk your path. They may evolve with you. Or they may not vibrationally align, but then, you will know the truth and allow them freedom to live their walk, and you yours.

And this is true love. 

I would never choose a job that is soul sucking and stifles my creativity or voice permanently, and without having an exit strategy. Sure, I've had jobs that weren't the greatest different times in my life, but I always knew it would lead to a next stop. Or I've taken jobs that I don't have to bring home. I go, do my work, take my money and go home. That way I could focus my full energy on the real projects at night. I would rather live in a trailer park writing poetry and painting, sleep on my parents couch saving money and coming up with a new business, be in the peace corp, devoting myself to full acts of charity or study in a monastery with monks than live long term as a cog in a wheel that I do not align with. I would rather live very simply in the jungle, a one room shack giving dolphin tours to folks on holiday.

I believe in magic. Even when my faith is thwarted, the world turns its back on me, and I am left with nothing, I still believe in God and magic. To me, that is the Universe saying, “There is another way, child. This is a dead end. Time to take another route.” But again, most people do not want to sacrifice their security, even temporarily for a taste of real freedom.

They fear change like toddlers afraid of a small slide at the park. You don’t know freedom until you let go of everything. Freedom is a mindset that is earned through trust, bravery and a transcendence above material concern. You have to live somewhat outside of the grid to see the world in this way. This is meant to be our playground. The walls you hit and the obstacles are there for us to jump over and transcend. When we do this it always gives us greater power. We are meant to say no to people who toxic. We are meant to learn from negative situations and let them go. 

We are meant to unfold into new versions of ourselves, our talents and gifts continuously. We are meant to always evolve and expand. This is a lifestyle choice. There is a great and magical world beyond those norms. There is beauty and freedom outside of the matrix. To live there, you must challenge your attachments. You may say, I need my relationship to look this way. I need to be connected to this city or that city. I need to have this money from these people in this way. I need to eat at these restaurants and wear these clothes. I need to know whats going on in this scene or that scene. I need my special fitness classes. I can't say no to my boss. I can't disappoint this person. I don't know what I will do for work. I need to know everything before I do anything. 

I need. I need. I need. I need. I need. I need. I need. So I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. 


"Stop coming at life with the same old story. You are boring me. You are boring yourself. And you are boring God." - Jean Houston. 

 We are nothing without revelation. Revelation is nothing without embodiment. Truth is not real unless embodied materially. When truth is just an intellectual idea out there in the realms of the mental planes it ain’t shit. 

Who are you, truly, as a being? Without your partner, your job, your friends, your money, your city, your clothes, your car, your kids, the roles you play? Who are you, when you release identification with forms? Do you know that person? If you do not, then you do not know freedom. And there is work to be done. 

My goodness, it isn’t easy! No one ever said that. Ahh, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Once you cross over, it is easy. This path of freedom becomes the only way. And the journey is worth every moment of sweet joy from realizing that every breath of life is filled with riches and miracles. All people are blessings. All darkness is illusion, teacher in disguise and this whole world was made for your evolution. It was made just for you! Overcoming pain, guilt, confusion, fear or learning to embody this with a child, broke and with echoed fear from my own story and traumas was nothing short of miraculous. I know that now and can say that to you without ego and in full confidence.

My life, though for so long I thought it was a disaster, and I was meant to be left in the shadows—cold as damaged and forgotten, was nothing short of miraculous. I am a genius. I am blessed. I am loved. I am unafraid. What I have done, is so beautiful. This story. My beautiful story. In tears I tell you it is miraculous. And you are too. The difference between you and me is that I know it and you don’t yet. I thank God now, every day, for all the pain and this beautiful journey. I wouldn’t trade an once of my wisdom for any sad experience. Not a single ounce. Maybe I have nothing to show for my life work and journey but who I have become, but this is the one thing that stays with you wherever you go: who you’ve become. It is the most precious.

The holy grail is not a golden cup you can hold with your hands. You don’t see it until you learn to see. Wisdom and fearlessness are my safety nets. The Creator is my guide, the palm in which I rest, as I journey forth to become even greater. This is my destiny. And it is yours. In fact, it is the reason I tattooed the word “Rise” on my right arm. Whoever you are, whatever your story, your destiny is to rise.  

I humbly beg you to take a leap of faith towards your truth. Your becoming is this world’s liberation. Nothing changes collectively without individual evolution. Do you see this world? You must. You must see what is called for at this time. Your utmost and absolute best! Your highest self. You have chosen to incarnate at this time in the Earth’s shift, at this tipping point towards darkness on the brink of our species end, to embody the genius and pure potential that you are. You are not here to cower and fear. You are not here to live as a slave to circumstance. You are here to be bold and contribute. You are strong enough to handle the challenges you may face. You are powerful enough to absorb any loss. You are brilliant enough, resourceful enough to wing it, baby. And you have enough light to attract that which you need to move forward on your path. Yogi Bhajan says, "Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear a path." He was right. This is truth. You see, you are the only person who can take that path. You are the only you. You are the only one with that fingerprint. There is no one else who can walk that walk for Source, in the way that you can. Your swagger is sacred and unique. No one else has my voice and calling. And no one else has yours. Your work is to stand up and embody the creative genius of God, in your way, and through your individual channel. You are not defined by what you do, your friends, your bank account.

You are already a masterpiece. You need for nothing. And when you realize this, you are free. 

Most of my fucks, have been given to God. Your past does not define you. My past does not define me. I used to let it. I never fit into anything. No pegs. I used to think you have to be mainstream to be successful.  But, it just never worked for me, and I realized how badass it is to fully accept I am fringe. And thank God I was never allowed to mold into the grid! That’s not my steez. That’s not what I want. Those aren’t my values. I respect past masters who have lived on the outskirts and molded consciousness through their seemingly radical and wild ideas. Mainstream ideals bore me. I am unimpressed with mass culture. It is not who I am, how I think, feel, operate and live. I am not mainstream. I am wild. Now I understand, not only am I allowed to be part wild, I have to be part wild. You see, it is my job to hold space between your world and the other. This way I can be a bridge, show you glimpses of who you are. We are meant to embody those otherworld higher frequencies, here and now on Earth to create our heavenly here an now. Hold those ideals strong, friend. Stand up to the norm and stand up to yourself, your ego and your fears until they but crumble in the wake of the light you hold.

 Throughout history, it is the fringe thinkers, the different, who change the course of human perception. The "same" will never do that. Perception shapes action. Perception is based on information and data taken in. When you have depth of vision, you take in expanded data. Wider reach of data means greater perspective. And it is the greater perspective that steers the course of consciousness. Do not be afraid of your wild ideas, unpopularity or offbeat pathway. Whether you are rewarded or not does not matter. You are gifted vision and sensitivity and you are meant to harness those channels and communicate truth, no matter the outcome. Let us promote and embody depth, range, evolution, and beauty. When you seek to explore the unknown, you push the cutting edge. How do we move forward if we do not push our reach of perception? We don’t. When you liberate yourself from the rigid grid, you open space to create, heal, move, shake and do some good in this world. It's beyond me and you at this point. We are one. And we have become utterly conditioned to violence and grief in our daily lives. Our species is greater than this, and it is very likely you are greater than the choices you are making.

The most powerful form of human control is the suppression of the sense of what is possible. 

There is that voice who whispers to you from the blood of your soul. That voice is getting louder and louder. By God, for the sake of humanity listen and heed! We have everything to gain and nothing to loose. 

(And it is here that the spiritual guidance group I work with would like to make themselves known. It is for me to step aside now.)

“The realms of the Universe are rooting for this planet. I speak to you from the cosmos. I speak to you from the light sources protecting and watching this planet from dimensions far beyond what many perceive. The time is now. There is none other. We will work with you. We will be the warrior, the angel, the visionary, the mother, the activist, the powerhouse, the genius, the master, the curator, the architect, the lover, the freedom, the dove and the savior, but you must let us in. We, the spiritual realms, we the collective consciousness that guides the pulsing beat within you. When you are driven by that higher will towards truth you hear us, and we ask that you listen. We ask that you stand tall. We ask that you rise and know your heavenly kingdom for you have but forgotten. You think you have all the time in the world but there is no such thing that exists. Your now is but a moment. Your now can change the course of this species and with it the rest of the galaxies. We are one. We are united. Ultimate reality exists beyond your pain and grief. Love and contribution exists beyond this human strife you buy into at the detriment of your lives and this beautiful planet. Do not make the same mistakes humans have made over and over and over. You are here to transcend beyond any dark forces, for they are nothing. Beyond any tampering by malfeasant ends. When you remain in a frequency above lack, fear, poverty, consciousness you change the world. You do not have to achieve material greatness to change the world. You only need embody your highest self in the moment. It is as simple as that. You change the vibration of the plants, animals and people around you through chemical reactions and vibratory responses of your field through your very presence, you see? A gentle whim, while humming to the bees, as you garden alone, is healing. Speak peace unto the plants and trees wherever you go, and you are the savior. Change your life to suite your happiness and you have chosen God. God is benevolent, creative energy, a force of unconditional love who has your greatest and highest wishes in mind and heart. There is only forgiveness. There is only grace. There is only eden. There is only beauty. There is only virtue. There is only love. There is only love. There is only love. How many times, in how many ways can we show you this, dear Earth children. Allow the force of high spirit to move through you and guide you without reservation, fear or guilt, and you will be shown the way to liberation and peace. And as our agent said, it is true, the answer to this question you ask is indeed simple. What does it really take to change your life? Bravery, faith and we would add love & fortitude. 


We are humbly in your service from the cosmos, guiding and available to you. 


In Blessing, We Remain."

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