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Intergenerational trauma and ancestral lineage clearing is such a hot topic right now and has been a central piece in my healing work on with the crystal light bed for the past two years. I want to explain a little more about karmic law and how  the energy of trauma can get passed down through the lineage. Check out this excerpt from  THE ENERGY BOOK to learn how to empower yourself and break the chains that echo from the past. The strong ones are incarnating now to help release mountains of karmic burden, thus clearing the energy for new generations. It takes immense courage to step into that light. And I am here to support you in that quest! Sign up for my workshop September 5th 2020 to learn how to clear this energy for yourself at home. 


"Karma is the law of cause and effect associated with our mental, moral and physical actions. Every action creates a reaction. Every cause has an effect. We can intentionally create a peaceful life by choosing to act in integrity, in light, and in loving intention. Reacting to a situation only creates further cause and effect manifestations.


When you recognize that the effect has no creation point, you begin to see that harping on or overreacting to an undesirable condition is a fool’s errand. You can change what is to come through curating the conditions required to create balance. What is happening now is an effect of what was. And we cannot change the past or what is. But we can liberate ourselves by living beyond cause and effect. This is living with intention. This is living our dharma - the path of love and compassion.


Releasing karma for healing is a Westernization of the concept, but is associated with the idea of changing life patterns by mastering a growth lesson associated with past actions and behaviours. Once we learn the lesson, the pattern ceases to exist and the universe no longer delivers the same ‘spiritual curriculum’. We can look at these patterns in our life and search deeply within ourselves to find the root causes of a continued effect. More often than not, we are the ones standing in the way of our full power. With awareness, we can alter those patterns.


Not only can we accumulate karmic effects ourselves and accidentally strengthen the energetic patterns therein due to ignorance or lack of intention, but we can inherit karmic burden and carry it on behalf of our family tree. Luckily ancestral healing through prayer, energy practices, intention and invocation serves as the ancestral medicine we need. The most resilient of the family trees are incarnating right now. And I believe for good reason. Once we have this awareness, we can start to clear the past patterning, thus healing present and opening the way for future generations.


We have genetic and familial patterns that in combination get passed down from generation to generation. Mental health issues and traumatic experiences may be linked with with your ancestral lineage or unknown aspects of your relationship with your ancestors. For example, if a great-great-grandmother had a lot of trauma around relationship and birth she would very likely be protective and guarded with her daughter, without ever explaining the cause and effect of her fears, dilemmas or traumas around birth and sexuality. That daughter, not knowing the cause would very likely pass down some of these guarded, hyper-vigilant behaviors to her daughter. Four generations later, women in the same family tree could still be dealing with variations of these same issues with no knowledge whatsoever of their origins.

If you think you may be carrying the weight of past generational suffering and desire a healing process to assist you in lineage repair, to assist the dead, to set you free, and create a new paradigm for future generations, try repeating this profound invocation after a meditation.




We bless all beings in all time, all space and in all realms. 

May all beings bless us.


I surround myself with love.

I fill the space around me and within me with the Divine.

I ask to be open to the wisdom of my deeper knowing.


I hereby release the darkness of despair, doubt, fear as well as the distortions of the mind and all energies and forces that create dysfunction, negativity and harm.





Bless my parents: may they bless and forgive each other, themselves, their parents and their children, and all generations to come. May they be open to receive this healing.


Afflictions: First Layer

May the lineage bless those that have hurt them, done harm and damaged them. May they now release all the afflictions that have been created in the family. May they be given the consciousness to forgive completely and in turn be forgiven completely for those whom they have been harmful toward, in all directions of time and space.


Fear: Second Layer

Bless them with light and release them from fear and the negative patterns perpetuated by fear: mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, financially, psychologically, spiritually and in all directions of time and space.


Gratitude: Third Layer

We give thanks to all aspects of Spirit that have assisted us; known and unknown; named and unnamed; seen and unseen; that serve the highest good. We asked for the capacity to live in joy and hold gratitude for that which we received and to share that feeling with others.


Commandment: Fourth Layer

Light replaces burden. The chain is broken. We no longer carry this weight, in the name of all that is holy and good I am blessed with new light.


Now, repeat the same prayer and invocation for your grandparents, great grandparents, great, great grandparents and on down for 7 generations.



Great grandparents

Great great grandparents

Great great great grandparents

Great x 4 (6th)

Great x 5 (7th)"


Happy healing my friends! See you in the workshop :)


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