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I was listening to an old Wayne Dyer lecture the other evening, when I heard him say something that spoke to the way I live my life. This teacher is one of the greats who wrote and spoke of manifestation and aligning with God. Since feeling burnt out over the holidays, I have instilled a much deeper ritual around my self-care practice. My evening jam consists of a mini energy clearing, meditation, spiritual study, and then journaling while working with personal affirmations, emotional visualization and prayer.

As I was absorbing Wayne Dyer’s message, he spoke words that helped me understand my own internal drive. It was just a simple statement. He said that ordinary just wasn’t good enough for him. He wanted to live an extraordinary life, and that he most certainly did. There is nothing wrong with ordinary. I have no judgments against it at all. There is true beauty in simplicity, and I believe that wholeheartedly. But ever since I was a child, I felt out of place in an ordinary frequency, in monotony, in just going about my business with the way things are. It was as if everything felt off, wrong. And now years later as an adult I can verbalize what I felt as a child.

Society needs healing, and I felt wrong aligning with the normal, lower vibrations around me. On so many levels of my being: the emotional body, mental, spiritual, physical body, intuitive body— every damn realm has violently rejected what is standard and normal. I can’t eat “normal” food (fake GMO pesticide filled crap that is the standard American diet). I have sensitivities to environmental toxins. Through many types of sickness over the course of my life, I have rejected what is ordinary, and frankly my body won’t let me tolerate it. My spirit has always wanted heaven on Earth. A part of me remembers. I remember what it should be, from a deep place within, because I am meant to. We are meant to bring about the higher frequencies that whisper to our souls. Is ordinary healthy? Is normal the way?
Most people don’t believe they have the power to access their gifts, or they believe those entirely special and unique gifts are not going to support them financially. Some people believe it is too much work and energy to change things for themselves. There are the kids. There are the bills. I am already working this job, and it’s OK. I can deal with it. I have to do these errands. Maybe later. Well this is what is in front of me, so I’ll just take that. It’s easier. Everyone is waiting for the weekend, the next break, and living with constant stress and anxiety. But I believe the energy of extraordinary, the energy of pure potential, was intrinsically your birthright and path back home. The world, as it stands, is not set up for most to grow up accessing their extraordinary. Yes, perhaps it takes a little more work. But to me, it is worth the pioneering effort. It always has been.
In the spiritual community there seems to be two schools of thought. One being to accept what is, release all desire and attachment, stop placing your own mental constructs around what is good and bad, let things unfold however they will and do not judge it. Do not care what happens. Why do you think it has to be a certain way? You become unhappy when you want things to be a certain way, and they are not. Release desires. And I believe this ideal, but only to an extent. The other school says: manifest, co-create, expand, let your natural desires lead the way to your becoming, go forth, create, make it rain, baby! The world is your oyster! Go get it! Remove what blocks stand in your path for there is always a solution. You can figure it out if you want to. And you know what? I think it's kind of fun to figure things out. I enjoy it. If any of you know me personally or professionally, I am of the latter philosophical camp. This does not mean I do not ascribe to the first school of thought. Acceptance and letting things unfold, is peppered when appropriate into my desire and drive to manifest an extraordinary life. There must be a beautiful, harmonic tap dance between co-creation and living life hands off.
I will be honest with you; I have a burning and relentless drive to create magic, meaning, beauty and magnificence. I will do whatever it takes. Magic and magnificence, creativity and expansion, is worth my time and effort. It will be worth it until the day I die. I have been in places where I have been completely broke, jobless, alone, scared and I looked around and said, “No, I do not accept this.” And I changed things. I have been in jobs that don’t feel right, where something feels off, and said again, I do not accept this. If something feels off, it usually is. And so I made changes. I’ve been in negative situations that I have judged as unpleasant, seen patterns repeated that are out of alignment with what I was trying to create, been in groups of people that don’t feel like the right circle of friends, and thought it is time to change things. You can tell where you are in life by what types of people and circumstances you are attracting. I know who I am. I know what I am capable of. I know my soul. My human self is learning, growing and becoming that pure potential. My life joy is learning to merge the two. Knowing my higher self so deeply and intimately has guided my journey back home for the last 12 years. 
I believe in accepting the truth in a circumstance, taking that truth and deciding what you are going to do about it. I believe in acceptance, but I don’t believe in just accepting what is happening if it is not aligned with your expansion. 
Get up. Do something about it. If it is in your control, there is nothing to worry about because you can make changes that will affect your life for the better. If you do not have control over it, don’t worry about it because there is nothing you can do. This is where allowance, letting things unfold, accepting what is, takes its rightful place in my world. Indeed, there is only so much you can do. But my goodness, don’t squash your desires in an overemphasis of neutrality and acceptance. That is called spiritual bypass. All must be in balance. It is too easy to play the “Well I am just going to stay low, stay broke, stay a victim, stay here, because I accept how things are and they are just going to unfold as it will, and I don’t have a say around it so might as well not even try.”
Bullshit. If you can balance inner work with outer work with clear direction, focus, joy, and acceptance—watch our world. Baby’s comin’ on up.
You are powerful! You are a child of the divine and a piece of the soul of the world is in your heart. You have the same abilities and resources as everyone else. I am not speaking to you now, having taken a role in this community, because I accepted what is or because I accepted the ordinary. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit, baby. Life is so much more rewarding, enriching, deep, exciting and worth living when you are actively involved in the process of bringing about desired circumstances that align with what is natural to YOU. I love life. I love playing the game. I love growing. I love learning. I love feeling. I love making mistakes and then learning from them. I love all of it. I love the wisdom that comes from being down. I love the elation and excitement from being up. I love the new and special soul mates I’ve met from expanding my world, taking risks and coming into new circumstances. I love choosing what types of people and vibrations I want to be around. I love discerning what is not good or good for me. I am like a spiritual scientist. I love changing my mind, because I grew out of a circumstance. I am constantly growing and changing and that makes me feel alive.

The experience of intimate living utterly fascinates me. The universal soul story of ascension utterly fascinates me. I am committed to and dedicated to my expansion. I know what it feels like to die. And I know what is feels like to rise. It makes me good at what I do and connecting with you. And the soul story of your heroic journey, your becoming, my dear friend, is your ultimate story. It is my story. And the pulsating current of movement within that river of conscious evolution is your ability to manifest and co-create.

The universe has a heartbeat. Listen. That is your heartbeat. The universe is expanding. This is your expansion. You were created. You are part of creation. Therefore you are creative. That is why you are here: to create. Yes, accept the truth. Accept that which you cannot change. Accept and let things be. Live for the process and excitement of creating without attachment to outcome, but don’t throw your mojo out the window! Don’t let any idea disempower you, make you lazy, stifle your excitement to move and learn. Go on, shake thing up a bit, take risks, let your curiosity take your for a ride. This is the art of being childlike. This is looking at the world with deep wonder. This is the art of imagination, perception, and choosing what type of world you are going to live in. Accept what is, but do not accept a life that is unnatural to your soul’s journey of becoming. One thing is true that I can tell you:
If it doesn’t feel natural, it isn’t going to work. 
Period. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be soul challenges to work through. It doesn't mean you don't have to have patience and work for it. Nobody is above challenges or growth. Intrinsic in the experience of life is an element of discomfort. Discomfort can speak to you, tell you where to go, how to move, indicate what is natural or not, and steer you towards what you need to work on, etc. Discomfort is wisdom. But if the role you are playing doesn’t feel inherently natural to your soul, if there isn’t a sense of ease in connection on an energetic level, it isn’t going to work. When you look at life from a higher perspective, oh how much easier it becomes to see through false illusion, false beliefs, and transcending mental concepts around what is or isn’t possible. What a joy to live this way! That we must grudge through an uninspired rat race, work jobs that we hate, let systems, institutions, or the way things are disempower us spiritually or physically, is false. No. I believe we are here to change the way things are done so humans can experience expansion more freely, naturally, and create a better world for us all.

When we are fueled by inspiration we become more excited to play with our gifts and have the energy to make them come alive in the material world. Those gifts and talents are road maps towards genius. Were all of humanity able to truly harness the pure potential of our innate genius, this world would change in an instant. When you stay low, and accept low-level living, you are ignoring parts of your genius. I do not judge any path as right or wrong. Everyone gets to make their choices, and live how they want to. My way is not the right way for everyone. But word on the street is it’s a pretty juicy way to pulse with life.
You are not little. You are big. You are not ordinary. You are the most extraordinary network of 34 trillion cells of genius that knew exactly how to become a physical human without you telling it what to do. You are intelligence incarnate. What you tolerate is what will continue. I don’t believe in luck. I believe in flow. And part of experiencing states of flow is choosing what do to and how to move through this world. Perhaps there is work to get to that state. I work on it daily. I will always be a student. But I so deeply trust because I am guided by the light, and I know that in states of light filled flow I can easily expect miracles. Dance with worlds beyond what you see around you. Go on world; give me the challenge. I bask in God’s school of learning, for better or worse. I am lucky to be here and so are you.

Play with life.
So, go on kitten, what do you want?

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