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“I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.”

 --Drew Barrymore.


By definition, beauty is something that is pleasing to the sensory systems or the mind, aesthetically. Simple enough, right? And yet, there is a deeper, more conscious context within which to discuss and analyze beauty. Have you ever walked into a party and felt the presence of one person who is lighting up the room, dazzling the crowd through words, gestures, and intrigue? She may or may not be stunningly gorgeous. Either way, people are drawn to her and so you will judge her through rose-colored glasses because of the way she makes people feel and the reaction she receives from the crowd. On the contrary, have you ever looked at a model that you acknowledge intellectually as attractive, yet you experience no real draw? They have all the right symmetrical features, that perfect body, and yet when you look in their eyes, you feel nothing, dead energy. There is no captivation factor. This person simply does not warm you. For example, I can’t tell you how many textbook “hot” guys I have absolutely no interest in. I am neither captivated nor attracted. The mojo is missing. And do you know what the difference is?

Captivation and perception of beauty has everything to do with one’s capacity to emit frequency and to hold a denser field of photons in the energy that imbues and surrounds the physical body. In other words, beauty has to do with one’s ability to hold light, literally. Light is what draws. Light is what captures. Light is what heals. Light feels good. Light is beauty. It was the late, great Maya Angelou who said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

When we discuss aesthetics, we refer to what is pleasing to the senses and how we interpret what is beautiful. From my work as an energy healer using a crystal light bed to purify the multidimensional energy systems in order to reestablish my client’s connection with their inner glow and high-vibe, “sparkle factor,” while having a background in film and fashion, I know that the interpretation of what we find attractive has a much more holistic range than what is commonly discussed. Looking exclusively at someone’s physical appearance in judgment of attractiveness is like focusing on one color of the rainbow, when you feel the rich, expansive diversity of light from the entire spectrum of photons and the power of that full range is what magnetically draws you in. And yet you call that feeling “pink,” because your scope of awareness is limited. Usually, people aren’t fully conscious of why they are attracted to someone or something. I believe it has everything to do with the relationship between energetic dynamics and the capacity for captivation, and how that relationship affects one’s physical appearance.

You see, darling doves, to give you a little foundational background: we are light beings. Humans are vast and powerful. Humans are multidimensional. When I say that, I mean that there are many dimensions of existence that make up the totality of who you are, beyond this physical understanding. We are made of matter, but behind all matter is an energetic component and the energy systems behind the physical body are beautiful, complex and connected to spirit. We learn that all matter has an energetic component in middle school science classes, but fail as adults to apply this idea to the human body.

In fact, everything is energy. Energy is the substance that precedes all physical manifestations in this world. We are drawn to energy or we are repelled by energy. We discuss someone’s “vibe” without fully understanding that this concept refers to the rate at which one literally vibrates. And guess what? You can curate your vibration. This is your power. The higher your vibration the more light you hold in your field. And know this: what exists as vibrational patterns within you will be manifested into your external world physically. This is law of attraction 101. So, instead of focusing on the external component of a difficult situation, we must first learn to focus internally and balance the vibrations. Thereafter, continue to focus on healing the physical components.

Often those who wish to lose weight are dealing with deeper, core energetic pattern associated with the need to protect oneself, and commonly an inability to let go of the past. They are heavy in their field, thus heavy in their bodies. Focusing on light and self-love must come first, or at least accompany the physical measures you take to loose weight. And so it is with beauty. If there is a blockage in your internal or external energy field often times we will see this in facial features, skin rashes, dark circles, puffiness, bloating, lack of radiance, skin blemishes and acne, weight loss, weight gain, tightness in the jaw, poor posture, or even hair loss. People who unconsciously slump their shoulders are energetically trying to protect their hearts. So you see, it really is amazing, and quite a new realization through my experiences with clients on the crystal bed, that sometimes after a session people will physically look younger, brighter and more relaxed. And to reiterate, the reason is that when we hold onto blockages in our energy, often times you see it physically. So the old saying goes: as above to below. This idea relates to my previous explanation that, and I will say it until I am blue in the face, behind all matter is en energetic component. I can literally tell in my friend’s facial features when it’s time for a good ole’ energy cleaning.

As a culture, we are progressively on the brink of understanding how emotions, vibrations, energy and frequency affect the mind and the body. When you learn to let go of your blockages on an energetic level, it frees up space within your vibrational field to align with the highest possible frequencies of light. As that alignment is reached your outer world will thus reflect your new, empowered state. You get closer to your natural essence, authenticity, and unique perfection. The physical follows suit to the energetic precedent. Perfection has nothing to do with external standards of symmetry and cultural idolization. Perfection has to do with your genuine alignment with spirit, with the universe, with source energy. When that most important, intimate and powerful relationship is attended to, first and foremost, all else falls into place and the people around you will respond to it. This is when beauty meets divinity. This is when beauty has consciousness and depth. This is where beauty captivates and heals. Hold your light, darling doves, and be beautifully you. All the power of the universes exist within you, as you learn to harness the full range of your creative capacity. When you do this, you glow. You shine, and your swagger becomes sacred. All we must learn to do is shine the light that we already are.


7 Tips for Holding Your Light Strong:


1.     Long Deep Breathing / Meditation

a.     This balances the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems

b.     Stimulates the pituitary gland

c.      Pumps cerebrospinal fluid around the brain

d.     Stimulates production in the brain to work against depression

e.     Cleanses the blood of carbon dioxide increasing alkalinity

f.      Releases blockages to flow of energy in meridians

g.     Fights addiction

2.     Authenticity

a.     When your words and actions match your feelings and intentions, you create vibrational patterns of peace and alignment in your energy and in the cellular structure of the water molecules in your body.

3.     Passion

a.     People who work towards living their dreams tend to have more energy, because passion is a form of energy that will bathe all areas of your life. Passion is contagious and inspiring.

4.     Plant Forward Eating

a.     Plants have chi, prana or life force. When you eat plants you are digesting and soothing your system with the energy of the sun.

b.     More plants = More life force.

5.     Grounding & Shielding

a.     Every morning imagine there is a cord of light wrapped around your root chakra (a red spinning vortex of energy at the base of your spine) to Mother Earth’s core. This helps to ground your energy throughout the day so you are not unconsciously splashing your energy out into the cosmos. Fly high, but stay grounded.

b.     After your grounding visualization and morning meditation, it is wise to visualize a shield of protection around your energy to encourage auric strength. We are often taught to open up, but not to protect. This is very similar to carrying an umbrella when it is storming. This is practically based, not fear based.

c.      Shield Example: I imagine the strong facets of a beautiful quartz crystal locking in one by one around me. I call on the light to align with my vibration and visualize myself surrounding by the protection of a crystal. You can achieve the same protective affect by imagining light wrapping around you like a cocoon. Any color that feels good to you is the color that you need.

6.     Regular Energy Healing

a.     We are taught to take showers every day and do not remember to clean our energy. Find an energy healer that resonates with you or get with me on the crystal light bed to balance the chakras and remove any unwanted blockages vibrating in your energy field. Be the light! Shine bright!

7.     Sweating

a.     We all know that working out increases endorphin production stimulated healthy digestion, and releases toxins through the skin by sweat.

b.     Sweating is not about trying to achieve a desired physical state. Sweating is about feeling good.






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