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I will not go on too long about the pain, disappointment, torment, and disgust brought on by the election results. You have had enough of that. I have held back discussing anything until some of the dust had settled and I had enough time to step to find my center. 
And I am working on that daily.
I am extremely sensitive to energies and I found this week nothing short of debilitating.  I felt a heightened need to be connected to myself, my loved ones, and to find a sense of safety and comfort amidst rising rage, depression and fear. And to be frank, that is a perfectly normal and healthy response. Yet, let us remember the spiritual context and how we can begin to feel a sense of peace right now. In our communities, through proactive solutions, strategy over reactivity, and coming back to a sense of autonomy over our vibrations we can begin to shift the individual vibration which beyond a doubt shifts the collective. It starts with you. Let us come back to union with God. We are being asked to dig deep right now. Fortunately, it is easiest to find light in total darkness. All be comes clear. Light is easy to see. And the truth is there is no external power that can dim your light unless you allow it.
In moments of trauma, pain or suffering it helpful to take a step back from the immediate, personal wound. My tendency is to take whatever action steps are necessary in order to come back to the depth within myself and feel connected to Source. From a deeper space of neutrality, observing underlying vibrations that cause pain becomes more manageable and it is easier to find healthy ways to perceive and grow from circumstances that cause fear and suffering. From a higher perspective, all wounds are symbolic in nature. Ascension comes from our ability to handle a shift in power. So how can you begin now to shift from a sense of loss, fear, hopelessness, fear, into a state of neutrality, peace, compassion, autonomy, clarity and connection with Source?


We are all lighthouses. We are stable. We are grounded. We are loving beings. We just simply forget from time to time. When we focus on the effect (material world, external, personalized here and now human dramas), the cause (Source light, spirit, magic, God energy) begins to diminish. Energy flows where attention flows. We must understand that to experience the life of joy, vitality and peace we crave, there must be continuous focus on the cause. It is law. This is what creates the open flow of Source light into the material plane as a channel. The system is rigged in Spirit's favor, you see. Come back to your depth and reconnect. This is where you can transform your life with the most power. You can channel fear into activism. You can transform your art into humanitarian declarations. You can be the hopeful beacon of light among those who cannot feel their own warmth. You can transform those around you through your very vibration. You can use your gifts and talents to heighten your sense of self and contribution. You can plant a garden, smile at strangers, open doors, and kick up your sense of service in all ways.

You can use this moment to evaluate your life. Let us not waste time on the superficial, the unimportant, the fluff that continues to keep you distracted from your mission. All of your energy is needed a thousand fold, and we must be mindful of energetic investment. What do you want from friendships? Are you receiving it? What needs to change there? What do you want from a home space? How can you create it? What do you want from a partner? Your work life? How do you want your daily life to feel? What are the most powerful conditions most efficiently conducive to your best self, in all ways, in all areas?
Get clear on this. Pain and darkness reminds us to get back to basics. Make your foundation strong. The pillar on which you stand should carry you to the highest of heights!
This is also a wonderful moment to reevaluate core, archetypal beliefs. You get to choose how you experience the world and through what filters data is downloaded. What are the cornerstones of your belief system? Is the world safe? Is the world good? Oh my, in every good story there is always a climactic moment where the villain seems to be winning; but faith, character, persistence, grit, and acts of love and grace always “trump” the villain.

It is the greatest test for the bravest souls, to find happiness and joy when all hope is lost. This is a game of mental yoga. And remember this earth world is but illusion and the darkness we see here is the collective dream of human mis-creation caused by a lack of remembrance that we are spirit in nature, and that we are inherently unbreakable. It is all growth experience, no matter how big or small, no matter if it is light or dark that touches you. Yes, there are younger souls on this planet who will take time to evolve. There are frequencies on this planet that are dying out and as they leave, they are kicking and screaming like children throwing tantrums. But trust that Gaia will always care for herself. She will regenerate. Chaos and collapse always leads to regeneration. Hold space for yourself, channel in higher frequencies of love, strength, resilience and hope. 


And just as it goes in your individual spiritual growth, we cannot change that which is unacknowledged. If you have a belief or wound that is still in the shadows, denied or resisted, you cannot begin to heal it. The same goes for collective evolution. The rise of dark energies is here for our transmutation and healing of it. Gaia is pushing to the surface that which is unsustainable, saying here, "Here it is. Humans, do you see this?" We must acknowledge where we are as a species in order to see where the most immediate and vital changes must take place.
This moment is a part of the process. This moment is a challenge for you to become stronger as you dig deeper. This moment is an opportunity for you to come into greater alignment with circumstances that serve your greatest self. Let us only tolerate harmony, our quantum blueprint, our highest selves. As you shift from fear, anger and rage, into neutrality, stillness, and peace, you will see how you can be a positive agent of change. You are the calm in the eye of the storm. You are the hope that sings in the street. You are the voice that stands up to violence. You are the power that does not fall into lower vibrations, for if you do, that which you seek to destroy will only grow larger. Release your attention to hate to the media, to chaos, to what could happen. Focus on solutions while lending attention to that which enhances your vortex of creativity.
I am here with you. Thank you for incarnating. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being interested and vested in your spiritual evolution. Your power is in your sphere of influence, and you are the solution. 

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