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I had a session last night with someone who was facing an issue we all encounter. She was feeling confused, stuck and in a purgatorial space waiting for the next real, life chapter to start. 

She's had the same life complaints for some time. 


She dreams of moving forward. She dreams of another life. 


Though somewhat uninspired and numbed, where she is isn’t terrible. In fact, it’s safe. So, she’s been hanging out there. 


For several sessions, she would say what is good about where she is and also discuss what is not working for her. Usually, every time she would describe life quality deal-breakers in reference to her current situation. 

And honestly, there is no judgment here. Everyone is in their own process and on their own path. It is non-linear and there is no finish line.

It takes discernment to understand when it’s right to be patient and when it’s right to move forward. 

Sometimes, we need to stop and stabilize while we regain strength, focus on health or find a routine. 


But when I hear the same complaints, the same story, over and over (and trust me this happens A LOT), sometimes for years—the data shows there is one, fundamental issue delaying forward movement and the manifestation process. 


Even if you are afraid to take action steps or feel overwhelmed by the process of transitioning to something greater, there is one thing you can do. 

It’s not physically taxing. 


Though, it may take some emotional bravery. 

Here's my little secret... It's all about clarity.


To start the process of forward movement, you have to decide what you want. The Universe can’t help you out if you keep sending mixed signals. 


Stuck people are usually experiencing some deep inner conflict. They think they know what they want and often take on the perspective that it is external circumstances or just life that is halting their progress.

However, I find through deeper examination, that it's really simple: they are afraid of their truth, or not ready to take on their truth because they don’t trust themselves or the world to support them.

Inner conflict causes you to leak energy.

Unify the mind. Decide what is ego (fear) speaking and what is YOUR ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Then, unify your intention with your unified mind. Thereafter, align your behavior.

A bit of passion, heart and gratitude always helps, so sprinkle that on top of everything. 

Personally, my frequency type doesn't really like stagnation. Movement and freedom are wildly important to me. I have massive dreams whose physical manifestation will take up the entirety of my lifespan. I know that perfectionism + focusing on too many ideas at one time can stop you in your tracks. Because of that, I've had to discipline myself to live by one rule:

You can have it all, but not at the same time. 

Let it build. Let your life's contribution be a cumulative evolution paralleling your growth. You have to start somewhere. Why not with the most important decision?


Protocol for Hamsters Sick Of The Wheel:


  1. Decide WTF you want. This requires honesty. 
  2. Honor yourself enough to commit to what you want. This requires discipline, cultivation of self-love, repairing trust in yourself and trust in the Universe.
  3. Come up with a strategy including action steps that will propel you closer to your goals. This requires planning. But before you do, decide what you value more: freedom vs. security. Then start planning according to your value system. 


These three steps, though potentially more involved depending on the individual, will start to move energy towards your intended. 

If you need help with any of these steps, book a session. I've got tools for days....


Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path. 


But for now, all you have to do, dear heart…. is choose.

Simple as that. 


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