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Falling Forward

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The year has shown us quite a bit. Inner-world plate tectonics. The slow humming of vast shifts, ancient and purifying. How can it be so intense but slow? So soft but deep? So steady but arduous? How does the earthquake shake in slow motion? Played out paradigms, mental constructs, systems and life conditions that hold no further value will fall away. Let them go. The deeper part of our hearts scour and surge decaying landscapes of our consciousness on our behalf. Oh, we humans continue tilling, nose to the grindstone, what is empty with blind eyes in our waking lives. We are silly creatures. But we are learning. Part of our consciousness knows. Part of us will not understand until the soil is new and we are able to take an untainted hand and graze the land, seeing in a new way. 

Do you see, now? 

The sun is rising and setting. 

Do you understand why it is time to let it go? 

If you do - wonderful. If you do not, release the human need to understand “why” and accept that what is falling away is simply meant to, and for your highest good. 

There is wisdom in understanding. There is wisdom in the faith of acceptance. Both are paths towards becoming. 

In the fall, we let things go. We let them die. The leaves change, and it is a quieter, soft time for observance and reflection. Change is imminent. We are responsible for emancipating ourselves from bondage into freedom. Take in the life lessons from this year and allow the light and wisdom to alchemize your consciousness. As you fall asleep, silently pray, “Thank you God/Source/Spirit, for the new wisdom and light gifted to me this year. May this light animate my whole being and guide the way forward. Amen.” 

You don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to know how. Set an intention to allow. Open to possibility. Become small in a steam of newness and surrender to the transformation. Stop grabbing the wheel and wrecking Spirit’s car. The light has sentience. It knows what to do. 

In this chaotic time on the planet, people often forget the gracious power of prayer and intention. There is a benevolent force of love holding us. It is a current of divinity. You are an expression of that order and divinity. You are a piece of fabric in that wondrous tapestry. We simply have to remember who we are, and what holds us. Sometimes feeling held in the hands of something greater is all the comfort we need. We cannot do it alone. The soul naturally leans. If you do not lean on Spirit, you may be inappropriately leaning on someone or something that cannot ever replace the safety of swimming in Spirit’s current of lovingness. Your vices will fall short. False friendships will not hold. The valueless. The vacuous. The empty will crumble. And what will your foundation be then? Will you know real power when all falls short? I hope so. Are you tired of the petty? I hope so. 

The cool autumn air is energizing and reflective at the same time. Just as the natural world must decay to make way for new, spring life, so much we let go of things whose season has ended. Consider these things and reflect on how these changes serve your light, allowing life to flow as gently and inevitably as seasons do. 

Even when you feel like you are falling, you are moving forward. Let go of everything, and see what stays. 


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