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Crystals to Focus Your Intentions

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Focus Your Intentions

What is the point of focusing your intention?
Why do we need to do this?

Well, the point is to be quite clear with yourself and Spirit on the kind of vibrations, life conditions, surroundings and people you’d like to call in to your life. The universe is simply responding to your vibrational output.

The thing is, how in the world can you really know what you want unless you know the truest version of yourself?

It is as the ancient Greek aphorism states, “Know Thyself.” In fact, Socrates later expanded on this ideal when he taught, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Manifestation is not about entitlement. Nor can the divine process of manifestation be whole when we are feeling fearful or concerned due to an overly attached attitude around something happening or not happening, and then getting all neurotic with a material ritual, practice or action outside of yourself. If you believe bypassing the inner vibrational alchemy and moving straight to the palo santo will grant you access to a desired result, well honey, you’re just painting a moldy wall.

I do believe, however, that physical acts and aligned action steps can certainly amplify the energy of a focused intentional grid. It’s just that sometime people forget that the blessings of life work from the inside out.

Before we talk about how to get what you think you want through learning how to focus your intention, I want to discuss something very important: integrity.

Living in integrity means aligning your actions and behaviors to match your inner values and knowing what is right for you.

You will increase your happiness, confidence, qi, vitality, energy and magic when you engage in activities that you truly believe are right for you. This means dropping the “shoulds.” It means living by one’s internal, authentic, moral code of conduct and not apologizing for it.

You can use your emotional intelligence and feeling sense to discern what is right for you.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when you don’t know if something is #onvibe (yes that is a new Kalisa-ism) for you.
  • Does it/he/she/this situation/idea/project make my body expand or contract?
  • Does it give me energy?
  • Is it additive?
  • Is it self-honoring?
  • Is it elevating?
  • Does my heart open?
  • Does it make me giddy and excited?

At Home Practice

Lie down and relax in a comfortable, private space. Fall into an easy, meditative space without any concern for how to do it properly. Allow yourself to expand into a day dream. Let your imagination roam as you observe, feel, and integrate the energy of peace.

Once there, ask your heart, your mind and the wisdom of your highest self to show you a mental movie of your purest, most authentically aligned life that embodies the greatest capacity of your creative potential.

Let go, and watch what comes to you.

This process is between you and God. No one else.

When I am working through a growth period, (which for me happens quite often!) I like to meditate through this process with an amethyst crystal to help me clearly define my new intentions.

Amethyst is a beautiful, violet, high-magic type of quartz. It works on the upper chakras:
  • the 5th chakra communication center in the throat
  • the third eye which governs psychic ability
  • and the crown chakra which connects you to divine, spiritual energies

Because it works with these energy centers, it also has an effect on the physiology and organs associated with these chakras. Amethyst assists mental energies, the nervous system, pineal and pituitary glands, the ears and the eyes. It is known to help with insomnia, anxiety and imbalances related to the nervous system. Amethyst gifts you a mind that is both calm and acutely powerful and clear. It is a natural protectant against harmful EMF and helps people who have addictive tendencies. Use amethyst for help relieving headaches and mental fog. It absorbs negative energies and balances your field. Amethyst is also a powerful, grounding and protective stone.

Because much of its medicine opens the crown chakra and assists facilitating a strong connection to the divine, it is the perfect stone to help you clarify your intentions moving forward.

As we approach fall and another season changes, it's time to let the dead leaves drop. You have learned, absorbed, and practically actualized the lessons from the past; but, where are you now? Every new chapter requires a next level you.

It’s time to hone in on where your highest authenticity lies and determine what is most aligned on your path moving forward. Amethyst certainly helps me to do that.

I like to meditate with this stone in my left hand, bringing through those powerful frequencies to help me feel the essence of Spirit. Sometimes, I place it on my third eye when I am laying down resting. I will even tie it into a hair piece so it sits on my crown while I work.

Higher minds create new solutions. The more people we have embodying the highest versions of themselves and acting upon those inherent gifts, talents and realms of genius—this world evolves into states of beauty and grace at more rapid speeds. A future of grace on Earth is the only option for humanity.

We are the ones.

I pray and intend that grace and truth both touch your soul, awakening and activating the part of you that is real. May your essence shine upon this Earth.

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