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Albert Einstein has been widely quoted as saying, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” But how does our intuitive intelligence work? Is there a physiological source that harnesses the flow of intuitive information? And what can we do to increase those seemingly mysterious capacities? A symbiotic relationship between the rational and intuitive realms of intelligence are mutually beneficial and provide an ideal framework for empowerment, knowledge, wisdom, success and humility. And despite controversial schools of thought throughout the ages around the subject, there has been a singular truth when it comes to discussing the brain and intuition: the pineal gland sparks immense interest, intrigue, study and passion from philosophers, scientists, artists, mystics and everyday people alike.

The pineal gland is a tiny, pea sized gland formed in the shape of a pinecone located near the center of the brain between the two hemispheres. It lies folded in a groove where two thalamic bodies join. This gland is the only physical aspect of the brain that does not have a counterpart, remaining a singular entity in a system of twins. Until recent times, the physiological function of the pineal gland was largely unknown, though the ancients seemed to believe this part of the body was of notable import.

For instance, The Greeks believed the pineal gland was our connection to “realms of thought.” In his eighth book of his anatomical work, On The Usefulness Of Parts Of The Body, Galen (130-ca. 210 CE), a Greek doctor and philosopher describes the pineal gland to be filled with “psychic pneuma,” or rather a fine, volatile, vaporous substance he considered to be “the first instrument of the soul.” And Plato writes in The Republic (Book VII), “the soul through these disciplines has an organ purified and enlightened, an organ better worth saving than ten thousand corporeal eyes, since truth becomes visible through this alone.”

Rene Decartes believed it was the “seat of the soul.” Mainly know for his mathematical and philosophical contributions, he had a deep interest in anatomy and physiology. He discusses the pineal gland in his Treatise Of Man, as well as in a number of letters written between 1640 and 1641, and finally in Passions Of The Soul. As with anyone attempting to formulate theories on how life works, some of his anatomical and physiological assumptions were completely incorrect and not just by our modern medical standards but in the context of circulating available information in his era. What we do know is that his writing brought the pineal gland back into the spotlight during the Renaissance. He was neither the first nor the last philosopher to discuss it, but he seemed to attach to the pineal gland more significance than anyone else in history.

In the Hindu tradition, the pineal gland corresponds directly to, what is now commonly known as, the third eye, or the center for intuition and clairvoyance. In Buddhism, the third eye is known as the middle eye of Shiva. In a number of statues and works of art depicting the Buddha, symbols of the pinecone is seen upon his head. And we know that the pineal gland received its name from the Latin pinea ‘pine cone.’ As mentioned earlier, the anatomical term refers to the shape and visual components of the gland.

In fact, the shape of the pine cone is so revered by the Vatican specifically, that a special court was built called the Court of the Pine Cone or Cortille della Pigna, housing a  beautiful, 13-foot-tall bronze pinecone statue. The statue was originally part of a Roman fountain near the Pantheon. The symbol of the pine cone, representative of the pineal gland, is also found on the staff of the Pope.

It is further interesting to note that Jesus of Nazareth told his followers that “the eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.” And many people believe this “eye” refers to the intuitive center of the brain governed by the pineal gland.

Esoteric and mystical communities around the world believe a closed intuitive center leads to confusion, cynicism and pessimism and yet the pineal gland is still considered a bit of an enigma in modern times. In the context of historical understanding, perhaps the mystery surrounding the controversy over the years suggests at its power. 


Aside from the kidneys, more blood flow moves this gland than any other part of the body. It regulates your biological rhythms, time, sleep, sexual maturation, stress and the ability to adapt. It produces melatonin and serotonin. This means it controls your reproductive hormones and your mood. Just how powerful this center is, we do not yet fully know. However Dr. Rick Strassman, M.D., has dedicated years of research to the pineal gland and suggests it produces a powerful neurotransmitter called DMT (Di-Methyl Tryptamine), otherwise known as “the spirit molecule” which is known to create natural, psychedelic states of consciousness allowing one to experience altered states of dimensional reality. 


In this little, pinecone shaped gland, there is a floating reservoir of water with tiny crystals that have piezoelectric properties, and generate piezoluminescence. This occurs when compressed crystals create photons. There are also piezochromic crystals which can release any color of light in the rainbow. This means, essentially, that surrounding this psychic center inside your brain are tiny crystals that generate light and color. Pinealocytes are cells that behave similarly to rods and cones inside of the retina of your eye. They also line the inside tissue of the pineal gland. This center quite literally has retinal tissue and contains the same wiring as your physical eyes, connecting the gland directly to the visual cortex in your brain. 


According to mystics and sages of the ages, third eye cultivation is known as the doorway to all things psychically connected. This is where we find the disillusion of separateness and where we see God. The fascinating paradox of the pineal gland is that it is inside the brain, but outside the mind. This creates a conceptual loophole, escaping the contradiction of reality. The mystery schools of ancient Egypt taught that when we can contain this paradox, we are free. All mystery schools basically taught how to metaphysically awaken; from lucid dreaming, walking between worlds, initiations of death and rebirth, how to project the etheric body consciousness to other dimensions, teachings of unity consciousness, purification of mind, body, spirit and a full unlocking of psychic centers. They taught that when anyone embodies a higher reality it elevates humanity at large. Psychic development was at its peak in Ancient Egypt as we saw the schools of Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus, Ra emerge. The great library at Alexandria held a plethora of writings in esoteric literature, which was later burned to the ground by the Romans. 


According to a United States CIA document written in 1990 but approved for pubic release in 2000, the Chinese government invested an immense amount of time, energy and money into researching psychic children from 1979 to 1989 for medical and military purposes, with studies led by prominent scientists with well reputed careers and the highest degrees of education.

People in the west may find it difficult to believe that study of parapsychology as related to human potential could gain so much momentum in a communist country where materialism is supposedly dominant, and yet the interest has less to do with political ideology and mores with cultural philosophy.

Our western culture is more Cartesian in that we separate through division the spiritual with material, and western science is Neo-cartesian in that it denies consciousness has any reality or validity. Parapsychology seeks to relate consciousness to the physical world and its study is resisted by both theologians and mainstream scientists in the west. And until the scientific method is openly and genuinely applied to studying this phenomena there will be much negative reaction from falsehoods and misuse of that which simply do not understand yet.

The Chinese have far less dichotomy in their philosophy and mindset, thus having less resistance to the study of the advancement of human potential as related to consciousness. The Chinese understand and value the existence of qi, or life force energy inherent in all things.

The CIA report was fascinating and detailed but the main points relevant to the pineal gland are as follows:

A. Firstly, the study was eventually shut down for political reasoning which CIA considered to be ideologically  “weak arguments.”

B. Secondly, it is recorded that “psychic ability, as well as other benefits, can be developed…although the importance of immediate performance enhancing techniques is generally acknowledged.” Yes, the CIA says you can develop your intuition.

C. Finally, the best test subjects seemed to be younger females between the ages of 6 and 12. After puberty hit and mensuration cycles begin, psychic abilities seemed to decline.

This is extremely fascinating because when we look at evidence from the scientific community in America, we see an interesting correlation. According to scientific data here in the States, when teenagers go through puberty, 80 percent  grow a calcium shield around their pineal gland.

In fact, it is estimated by the National Center For Biotechnology Information, that “26 percent of adult calcium is laid down during the two adolescent years of peak skeletal growth.” This means that essentially as our skeletal systems are rapidly growing, excess calcium deposits are secreted throughout the bodily system and yes, the brain.

Why is this relevant? Calcium is an insulator. Insulators block free flowing currents and for our purposes. This raises the controversial question of whether calcium deposits block the full potential of the pineal gland. This data correlation to me suggests there is a connection between calcium overload and blocking intuitive abilities. It’s not a fact, but a highly probably theory based on various data correlation, if one is to assume that this glandular center does in deed offer extra sensory perception.


In my opinion, we are meant to use psychic, creative and visionary faculties in conjunction with scientific understanding, the rational mind and responsible spiritual development. It is one’s choice for paradox to bring either war or balance.

I believe we are meant to live utilizing expanded capacities, or rather fully realized capacities. The word “expanded” is relevant to where we are in human evolution. I love the term “quantum human” often used my the radically empowered and intellectual scholar, Dr. Jean Houston.

I do not believe that the point of intuitive development is to cultivate power for power’s sake. The point is, rather, to know your innate power to contribute to the positive evolution of this world and be of service to others. Never before has Earth and humanity at large needed every day civilians contributing with expanded capacities. It has been widely studied that people of power earn their influence through their ability to give and contribute, ultimately leading through humility and service.

How can we fully understand our capacity to give, if we do not know how powerful we are in the first place? An innately powerful human who believes s/he is small and weak, is much easier to manipulate, control and exploit, ultimately thwarting their ability to be of service to the world.

Suffering, poverty, lack and victimhood, such ubiquitous narratives in mass consciousness, derail one’s ability to give energy to their extraordinary capacities. I, for one, do not wish to walk through the world blindfolded. I wish to truly see, so that I may truly give.

In that quest, what we must do at this time of living in a world of ever increasing extremes and unprecedented transitions, is care for ourselves in a way that is not yet fully supported by modern society. We must pioneer our own health standards, and go out of our way to give our physical bodies, minds, and energy what it needs to naturally thrive, unobstructed by the constraints of modern pollution and toxcicity.




1. Prevent Further Calcification

Halides are chemicals such as Fluoride, Chlorine & Bromide all have a negative affect on the pineal gland. Remove these from your diet and water sources. 

Understand the type of calcium supplements you are taking. There are two common forms of calcium and dozens of chemical compounds of calcium. Calcium carbonate causes scale and plaque. Coral Calcium is a carbonate based calcium. This is not ideal for the body but found everywhere including many supplements as fillers. Calcium bicarbonate is good for the body and water soluble. It is found in meats, fruits and vegetables. This calcium builds strong bones when it is properly bound to enzymes and converted by the body. 

2. Drink Pure Water

Tap water contains many calcifying substances, and it is very important that you drink uncontaminated drinking water. Look into reverse osmosis filters, how to restructure water, and drink spring water as much as possible. 

3. Nutrition 

Avoid pesticides, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Use Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil, MSM, raw chocolate, citric acid, garlic, raw apple cider vinegar, oregano oil, neem extract, activator x (vitamin K1/K2), boron, iodine and so forth. I would encourage you to do your own research on nutrition and supplements that support pineal gland activation. 

4. Exercise

Yes, working out makes you more intuitive. You want to stimulate oxygen to the brain and ultimately the gland itself. 

5. Meditation

Quiet the monkey mind so you can see what all those piezoluminscent crystals inside your brain want to show you. A flowing connection between the heart and the brain is shown to improve health in many ways.

6. Visualization

Visualize straight beams of light emanating from the pineal gland itself. a.) a 45 degree angle out of the third eye, like a unicorn. b.) on a horizontal plane out of your eyes and the back of your head. c.) on a horizontal plane out of the temples through the side of your head. d.) straight up and down on a vertical plane out of the crown of your head and down following the line of the spine. 

Make each beam of light glow. 

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