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Be a torchbearer during this period of extreme tension

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Be a torchbearer

The extreme political tension around how we handle sexual misconduct in this country is unprecedented and causing an immense amount of struggle on both micro and macro levels. It is an absolutely difficult time. I see it in my tenacious clients, trying to keep it together, and I am experiencing the personal struggle first hand. I am utterly compassionate on this subject and hope to share some insight around how I am working through this moment in history.

Firstly, please know that understanding the greater context around where we are in a societal healing process can help alleviate stress and pressure. For centuries we have been dealing with patterns of normalized abuse and the undoing of that patterning takes time. Many women have internalized these structures as their norm, due to cultural entrainment. This can cause deep anxiety, depression and inner conflict, as the deepest aspects of self are in opposition to these embodied, false ideals. It’s even more frustrating when you don’t really understand what is really going on with your emotions, body, or energy system because you lack a mental framework or reference point for why things feel so off. 

The empowerment and equality of women is a cumulative, evolutionary process. The conversations we are able to have now are open because of the strong females who started suffrage and feminist movements in eras past. The old-paradigm, distorted male patriarchal system is crumbling and we are all, both men and women, learning to stand in a new time.

We cannot do that without healing our wounds. It is an awkward, fumbling, painful and strange moment, but focusing on why it is a necessary moment, can help us hold space for the difficult aspects of this opening in human consciousness. 

Understand that what is hidden, rules you. And we have moved into the age of transparency. All that has been hidden in the dark, underbelly of societal norms are now being driven to the surface of our conscious awareness for balancing, healing and purification.

If it is unseen, suppressed, or hidden, it cannot heal. And though counterintuitive, it is friction, and often enough chaos, that serves as the catalyst for change. 

This moment in the socio-political media narrative serves as the uncomfortable friction necessary to spark previously hidden conversations and open the door to truly seeing what must change in our society— for men, for women and in regard to how we direct education and discussion for our children. 

We must rise above the sickening details of the transient moment and hold space for process. We must be of it, but not in it. We must find our gumption and our neutrality. We must accept what is dark, so we can manage its amelioration with grace and strength. 

It’s amazing how long it can take a society to master the obvious. But still, we find all the tenants of goodness and decency were there all along. We don’t need a big, new, secret, magnet silver bullet; no magic code. We need to apply ourselves to the obvious with more strident voracity. And this is a choice. 

Understand that there is an empowering, evolutionary process happening. Understand that healing isn’t always pretty. And the strength required to hold space for process acts as a torch for those around you. 

Be the torchbearer. 

If this moment is personally triggering past pain, awakening memories and causing distress in your life, I would suggest that you use this trigger as a catalyst for self-healing. If someone or something triggers you in your external world, it is highlighting an unhealed wound in your personal psychology or emotional body. Reach out for support from trusted friends, loved ones, or the appropriate practitioner to support and hold space for your personal growth.

All triggers can be used as a catalyst for change. A healthy, emotional purging process is required to let go of past pain and move into empowered futures. Societal evolution begins with personal revolution. Heal yourself, and use that light to inspire others. 

Are you finding it difficult to maintain a sense of balance from everything going on in the news? Well, take a break. It’s okay.

Give yourself permission, without guilt, to hold boundaries around what energies affect your system. You become what you consume. We can stay aware of what is happening and act in ways that support our truth, without internalizing chaos. Only you know what your balance is for media intake. Listen to your body and emotions. Your inner guidance will tell you when you’re overloaded. Do not watch the news at least one hour before bed and make sure you balance the heavy content with inspiring, empowering and elevating literature. Give your innate goodness soul food. I always read spiritual texts before bed and when I wake up in the morning. 

To help maintain your balance, try starting a meditation practice. Don’t worry, it isn’t more “work.” If you don’t know how to do it, don’t be intimidated. I got you. Check out my guided meditation focused on EMBODYING PEACE. It is a great one to do right before bed. All you have to do is put on headphones and press play. I’ll walk you through the rest.

Another practice that has really been helping me lately is the ancient Chinese practice of qi gong. I like to do a 20 minute set in the mornings.

Turn to yoga, energy work, prayer and stillness if ever you feel hopeless or lost.

If you need to cry or emotionally purge, allow yourself to do so without judgement, shame or blame. Just allow. 

I was recently asked how to “survive” this political moment. But, I don’t teach survival. I teach people how to thrive. So, upgrade your perception. You are stronger than you think you are. You are stronger than the media. You are stronger than pain. You are stronger than darkness and suffering. Your innate light and goodness reach beyond any perceived struggle in this world. Think of yourself as a leader, because that is what you are. You are the change maker. You are not merely surviving this moment. You are the torch bearer we have been waiting for. You’ve only forgotten.

You are a leader; a part of a generation acting as a catalyst for change. You are not a victim. You are the light. 

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. Thank you for all that you are. I honor you.

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