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A DIY Light Activation That Will Change Your Life

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It has been known for ages that the ultimate blight upon humanity’s potential for a joyous life experience is the complete and total lack of mental and emotional self-mastery. Our minds and emotions, well… they can tend to run rampant like wild tramp dog on crack (hehe). Attention to self mastery is the most important focal point for the western world. Initially, disciplines and practices that create new patterns neurologically, emotionally, physiologically and energetically, do require continuous and persistent effort to create permanent change. But, no matter the effort, how can such a development not be worth it? Your vibrational state is the foundation of your life experience. Do you tell your trainer at the gym that you cannot do the cardio because it makes you feel out of breath? Do you tell your nutritionist that you can’t eat vegetables because it simply doesn’t taste good? 

We are unable to allow the divine life force of Spirit to animate our entire being without some semblance of self mastery. You are not your thoughts. You are the aspect that observes them. Emotions require processing and understanding to get to the core truth, but alas, emotional states of highs and lows come and go. Beyond this often confusing human experience, is a place of transcendence. We can train ourselves to enter those states, where the 3D ego reality dissolves and we open to experience an incarnational oneness. 

Energy goes where your attention flows. Your thoughts and feelings dictate your vibrational output. When I say vibrational output, what I mean is the message or communication you send out to the world through your energy. You are communicating energetically every moment of your life whether you like it or not. So, why not claim autonomy over what you’re throwing out there? Feel me?


Are you wondering how to get started doing that? 

Try this Light Activation at home. Do this exercise 2 times a day. Once before the day’s work starts and again before you fall asleep at night. It is truly very simple. This practice will do wonders for anyone who does it with intention, depth and with the necessary effort. 





1. Meditation: Still all outer activity of both body and mind for 15-30 minutes. Do this by taking long, slow, deep breaths in all the way to the pelvic floor for an eight second count. Pause. And then exhale even more slowly, releasing the breath on a 10 second count. For you yogis out there, work that ujjayi breath please. All attention goes to the breathing practice and subtle sensations experienced in the body through the breath. If your thoughts wander, come back to your focus on the breath, and let them go without attachment. 


2. Emotional Visualization: After becoming very still through the previous meditation practice, picture and feel (this is very important) your body and energy completely enveloped in brilliant, dazzling sphere of perfectly white light. You are radiance itself. Again, imagine, visualize, and feel it intensely. Do this for five minutes. 


3. Spiritual Communion: Acknowledge the intensity of the connection between your being and Spirit / Source / God / The All That Is as radiance emanates through you. Know that you are a temple for Spirit. Honor the fact that God moves through you, causing your luminescence and animating your radiance in mind, body, emotions and spirit. Hold gratitude for this communion. 


4. Affirmation: Please say to yourself, “I am a child of the Light. I love the Light. I serve the Light. I live in the Light. I am protected, illumined, supplied and sustained by the Light. I bless the Light. Amen.” 



A great master once said,

“Remember always: One becomes that upon which s/he meditates. And since all things have come forth from the Light, Light is the Supreme…Contemplation and adoration of the Light compels illumination to take place in the mind - health, strength and order to come into the body-and peace, harmony and success to manifest in the affairs of every individual who will really do it and seek to maintain it.” 


Like, BOOM, motherfu%ker. 


You know what I’m saying?


This ancient truth exists today just as it did thousands and thousands of years ago. 

Practice this Light Activation exercise with dedication and feeling, and your life is sure to change. When you are a channel for the ultimate force of Love, you are held. Open your mouth, and love speaks for you. Ask, and it is given. Vibrate Light, and Light serves you. 

May you walk towards that which holds Light. 




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