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7 Little Words That Will Clarify Your Life Purpose

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Welcome, 2018. 


You are ready for it. You’ve earned it. The past several years have included immensely transformative inner work, letting go, tight rope walking, growth, expansion, and among this new chapters for you all in your personal lives. I know this because, well, many of you speak to me very intimately about your personal life in our sessions. And in case no one has told you lately… holy hell, wow, (insert slow clap here) you have done an amazing job!

I am almost tearing up right now as I write this, thinking of how brave, strong, loving, gentle and incredible you are. I must be the luckiest woman in the world to share your wins and losses, holding your hand through transitions. 

Thank you for being with me. Thank you for trusting me.

What I see as a theme for this tribe is that 2018 is going to usher you into that which you’ve been preparing yourself for. 


I know, we are all busy. Time is speeding up. There is more data to filter through. And especially for those of you in NYC, sometimes the hustle can exhaust your intention. Exhaustion can cause us to forget why we are doing what we are doing, why we are working so hard. 

Exhaustion and distraction can cause us to lose sight of our purpose and direction. 

I can’t tell you how many people come in asking me to help them clarify their life purpose. 


And yet, there is a foundational secret that elevates everyone’s life purpose on this planet. And its the same for us all. 


Despite what you do for a living, it defines your character more than anything else. 


As we start this new year, I want to remind you of this important notion. It can melt away doubt, confusion, depression, anxiety and worry. It will only strengthen your intentions, resolutions, affirmations, declarations and visions. There is one important ideal that must serve as a foundation to all that you do, and all you are destined to become. If you keep this idea in mind, you can’t lose. 


I promise. 


When you feel disconnected from your life’s purpose, when you feel doubt on your path, when you feel like you’ve fallen out of flow, remember these 7 little words:


My Purpose Is To Be Of Service

I do not care if you are a banker, a lawyer, a marketing executive, a designer, a baker, a mother, a strategist or a CIA agent. With one single decision, with one revelation, you can change your life. With one healing thought, you can change your energy. 

And despite the form your work takes, your age, gender, race, drive etc. I can promise you that your work is to be of service in some way. Your innate gifts plus a sincere desire to be of service is your calling and purpose. 


Mother Teresa said, “God does not command that we do great things, only little things with great love.” 

You will not take your accomplishments with you into the grave; not your bank accounts, houses, trophies or awards. Your high level connections will mean nothing. What will be of significance is how much love you were able to embody and share. 

I am all for abundance in plenty. I have no problems with money. Range rovers and infinity pools — all the way. This concept of service and ambition is not so binary. 

But on the spiritual path, a higher intention, a pure heart, and a desire to help is the cause. The money, friendships, joy, miracles and fun stuff is the effect. 

So, I know what some of you are thinking. How can you be of service if you hate your shitty, low paying job that barely pays your rent and it will take you 50k to finish the schooling you need? What am I supposed to do volunteer at night when I am depleted? No, of course not. Show up to that shitty job and smile with kindness, sending loving energy to anyone you meet that day. 


Show up proper. Come correct. Service is a mindset. It is a habit you can get used to. Complaining is so old paradigm. 

How many times have you had a bad day, and then there is that one airport security attendant who flashes a smile at you so bright you can’t help but remember that God exists in the joy from your brothers and sisters? 


Or the doorman who gives you an unlikely compliment as you pass by. Sometimes it just takes a single moment to help someone. You have no idea what kind of ripple affect your kindness can generate in the pool of humanity. 


So, when you are in doubt, remember that is it your purpose to be of service. You will be on track and on the right path, when you are one who is service minded. 


Find any one thing that you can do to be helpful in that moment. Find an excuse to be helpful.

Humming gently as you garden while sending peace and love to the plants around you is being of service. Bringing soup to your friend who is sick instead of sending a text message is being of intentional service. Smiling when you are depressed is being of service. Writing a note, giving a gift or a compliment, offering to clean up after a dinner party, donating to a favorite organization, watching your friend’s kid (hint hint… lol jk) are all acts of service. 

In whatever work you do, whoever you meet, ask yourself how you can be of service to them. When you wake up, ask Spirit that you may be of service that day. If you manage a team of people, how can you be a better leader? A more impactful teacher? How can you help your clients more? Your children? Your partners? How can you be a better listener? 

No matter who you are or what you do, you can be of service. 

It is a joy and an honor. And it’s the point. That’s all you need to understand. The rest is meant to simply be enjoyed. Do what you will. Travel or don’t travel. Go back to school or don’t. Live in the city or the country. Make your films or bake key lime pie. 

Upon your departure from Earth, God is not going to look at you and say, “Dammit Margot, you were supposed to win two Snoopy awards at NASA, and you became a finance manager instead! UGHHHHHHHHHHHH, you went down the wrong path! This ruins everything!” 

“Fucking shit, Fred, I gave you that badass 5th chakra for communication so that you would write a copy for a travel magazine not obscure children books! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

We totally trip out about every decision. It’s hilarious. Are we on the right path? The wrong path? This move. That move. When in truth what matters is that you are kind, loving and gentle. What matters is that you trust the universe. What matters is that you are in joy and of service. 


It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. 


But please remember, this idea applies to you as well. 


You are of no service to anyone if you do not care for yourself. You are worthy of your care and service and it is your responsibility to be kind to yourself so you have a full tank for the world. 


May your offering guide humanity’s future. 


May your service work bring you all that you desire. 

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