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In 2009 during the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dali Lama said,

“The world will be saved by the western woman."

I’ve thought about this quote over the years, and through observation from personal relationships and in my practice as a crystal light bed therapist and energetic healer, I have come to a theory around why that might be. I believe in reincarnation wholeheartedly. I do not believe it takes one lifetime to “get it.”

In fact, reading the book, Messages from the Masters, by Brien Weiss, MD, when I was 18, shifted my entire perspective on reincarnation. We are born of source energy to learn through contrast, grow through soul contracts or relationship assignments, all for the purposes of soul expansion. That being said, there are so many incredible, strong and empowered women choosing to stand as leaders, movers, shakers and game changers, sharing their unique genius with the world for the greater good.

I am beyond impressed by the caliber of females that I meet here in the west. They carry the archetype of the warrior spirit, visionary, queen, high priestess, and creative in such powerful ways that I am in awe of my womanhood and in support of all women choosing to rise at this moment in time. And honestly, I believe the greatest, most badass, warrior spirits are incarnating western women to change the game here on Earth. In fact it may be a coveted role for the incarnating seeker. Why?

Because the western woman has suffered just enough injustice to become enraged and has just enough privilege to do something about it.

Contentment and complacency do not necessarily stimulate growth. The western woman embodies the perfect ratio of disadvantage to privilege, a ratio to spur a fiery passion that gets shit done. We remember, from a soul level, what righteousness and true freedom is. We know what leadership and community mean from the depths of our being. What an incredible role to play at this time! And I am grateful to be a part of it. 


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